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There’s still time for Sime

Now that the 2006 election season has come to an end, it is never too early to start preparing for the 2007 elections. Which is exactly what Arin Sime began doing seven months ago, more than a year and a half prior to the his election. When I first wrote about Sime back in July, he had already raised $11,000, which has grown to over $14,000 today. As of now, it will be a two-way race between Sime and his incumbent Republican challenger, who has only raised about $33,000 and is not very popular amongst local Republicans. According to local blogger Kevin Rollins:

For our especially strong Libertarian candidate, we have an especially weak Republican opponent, Senator Emmett Hanger. Conservative Republicans are furious at Hanger for his failure to stand up for property rights and against tax increases. I’ve heard the man speak and he comes across as a duplicitous used car salesman. Our Libertarian, however has a humble, honest, and decent manner about him.

Sime has already received some impressive print and television media coverage.

I think it is time for the Libertarian Party to start focusing our time, money and energy on a very small number of select local races such as this one. We have been trying to put the few eggs we have in far too many baskets, for too long, without success. Let’s face it, we don’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars required to win federal and gubernatorial level positions. We do, however, have enough resources to win a couple state legislative races each year. Once we begin building our base at the state and local level, then we can consider going gubernatorial or national. Until then, let’s stop trying to put the cart before the donkey.

The Green Party is much younger, yet already has at least one elected state legislator, with one more expected today. The Constitution Party is also likely to win one or two state seats. Additionally, the Progressive Party is even expected to win five or six seats.

It’s time for the “third largest party” to live up to it’s name. It’s time for Sime, and maybe a couple others.


Libertarian Moses

Libertarian Moses

Sad, but true. Courtesy of Phil Maymin.


Rex Bell advertising montage

As we noted earlier, Rex Bell is only 2% away from winning his race for Indiana State House district 54. He is doing some impressive advertising which might just pull that 2% in his favor. According to state chair Mark Rutherford, Bell started running the following print ad in local newspapers this week:

Bell is also running the following television ad on these cable channels:

CNN News
Fox News
History Channel
Weather Station

Good luck Rex!


Phil Maymin to appear on MSNBC

According to Maymin’s campaign:

Phil Maymin, candidate for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s 4th District, will appear on Tucker Carlson’s show on MSNBC, Wednesday at 4pm EST. Tucker played Maymin’s “I Approve This Massage” ad on his show a couple of days ago. Watch
the clip.

Note: The clip is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Previous coverage of Phil Maymin here.

Update: For those of you that live in Maymin’s district, be sure to vote for him on this online poll.

Update2: Maymin’s interview on MSNBC here. (best viewed with Internet Explorer)


Bruce Guthrie: don’t be a party puppet

Bruce Guthrie has released two more “Party Puppet” television ads that are even funnier than the first, which was a huge success according to his campaign:

“We’ve gotten a great response from the first spot,” states Guthrie’s campaign manager Travis Wright, adding, “people have been emailing and calling to tell us that they loved seeing a political commercial that was funny and to the point.” The campaign hopes these ads will help tip undecided voters or those who might otherwise skip this election in favor of Bruce Guthrie.

Guthrie’s campaign began airing the new commercials today.

Third video after the break.

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Libertarian candidate in Texas target of police harassment

Libertarian candidate for Texas State Senate district 22, Philip Smart, appears to be the victim of an overzealous, and seemingly corrupt, local thug establishment in Ellis County. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster recently sent us an email describing the situation:

Philip Smart is a CPA who, along with running as a Libertarian candidate twice in the last two years has been asking questions of local officials and carrying out his own investigation of local corruption. He probably should have made sure in advance that he had a support network but he is something of a loner although he has been working and supporting issues for a number of years now. He most probably did not realize how vulnerable he might be when he became a target himself.

Today he has been in jail in Ellis County, Texas for three weeks. He is being denied access to essential medications and yesterday the system nearly killed him. His mother received an emergency call for the list of prescriptions he has not had for three weeks because the same system refused them to him. Now is condition seems to be stabilizing.

His incarceration is illegal now and has been on every occasion in the past. His home has been ransacked, he has been accused of being a terrorist before because of his collection of antique guns. It is possible that those in power in Ellis County will attempt to use the cancellation of Habeas Corpus to justify holding him without due process now and previously making this case a test for whether or not Americans still have the protection of the 4th Amendment.

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Rex Bell polling at 33% in three-way race

Libertarian candidate for Indiana State House district 54, Rex Bell, is trailing the Republican incumbent by a mere 2% according to a recent poll:

Among Decided Voters
Saunders (R) (I) : 35.4%
Bell (L) : 33.1%
Sadler (D) 31.3%

According to state chair Mark Rutherford:

The Republican incumbent is running from a position of weakness. He is increasingly unpopular because of the Republican governor’s low approval ratings and unpopular actions. He is unpopular because of the way he recently handled matters when his son was involved in an alcohol related hit-and-run fatality.

The Democrat challenger is an attorney in New Castle, where he has some name recognition, but 75-80% of New Castle is in another house district. The Democrat challenger does not have name recognition in most of the district.

If you would like to help Rex get elected, the Libertarian Party of Indiana has setup a donation page for his campaign — an excellent idea that I think other state parties should explore.

Way to go Rex!

Update: I just received this from Mark Rutherford:

Rex is using the [donation] money right now to buy more cable tv advertising, radio advertising and newspaper advertising. There are three cable companies, three major newspapers and many radio stations in which he can advertise.


Bruce Guthrie launches new television ad

Press release below:

(Seattle, WA) ““ Today, the Guthrie campaign launched a new television ad unlike anything his Democratic and Republican opponents have offered.

The ad is first in a series that feature audio from actual Washington voters expressing their conflicting reasons for supporting their candidate of choice. While this may sound tame, it’s the main characters that make the difference. Rather than using the original video from the interviews, the statements are voiced by puppets – paper bag puppets, to be precise.

Besides adding a dose of humor into an otherwise dry political season, the campaign hopes to sway independent voters to support Bruce Guthrie.

“From our conversations with voters throughout the campaign, it’s clear that many people are voting based on what they believe a particular party stands for, rather than looking at the voting record or campaign message,” explains Bruce Guthrie’s campaign manager Travis Wright. “I think these ads highlight the silliness and futility of voting that way.”

With less than 2 weeks until the election and absentee ballots already mailed, it’s impossible to predict what impact these ads will have on undecided voters and the more than 50 percent of voters who might otherwise sit this election out.

The 30 second television spot will begin airing today and will be available online at and by Friday.


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Loretta Nall on the boob tube


Article with higher quality video here.

Loretta was also on Fox News. Scroll down to ‘Cleavage Candidate’.

Get your boobs t-shirt here.


Kane (aka Glenn Jacobs) endorses Bob Smither

From Bob Smither’s website:

Glen Jacobs, aka Kane, is well known for being a champion in wrestling. What is not as well known: he’s also a champion of liberty. He’s a member of the Libertarian Party, and believes passionately in smaller government. He’s proud to endorse Bob Smither for Congress!


Bob Barr to keynote Smither rally

(SUGAR LAND, TEXAS) ““ Bob Smither, the Libertarian candidate for Congressional District 22, announced that former Republican Congressman Bob Barr will keynote an upcoming campaign rally. Barr is best known for his leading role in the 1999 impeachment of Bill Clinton, and for his leadership on issues such as tax reform and the 2nd amendment.

SPEAKER: The Honorable Bob Barr (R-GA), former member of Congress
DATE: Saturday, October 28, 2006
TIME: 12 Noon
LOCATION: Sugar Land Marriott Town Square
16090 City Walk
Sugar Land, TX, 77479
No RSVP necessary ““ this event is open to the public.

Barr’s speech coincides with the launch of a new Smither for Congress campaign commercial. The advertisement, which features Barr’s endorsement of Smither, will begin airing on local radio stations in the 22nd District.

In the advertisement Barr acknowledges that Smither ““ the only candidate on both the Special and General Election ballots for CD 22 ““ is the best shot the conservative voters of the district have at defeating liberal Democrat Nick Lampson. Smither is running on a platform of tax reform, reduced government spending, and constitutional integrity.

[NOTE: The preceding is a press release from the Smither campaign.]


Another Republican endorses Bob Smither

Note: this article contains dead links, the url is still in the hover/alt text. Keep the web working, curate content well!

Prominent Republican blogger and CEO of, Erick Erickson, is the latest to endorse Bob Smither. In his first post titled “I’m Jumping Ship”, he says:

Folks, you all know me. You know that my philosophy in guiding RedState has always been “conservative in the primary, Republican in the general.”

Well, today I’m jumping ship.

There’s a Libertarian down in Texas that I think we all should support. The Republicans down in TX-22 were, I guess, so shell shocked from losing Tom DeLay, that they found the person with the hardest name to spell and put her up as a write in candidate. She’s polling behind the Libertarian.

Friends, it’s time to help the Libertarian.

Besides, it’d be cool to have someone named “Smither” in Congress. We could all go around talking like Mr. Burns.

Later that morning Mr. Erickson published a second post praising Smither. covered the story and appears to have endorsed Smither as well:

RedState’s Smither endorsement is somewhat of a surprise but is welcome news to Libertarians and libertarian-leaning Republicans. As cited in the post, Smither has publicly voiced support for a Republican Speaker of the House and would caucus with Republicans. Additionally, he has a better chance of winning than a “write-in candidate with a hard to write-in name,” a reference to the GOP’s write-in campaign for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs.

For those unfamiliar with Smither, I direct you here.
Republicans should certainly feel comfortable voting for Smither- a fiscal conservative, supporter of individual liberties including gun rights, and a strong federalist. In the linked questionnaire, he calls himself an “alternative for the rest of us,” saying that changing the path of the country, which as caused people to look to Washington for answers, as his number one priority.

These endorsements are in addition to those already made by:

Bob Barr

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson

Patrick Dixon, City Councilor, Lago Vista, Texas


Republican Congresswoman Threatens to Assault Wheelchair Bound Libertarian Candidate

The party of God strikes again. This time incumbent Republican congresswoman Barbara Cubin threatens to attack fellow candidate Thomas Rankin, her wheelchair bound Libertarian opponent. According to the Casper Star-Tribune:

The verbal sparring between two candidates for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat didn’t end when the televised debate ended Sunday evening.

Immediately after the lights and cameras shut down, incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Barbara Cubin walked to Libertarian candidate Thomas Rankin, who had criticized her for receiving contributions from former House Speaker Tom Delay, R-Texas.

“‘If you weren’t sitting in that chair, I’d slap you across the face,'” Cubin told Rankin, he said Monday.

If anyone can find a link to the preceding debate, please let me know.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Cubin has offered an official apology, and at the same time tells her version of the remark:

“It was person to person and it was not an attack on the disabled,” Cubin said in a telephone interview from Rock Springs. “In retrospect I was wrong in what I said and I apologize.”

[…] Cubin said she went over to Rankin, challenged his debate assertions and remarked that “if you had said that to anyone else, they probably would have smacked you.”

That sounds like a line of baloney. Rankin has been adamant about what she said to him and has witnesses to support his claim (and considering it was post-debate, it’s very likely some of them were members of the press).

Still, this all stems from her getting campaign money from Tom DeLay (the prince of illegal contributions who resigned in shame after being indicted), so maybe some reporters will grow a pair on this issue and give the glaring ethics issue some much deserved ink.


Smither Will Punch The Clock For Voters


(Friendswood, Texas) – Libertarian Bob Smither, U.S. House candidate for District 22, signed the “Punch Clock Agreement,” a contract promising District 22 voters that, when elected, he will publish his daily official work schedule on the Internet, including the names of everyone he meets with and the events he attends.

Most working citizens report to their bosses on how they spend their day, and the “Punch Clock Agreement“ similarly holds members of Congress responsible while on the public payroll to report their official activities and associations to their bosses, the citizens who elect them.

With this announcement, Smither is issuing a challenge to his opponents, Democrat Nick Lampson and Republican write in Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, to join him in signing the Agreement, which is available at the Sunlight Network. So far, 34 candidates in the November election have signed the Agreement.

“The more transparent the governing process is, the better,” said Smither. “I promise to work for the voters, not the special interests. This agreement will allow my constituents to see exactly how I spend my day—who I meet with and how I am representing their interests.”

Bob Smither is the only conservative candidate on the ballot in the District 22 race in November. He will represent constituents in restoring government to the wisdom and bounds of the Constitution. He will be an independent voice for the people of District 22, with no ties to special interests.

[NOTE: The preceding is a press release, reproduced in it’s entirety, from the Smither campaign.]


The Minimum Wage = Bad

Via Bureaucrash.


Sekula-Gibbs Continues Fraudulent Polling Tactics

Providing insight into her behaviour if she were elected, the Republican write-in candidate for Texas Congressional Distrct 22 continues to deceive the public with the use of misleading polling tactics. Obviously threatened by Bob Smither, who is actually on the ballot, hyphen lady is conducting a push poll which exludes Smither’s name as an option. The transcript they are using goes something like this:

GIBBS POLLSTER: Yes, this is [name] calling from Southern Research to ask you one question about the November election for U.S. Congress. If the election were held tomorrow would you vote for
– Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, the Republican, or
– Nick Lampson, the Democrat. obtained an audio recording of one of the calls where the voter exposed the poll for the fraud that it is:

Listen to the audio here.

It appears hyphen lady is seeking to maintain the Republican Party’s status as the most corrupt in congress.

Full transcript of the call after the break.

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It’s Time for Pancakes

Bill Wood, while debating his opponents in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, summed up what I am guessing a lot of people are thinking these days:

Wood got the most lively response of the evening when, in his closing remarks, he compared Democrats to “scrambled eggs” and Republicans to “poached eggs.”

He then told the crowd, “It’s time for pancakes.”


Kevin Cherry for Georgia Public Service Commission

Libertarian candidate for Public Service Commission in Georgia, Kevin Cherry, is running an impressive campaign focusig on consumer advocacy, free markets and alternative energy. Cherry’s platform was recently covered in the Rome News-Tribune with more detail:

Consumer Advocacy “” “The people of Georgia deserve a commissioner that will be fair and objective. You deserve a commissioner that won’t take campaign contributions from the executives and lobbyists of the utilities being regulated. I have no ties to these industries, and will always look after the best interests of the consumer.”

Competitive Free Markets “” “The best quality of service at the lowest rates is always the product of a free market. As your commissioner, I will continuously seek ways to improve and increase competition in your utilities. Regulated monopolies tend to get bloated and charge rates that pay for excessive top heavy administrative costs. One example of free market competition is cell phones. Over the years, cell phone service has increased, competition increases, and rates have continued to fall. Free market competition is the solution that works.”

Alternative Energy “” “Georgia’s rate payers and tax payers are being asked to build more nuclear power plants in Georgia. I am not against nuclear power, but I am against the tax payers footing the bill while the power company runs away with the profits. The decision to build these plants and the risks should fall on the stock holders of the power company. In contrast, I think Georgians should be given tax incentives to create renewable sources of energy. Through conservation, bio-mass, and other renewable energy supplies, we can ensure a clean future with low energy rates.”

Cherry’s campaign will be using TV ads to help get the message out. He is the first PSC candidate to run TV ads in this election, and will be among the first Libertarian candidates to run TV ads in the state of Georgia:

James Bell, Kevin Cherry’s campaign director and producer of the ad said it sends a powerful message about the lies, and corruption of the two party system.

“We wanted to compare the electronic voting machines to a slot machine to show how the voters of Georgia feel it’s a gamble to even vote in this state,” said Bell. “We don’t trust the politicians and we don’t trust the voting machines. The Libertarian Party is offering a real choice this year. I hope the 40-50% of voters who do not vote will realize the power they have if they will only go to the polls.”

The ad ends with three cherries rolling up on the slot machine wheels to show a winner. It’s Kevin Cherry! The closing line says, “Pick Cherry for PSC”.

The video can be viewed here.


Garrett Hayes Covered on Front Page News; Launches TV Ad

The superb performance delivered by Garrett Hayes in the Georgia gubernatorial debate has caused his poll numbers to climb while both of his opponent’s numbers are falling faster than a Republican’s pants in the presence of underage boys. Since the debate, some other developments have come to fruition that are sure to boost his poll numbers even higher:

First, Hayes was featured on the front page of the Thomasville Times-Enterprise. Here’s an excerpt:

Actually, his motive in running for governor is pretty simple.

“I’m tired of watching government grow. I’m tired of government taking more and more of our money and our freedom and doing things it shouldn’t be doing,” Hayes said.

Armed with novel approaches to dealing with taxes, eminent domain, education and immigration, Hayes said his goal is not to play spoiler to either top candidate in this election. He wants to become Georgia’s next governor.

Second, the Hayes campaign has purchased air time for their TV ad. According to Doug Craig:

We plan on running starting next week. I believe we have enough money to run it 700-800 times on cable but we could always [use] more donations. Please call me If you can donate. $18.00 will buy a spot on fox news in downtown Atlanta, $2.00 will buy a spot in Jonesboro on the weather channel. Please call Doug Craig 770-861-5855

Watch the video after the break.

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Peirce Campaign Advertising in Full Swing

The campaign to elect Bill Peirce governor of Ohio has announced media buys in multiple outlets. A recent press release indicates that the campaign has purchased ten billboards (see below) as well as strategically placed print advertising in newspapers and magazines:

Peirce advertised in a bar and restaurant magazine because of the upcoming ballot issues proposing smoking bans, saying, “I think the owner of the establishment ought to be able to call the shots in his or her business, leaving people to decide what type of establishment to patronize.” Peirce also has committed to ads in the Gay People’s Chronicle, which he believes reaches another group seeking reduced government interference in their personal lives.

Additionally, Peirce’s campaign plans to purchase radio ads during the final days before the election. All of this is in addition to the Taxi ads spotted months ago.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: There are actually 21 billboards currently running until election day, not to mention several 4 x 8 signs that people have put up on their property in high traffic areas (next to freeways and people living on busy streets). Charles has told me that if you want to contribute to put more of just these up, you can make a note with your donation and that money will be tagged for just that purpose.


Habeas Corpus, R.I.P.

More video commentary here, here and here.

Interesting written commentary here and here.


Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Garrett Hayes Gaining in the Polls

Poll numbers for Garrett Michael Hayes, Libertarian candidate for governor in Geogia, are picking up steam according to a recent InsiderAdvantage poll putting Hayes at 9%. 11Alive reports:

In fact, while both Sonny Perdue and Mark Taylor are losing points, Libertarian Garrett Hayes is gaining — big.

They go on to quote pollster Matt Towery as saying:

“This is the first race I’ve ever seen where the Libertarian keeps rising and the other two candidates keep dropping,” Towery said. “I’ve never seen that before in all my years at looking at political campaigns.”

Hayes was polling around 8% prior to a stellar performance at a recent debate, which had at least one local blogger declaring him the winner:

..Honestly, Sonny Perdue calling Mark Taylor “Pinnochio”; Mark Taylor calling Sonny Perdue a dwarf named “Greedy”; and Garrett Michael Hayes talking about liberating Georgia from the Democrats and the Republicans.

You know, if I had to pick a winner, I’d say that Libertarian Garrett Michael Hayes won because he was able to stay above the name calling and personal attacks that went back and forth between the Big Guy and the big dwarf.

Other video media coverage of Garrett Michael Hayes can be found here: WSB-TV, 11 Alive, Fox 5


Connecticut Congressional Candidate Phil Maymin

Libertarian candidate for Connecticut’s fourth Congressional district, Phil Maymin, was not only included in the debates, but his performance has been quite impressive. Here is a clip of some highlights from one of the six debates he has attended so far:

Maymin is currently ranked #2 on the Libertarian Party’s Candidate Tracker and is running in a four-way race against a Green and two mega-party candidates.

UPDATE: Phil Maymin’s closing statement after the jump.

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