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Darrell Castle Supporter Has White Supremacist Ties, Features Various Anti-Semitic Articles On His Website


Recently, the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, Darrell Castle, released a list of featured endorsements on his campaign website, which was covered by the American Third Party Report news website. see more…

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No, Darrell Castle Is Not More Libertarian Than Gary Johnson

Darrell CastleAn interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, seems to have much of the minor-party blogsphere up in debate and argument over Mr. Castle’s claim that he is more libertarian then Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Gary Johnson.

Therefore, this informed author views it as a necessary must to pick apart and refute Mr. Castle’s highly-questionable claim to even being ‘libertarian’, including his credentials, background, as well as the background of his political party -in comparison to the LP’s viewpoints on the issues and of libertarianism (small ‘l’) itself.

First off, this article right here on the LP’s website clearly shows where the LP and the CP platforms differentiate from each other, including social issues, the perspective on religion, and the role of religion in government as well, which some CP individuals and state affiliates do like to point out as well, albeit from their own viewpoint. see more…


To Be A Nation Once Again: My support for Scottish Independence

by Cody Quirk

It will be this Thursday coming up in the proud (and perhaps soon-to-be country) of Scotland, that a simple plebiscite two sentences long and containing a mere ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ box for these two choices -that might have the incredible and deeply immense possibility of rocking Europe, America, and even the whole world to the point of upsetting long-standing hierarchies and status-quos that have been in place and governed regions, institutions, alliances, and even general free enterprise for so long that they have chronically transpired into corrupt, decayed inhibitors and suppressors of individual liberty and even national freedom. see more…

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Reflections on the Growth and Virtues of the National IAP

by Cody Quirk

As of a few weeks ago, the Utah affiliate of the National Independent American Party has finally got on the ballot — joining the other state affiliates in New Mexico, Arizona, and Oregon, on their respective state ballots, and are now looking forward to fielding sincere and principled candidates for the 2014 elections this year.

Even as the National IAP keeps expanding and continues to bring in more patriots and concerned citizens that are not only tired of the political corruption and decay brought on by the vile Two-Party system, but also yearn for a party that will put principle above politics, will seek to restore limited constitutional government, will fight to preserve traditional moral values in a eroding society, and especially will put the interests of the average American above those of the Ivory-Tower elite, whom have brought our country towards the verge of ruin by such leadership and policies implemented upon the federal, state, and local levels- therefore diminishing and bringing our U.S. Constitution to presently cling to those last breaking strands of freedom. see more…

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We (IAP) are NOT a Mormon Party!

by Cody Quirk

Recently, there was a controversial and outrageously inaccurate article in the Salt Lake Tribune which gave the false impression that our state affiliate in Utah was not only a religious (specifically a Latter-Day Saint) extremist party, but even attempted to portray the National Independent American Party as willing to disrespect the LDS Church’s stance on political neutrality!

Unlike what was portrayed in the SLT article, the so-called pamphlet in question was a simple party-unapproved flyer that was put out by a well-intentioned member of the IAP whom did have previous permission from his Church’s Bishop and Stake President to conduct a nonpartisan class on the U.S. Constitution and was advertising it on the flyer in question. see more…


Constitution Party responds to ‘Independent American’ article

by Cody Quirk

Recently, one Robert Peck of the Washington Constitution Party did an article on Independent Political Report in response to my article, ‘As an Independent American, that was re-posted on IPR -in a poor attempt to rebut it, the arguments, and stated evidence for why I left the CP and joined the National IAP in the first place.

Indeed, while I will not answer every sentence paragraph he had written in his response, I will feature certain portions that do need to be addressed and respond to it in detail…

Mr. Quirk casts numerous aspersions on the Constitution Party. He makes statements that may cause some to believe that there are actually numerous national political parties of relatively equal strength that all hold the same Biblical and Constitutional values; that an organized effort is underway to unify those parties and that the Constitution Party refuses to take part in his unification effort due, in his words, to its being “petty,” “unscrupulous,” “sectarian,” “incompetent,” and made up of individuals who have demonstrated “sneering arrogance and haughty demeanor” and are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” It should be noted that Mr. Quirk appears to have discovered the supposedly nefarious nature of the Constitution Party only after its choosing not to participate in his unification efforts.

see more…

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As an Independent American

by Cody Quirk

Owing to the various events that have occurred within the span of the past two months in the field of American politics, specifically constitutionalist politics, that has caused me to look back upon several decisions that I had made many years ago, and reevaluate them to make several life-altering ones recently, that have been a long time coming, and are significant in which I must now take a different path in order to see my own government restored back to its constitutional foundations, and for my own country to see eventual redemption.

Since 2002, I not only have been active in the political field, but a member of a state party that’s affiliated with the National Constitution Party, which previously was the largest third-party in these United States (in terms of voter registration), and the largest one that favors a return to constitutional government; being government strictly limited and restrained by that guiding document which has been a governing force and beacon to the workings and limitations of American government… Or should be, regardless of what is considered popular and part of the social norm in our present American society.

And it has been this party which has greatly influenced my life to an extent, and has motivated me to stand on my feet and do something about the horrible condition that our government, and especially our country, has devolved into.

Until now. see more…


CCTUC Statement on the Current Situation within the National Constitution Party

Forwarded from the Clarion Call To Unite Committee’s website.

While the Clarion Call To Unite Committee previously issued a brief statement on the unfortunate matter pertaining to the results of the Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday; however, there are also, at this current moment, increasing reports that the supposed vote taken during the early Saturday morning portion of their meeting may have been intentionally manipulated, or even rigged, and that the validity of this vote the CP took on a resolution that addressed our organization, and our efforts- at the moment, is open to question.

However, while if true and accurate, in which these reports and rumors about the conduct and actions taken at the CP National Committee meeting in Baltimore are indeed disturbing to us, and certainly do complicate our dialogue and outreach efforts with the National Constitution Party; nevertheless, the CCTUC believes that such matters within the Constitution Party are for the leaders and members of the CP alone to deal with, and resolve, and without outside interference.

Therefore, regardless of the nature of such internal situations in the organization of the CP, the CCTUC pledges neutrality and complete non-interference in this increasingly dire situation within the Constitution Party, and respects those members of the CCTUC that are also members, or leaders, of the CP itself, to take any course of action on their party’s business as they so please, as long as they do not involve our organization in such a situation.

We are very sorry about these unexpected events, and do hope and pray that the Constitution Party can resolve any internal matters that could potentially be self-destructive for their party, and also to commence further in friendship and dialogue with us, as we seek to end the unfortunate strive and division that continues to plague fellow patriots, and to bring about the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.


Cody Quirk,
National Chairman,
Clarion Call To Unite Committee

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Clarion Call To Unite Committee April 13th Meeting Report

by Cody Quirk

The CCTUC meeting today, for the 13th of April was largely, a success.

We had Kelly Gneiting and Jared Beck of the National Independent American Party, Janine Hansen of the Constitution Party, Markham Robinson of the California American Independent Party, Anthony Tolda of the Sovereignty Party, Tom Hoefling of America’s Party, Douglas Joy of the American Party, along with CCTUC Vice-Chair Joshua Fauver and CCTUC Spokesperson and 2016 presidential candidate, Robby Wells…
And me, the CCTUC National Chairman, of course.

While the meeting got off to a rough start due to a few technical glitches, nevertheless, Tom Hoefling gave the opening prayer, and thereafter we talked and discussed at length the proposed ‘Clarion Call To Unite Resolution’, which the CCTUC intends to see become adopted by the parties involved in this great effort.
Unfortunately, because of the detailed length of the resolution itself, and of the brief time that some of the leaders & representatives of each party had in participating in today’s meeting, we unanimously decided to edit certain portions of the resolution for today’s meeting, which we did- thanks to the contributing efforts of both Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Hansen -and to hold another meeting on the 11th of next month to conclude and finish editing the rest of the resolution, and adopting it afterwards.
However, when this resolution is completely edited and set on stone after the next meeting on the 11th, it will then be immediately made public, and gradually adopted by these parties that we have reached out to, and have answered the Clarion Call To Unite, God willing…

To read the whole report, click here.

Note: The Clarion Call To Unite Committee is a group made up of like-minded constitutionalists from various minor parties and political independents that likewise favor the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.
The goal of this group, however, is to bring all Constitutionalist and Principled-Conservative political parties together in harmony and work towards the formation, and eventual creation, of a permanent and united national party that will be successful in its efforts to restore our original Constitutional Republic.

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Cody Quirk: ‘A continuing appeal to all Constitutionalists and Principled-Conservatives’

by Cody Quirk

I’ve recently heard that the National IAP is going to attempt to get on the ballot in Utah, despite the fact that the CP is already on the ballot in that state.

However, despite the personal help and involvement I have given to the National IAP on bipartisan matters, on this I cannot contribute, being that I am a member of the Constitution Party, and the leader of the Clarion Call To Unite Committee, for it would both create a conflict of interest for me and also be unfair of me to put one party’s interests above another party’s interests.

Yet I still respect and understand why the National IAP is doing this; while they are true constitutionalist patriots and have endorsed and contributed to the efforts of the CCTUC, as well as reached out to CP’ers in cooperation and friendship, they still need to represent and advance their interests for the time being, until the CCTUC finally calls all the parties together for a official sit-down meeting and work out an actual formula for unification.

But that said, my point I am making in this statement is this; I consider it sad and a unfortunate waste of resources when one constitutionalist party tries on get on the ballot while another constitutionalist party is already on the ballot in the same state; an example like this shows why we need to unite and to stop using money, time, and resources on something like this, when, in a unified national constitutionalist party, such money, time, and resources could instead go to building up and organizing that unified national party.

However, please do not take this criticism as being leveled against the National IAP; for they are good-intentioned patriots that will eventually play a very important part in organizing a unified party when we reach that point in due time.
This criticism is instead leveled at the years, even decades, of division that has existed among the constitutionalist and principled-conservative parties which is the main obstacle and reason why the CP, and especially the other parties have yet to elect candidates to major offices on a widespread scale- because of the splintering of resources and talents, which only make such efforts for the CP, the National IAP, and other parties vain and petty when attempting the same thing on their own, without any help or cooperation from the rival parties…

-to read the entire article, click here.


Seeking unification of constitutionalist third parties

These days, Cody Quirk has had enough.

“After living through the nightmare that took place on Tuesday the 5th, I really have had it; I’ve gone through this for much too long to stomach anymore, I just can’t tolerate it now, period. So I’m putting my foot down and bring an end to it once and for all.”

An end to what, exactly? The Youth Chairman & Carson City Central Committee Chair of the Independent American Party of Nevada (affiliated with the national Constitution Party) answers in detail:

“Ever since the days of George Wallace and the once great American Independent Party, there has been nothing but infighting, strife, and division amongst those third-parties that believe in constitutional government and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Ever since the early 1970’s, there has always been two, three, or more political groups that all claim the constitutionalist or paleoconservative mantle, yet cannot merge, or even work together simply because of petty, or selfish differences.

“Believe me, I’ve researched heavily into modern third-party history, the main causes for these divisions have little to do with entryism. or infiltration by outside groups; the main causes have been certain individuals, with a hidden agenda, a prejudice, or a arrogant self-righteous personality -that usually end up either as a leader, or in a powerful position where they can cause serious damage and strife to a political third-party that’s usually in its growing stages, and they pretty much stop that party’s growth and progress in it’s tracks where it would end up becoming politically insignificant or even extinct, all thanks to such individuals. And in a scenario where a third-party splits, many of the individuals in either one, or both factions, are so bitter and hard-headed against the other, that not only will they refuse to work together, but in some cases, they even work to undermine, or sabotage, the other party’s, or faction’s, efforts; therefore hurting their cause, and/or progress, and also emboldening the two-party system, all thanks to such self-destructive actions.

“This has happened to many third parties throughout our history, including the Bull Moose Progressive Party, the Reform Party, etc. However when it comes to third-parties of the constitutionalist, or paleoconservative, persuasion; this kind of infighting has become so common among such parties that share my ideology, that any talk of uniting these parties together as a single, national entity is often scoffed, or laughed at. And any serious attempt, or effort to accomplish that goal, is considered like a ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’.

“…Well, not only do I intend to find that Holy Grail, I intend to make sure it’ll never get lost again.”

The politically active and hard-working Nevadan recently started up a group to accomplish just that. Which is, to open dialogue and work towards uniting the Constitution Party, the National Independent American Party, the America First Party, the American Party, and every other third-party out there that shares the same beliefs of restoring constitutional government and putting ‘principles above politics’.

Read the full article at Independent/Third Party News and Views