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SIEA: Come clean with facts about “digital eyes” (smart meters)

PUEBLO, COLORADO — Why does the San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA) not engage in open dialogue about their installation of “digital eyes” (smart meters) with their customers who are the actual owners of SIEA because it is a co-op? What are the Board of Directors and management hiding? Are they ashamed and embarrassed and know the questions will be tough and challenging? Why do they insist on operating in secrecy and direct their field employees to sneak around installing the meters with no notice?

What are they telling their employees to say to citizens about the meters? A pat answer, “I’m just following orders and doing my job”. That is the answer I got when recently questioning an employee about his presence at a friend’s home.

I challenge SIEA to multiple town hall meetings and make at least a one hour presentation defending “digital eyes”. After the presentation then give citizens one hour to ask questions and present evidence that “digital eyes” are intrusive and invasive on privacy and can be coupled with the digital technology now in many appliances, i.e. microprocessors, for two way communication. Let them explain to us how they will not use the information for rationing electricity by limiting a household to an arbitrary usage of so much KWH in a month and use above that limit they choose will be billed at exorbitant rates.

What about this scenario? They load shed your entire home or business because you used your ration up before the month is over and you have no electricity until the next billing cycle. You laugh and say how can they do that? The technology is readily available right off the shelf for them to add that one additional control device. see more…

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