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HoT ranked #80 libertarian site, with a bullet

That’s according to a new system of code and API pulls from compete.com data, developed by Patrick McEwen of Capital Free Press.

All the smart kids know not to bother worrying about accuracy on compete.com’s stat’s at our level of traffic (pushing 10K a month now, which is magnificent considering the daily post rate is severely diminished from 2006’s explosive peak). But while we fill a stadium’s worth of libertarians and curious onlookers every month, it’s always good to consider the big picture of the libertarian web.

We want to congratulate Lew Rockwell at #1, kicking ass and take names on libertarian’s behalf with all their articulate goodness. Bless them for waving the keyboards at The Fed with admirable consistency. They pull an eye-popping 790K people every month, which is more than the entire population of Austin, Texas and gaining on San Francisco. see more…