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POV: Why the Caucus is Ca-Ca

NOTE: This article is part of a series on the Colorado GOP process from the caucuses onward.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — I recently participated in my first caucus. I thought, “What the hell? I’d like to see David Kelly, candidate for El Paso County Treasurer in Colorado, get the nomination.” The only way to get that to happen is for him to get enough delegates. So I went on down to my local caucus thinking I’ll put my name in, speak my piece, and at a minimum I can make people aware of a County Treasurer sure to expose where every single tax dollar goes.

To this, I have to say mission accomplished. People were favorable to the idea of a completely audited funds dispersal process, and though I did not get a delegation seat, I got information on an often unimportant seat as well as the opportunity to get these members to think.

When I walked in I knew I had little hope of winning. see more…

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January 2014 Hammer of Truth sticker numbers

** Okay, so the period of unashamed sticker pimping is over. But not before the stats. **

In January we gave away a grand total of… 74 stickers.

Yes, yes, I know it’s starting to push it with the sticker posts here at Hammer of Truth, but after this I assure you it will be the last one (from me) for a while.

Thanks in order:

  • Thanks to all the local folks who are rocking them on their dogs and cars and skis and computers and office cubicles and stuff.
  • Thanks to the Robin Hood of Colorado Springs. We’ve already heard one political rapper on the scene and it was thrilling to hear libertarian lyrics live while being able to point to a HoT sticker.
  • Thanks to Geovanni Machado of Machado Customs in Colorado Springs for giving us a deal so fantastic we could swing a whole bunch of free ones for any and all who ask.
  • Thanks to Ginsburg for single-handedly stickering 28 people in one night.
  • There’s probably more, but this isn’t a fucking awards show…

For my part, in addition to boasting our over 12 years of quality libertarian prose and doing programming on the back-end, I’m still the primary provider of what interesting news I can find from the confines of a 9 to 5er (well, a 10 to 6er, it’s a flexible gig as a pollster programmer). I have already noticed an uptick in 2014 as the elections begin to really wind up and fire up new libertarians fill our ranks here and everywhere else online.

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Life and death: Hyperbole is a politician’s best friend

Not random enough

I’ve been non-watchdogging the political world for a few weeks, nay a month. I feels *sane* to be more productive rather than ranting about our continuous loss of freedoms. Freedoms wrought from us by an incompetent bureaucracy and powerful police state being erected in contempt of America’s history. We’re galloping into 2013, the Chinese year of the snake. Maybe the Gadsden flag will get dusted off for Tea Party 2.0. Wherein I expect some under-appreciated discontents will finally undigitize the revolution.

Mankind is currently having an identity crisis between eloquent promises of liberty-loving (mostly for themselves) and outright distaste for their fellow man (through their actions of edict and decree). Me? I’m just a programmer coding the shit out of PHP making glorious websites and sometimes issuing my own decree (this is one).

Maybe I’m a selfish prick too, just looking out for #1. Nah, I’ve somehow managed to rope others (ahem, dad) into helping us all tag-team the Revolution while I pretend to do that work thing in an office for pay, (and probably drink too much with coworkers and potential clients).

{cue laugh track with smattering of claps}

Colorado, COLORADO… oh sweet ***Colorado***

I hardly know you, but I’m concerned with your bureaucratic parasites sucking away the freedoms of guns, god and gold (and apparently ganja). Pretty soon they’ll be taking your whiskey away and then it’s back after the weed. How in the world would you fight that again without guns? You wouldn’t, so you shouldn’t back down now.

Dudes… are you smothering them with pot smoke, in which case okay kudos.

The Pueblo and Colorado Springs scene sucks my breath away. Not just because I’ve previously been bopping my head to Ohio’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kid Cudi. But because with indifference and 5000ft altitude, we here also suck when we give them the power over our bodies and minds. But we’re not.

We have the resistance rising up out of antipathy, and it’s going to come from people like you and me, dontchaknow.

So I want you to wish deeply and….






{cue theme song, roll credits}

Seriously though, the rest of the editors around here suck, you’re all fired. Just kidding, maintain your post sitting there consuming Hammer of Truth instead of driving it while I was gone, but without ad revenue no one’s ever getting paid, ever… mwuahahahaha…. /our remaining readers are probably laughing at you

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HoT migration wonkiness, explained

Hey Hammer of Truth fans, I’ve been busily moving the site away from our hosting provider we loved for seven years over to Amazon Web Services EC2. As you might have noticed, this has caused a few hiccups, which has led to a temporary slowdown in post frequency (because yay distractions and uncertainty).

We’ve gone from a managed hosting environment where I put in support tickets and was told to spend lots of money buying better servers, to a self-serve model where we spend less money but the tradeoff is having to know a lot of technical stuff.

Luckily I know a few things. Enough to break things, and enough to fix them again.

Well, I’m about 98% sure that all these odd little bugs that came up during the migration from one server environment to another have now been worked out now (like the caching issue that displayed a weak, ugly mobile theme instead of our usual kickass design). Frabjous day!

I want to ask all of you to drop a comment here if you notice any problems with the site. Or just to high five us for the success.

Yes, we’re doing regular backups.

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Assault Hammer of Truth?

From Breitbart:

In 2005, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 605. In 2006, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 438, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 618.

And so the list goes, with the actual numbers changing somewhat from year to year, yet the fact that more people are killed with blunt objects each year remains constant.

For example, in 2011, there was 323 murders committed with a rifle but 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs.

Massive pro-gun and pro-freedom facebook page “The American Patriot Nation” has been running a series of wall posts eviscerating the argument against guns. Their angle? Pointing out that the most dangerous (i.e.- most people killed) weapon in America isn’t actually an “assault” rifle, rather it’s blunt objects such as hammers, baseball bats, crowbars and rolling pins.

Here’s the hilarious images:

According to FBI crime stats, hammers and other blunt objects are used to commit more homicides than rifles.

Pick your poison…

Hammer control time!

Guess which items are used more in murders?

No word yet on how Congress will react towards these ridiculously true revelations. We’re rushing to outfit Hammer of Truth with pistol grips, high capacity databases and some matte black paint just in case.


Hammer of Truth™

I’ve been sorta quiet here at Hammer of Truth for a little while. Blame the holidays, but 2013 is finally upon us and we’re proud to announce that we’ve officially filed for trademark status with the Colorado Secretary of State.

In other “27B stroke 6” news, Hammer of Truth is officially a publication owned by liberty sucker, LLC.

If we’re going over the fiscal cliff, perhaps all this paperwork will cushion the landing.

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Wherein reason commenters sing our (dead) praises

Reason.com has a piece on which writers turned people on to freedom.

However, what caught my eye was some traffic coming from a link the comments, where rumors of HoT’s death are being bandied about.

Firstly: thank you. Hammer of Truth never dies, but it was comatose.

Secondly: we’re supposed to be dead and you bastards never even sent flowers? Am disappoint.

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Not quite what we had in mind

When we recently opened up our registration on Hammer of Truth (Piwik is still broken to some degree so the deal stands, for now), a few trolls immediately crawled out from under their bridges and made trouble. Or at least they tried, and failed, and then we laughed at them.

With our super-secret troll and spammer detection system, we’ve already sent a few back under their bridges with some well deserved lumps and will continue to arm and teach our system to defend itself, like Skynet or something (not really).

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Some changes in the matrix

I’m switching a few things around in the Hammer of Truth control tower (see our dev log), so while we figure out how long it takes to fix our hilariously broken Piwik stats server (which was awesome until we did some migration stuff and then kablooey), enjoy the open registration here. If you know someone who knows someone who has libertarian tendencies and hasn’t already won the somewhat coveted login ability at our online pillow fort then tell them all about it with your ESP or whatever kids have these days.

As for me, I’ll keep doing what I can around here to keep you informed, while at the same time wearing a lot of other professional(-ish) hats and attempting to drive the liberty sucker empire of information nodules into the sun. Wish me luck.

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