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Capitalism is a free market without common sense

Showbiz pioneer P.T. Barnum was famously known for using common sense in business to assure quality, cost and access.

He once stated, “True economy consists in always making the income exceed the out-go. Wear the old clothes a little longer if necessary; dispense with the new pair of gloves; mend the old dress: live on plainer food if need be; so that, under all circumstances, unless some unforeseen accident occurs, there will be a margin in favor of the income.”

What he writes throughout his book — The Art of Money Getting — is that the business owner needs to suffer the lack of extravagance if they wish to attain it, because only then will they produce quality and thus, reap the benefits in the long run. see more…


City for Potholes (but not pot taxes)

NOTE: This article is part of a series on the Colorado GOP process from the caucuses onward.

Colorado Springs is a sprawling city with more square footage than Minneapolis, Miami, San Francisco, and Denver combined giving the city massive room for development. City ordinances restrict buildings from becoming massive skyscrapers like in Denver and most residential homes blend into the hillsides. At times you wouldn’t even be able to tell how big the city is it blends in so well, and the people of this city like the way it is.

Though, because Colorado Spring has very wild weather patterns the roads take a beating and upkeep IS supposed to be the city’s number one job… unless of course they have to create a public works project… then apparently roads aren’t part of “public works”.

That is the case with the new urban renewal program the city’s first strong mayor is pushing. Already facing allegations of being in bed with big developers, Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach is pushing the City for Champions (C4C) initiative. see more…


POV: Why the Caucus is Ca-Ca

NOTE: This article is part of a series on the Colorado GOP process from the caucuses onward.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — I recently participated in my first caucus. I thought, “What the hell? I’d like to see David Kelly, candidate for El Paso County Treasurer in Colorado, get the nomination.” The only way to get that to happen is for him to get enough delegates. So I went on down to my local caucus thinking I’ll put my name in, speak my piece, and at a minimum I can make people aware of a County Treasurer sure to expose where every single tax dollar goes.

To this, I have to say mission accomplished. People were favorable to the idea of a completely audited funds dispersal process, and though I did not get a delegation seat, I got information on an often unimportant seat as well as the opportunity to get these members to think.

When I walked in I knew I had little hope of winning. see more…

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COLORADO: Politicans take your gun rights? Fire them!

The big news today is Colorado Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs is being recalled, along with Senator Angela Giron of Pueblo.

Unfortunately I’m *just* outside his district (literally across the street) and will have to settle for agitating my Colorado Springs neighbors against his gun-grabbing nonsense (and other fun activities).

This is probably the most libertarian city/county/state I’ve ever lived in and there’s so many military vets that Pueblo claims to be the “Home of Heroes”. This “libertarian” assertion may seem odd considering the proximity to military bases (I can see the couple dozen or so NORAD radio towers from my house), but this real demographic shift shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention. I’ve been here less than a year, but I’m inspired by their determination, and have finally acclimated to living over a mile above sea level.

Anyways, where was I? Some douchebag politicians taking away our guns, so let’s take away their power:

A Denver judge on Thursday ruled petitions submitted to oust a pair of Democratic senators from office are valid, a pivotal ruling that sets in motion Colorado’s first-ever recall election of state lawmakers.

“The petitions here substantially comply with law,” Denver District Court Judge Robert Hyatt said in his oral decision from the bench. “Recalls are a fundamental right of Colorado citizens.”

Shortly after Hyatt handed down the decision Thursday, Democratic Gov. John Hickenloopersigned an executive order to have the recall election date of Senate President John Morse, of Colorado Springs, and Sen. Angela Giron, of Pueblo, be held on Sept. 10.

Both are the targets of recalls by constituents for their support of stricter Colorado gun laws implemented this month.

The best part? Their recall efforts were led by a bunch of nobodies that got fed up and initiated their civic duty.

The recall is just over a month away on September 10th: Go get ’em, Coloradans!

And keep an eye out for this amendment that wipes it’s ass with what’s left of Morse and Giron’s careers.

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Protect and serve; Not harass, detain and arrest

The tea party grassroots movement has had a very positive impact on El Paso County and Colorado Springs, Colorado politics and the liberty of citizens.

Both Colorado Springs and El Paso County are certainly a combined emerging metropolis that is bucking all the socialists trends. The grassroots organizations and people there have been very active, successful and in your face about taking their city and county back. I live in an adjoining county and did live in Colorado Springs prior to moving to Pueblo County. If the SHTF El Paso County and Colorado Springs may become a good bug out location. Pueblo County, with a failed socialist government and a political socialist Democrat political machine, will be one of the socialist enclaves where liberty loving people will flee. see more…

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