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QUIZ: “Are you a true Ron Paul supporter?”

I love the title of this quiz, because apparently this can be answered by a mere 15 questions (I passed BTW, whew). Mad props to Christian Science Monitor for making me laugh out loud a few times.

At one point I was slightly bewildered by the question of my hypothetical daughter getting married and answered “whatever.” But that falls far from my ability to decipher this Ayn Randian ultra-nihilistic approach to unemotional parenting when they phrased the rest, “just don’t develop any altruistic feelings for your spouse, as doing so will interfere with the imperative to act in accordance with the hierarchy of your values.” Translation: Be sure your future selfish lesbian daughter isn’t marrying a charity case, or something.

Whatever. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Here’s the full list of my 15 answers, for the curious see more…

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