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“God Bless America” is apt satire of American TV culture

Frank is upset at the collapse of civilization going on around him, all the fails and stupid being televised with über-intense graphics.

Frank is upset that people are mean to one another and get rich at it while his life in a cubicle farm is boring and safe.

Frank is upset that his neighbors yell at their TV through paper thin walls, where he can hear them vicariously worrying about celebrities like Lindsay Lohan on “TMI” (a spoof of TMZ). Frank is upset that their baby does nothing but scream, a sure sign the next generation will be about the same.

Frank is upset because he can see the TV is teaching people to be mean to one another.

Frank is upset because he got fired from his job for sending flowers to the receptionist’s home and Human Resources is overly sensitive to potential sexual harassment litigation. see more…

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