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O’Reilly: Trayvon Martin fallout is Rodney King scale violence

That’s Mr. Bill O’Reilly, the king of hyperbole, he speaketh:

O’Reilly speculated on what would happen if the Florida special prosecutor decided there is not enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman.

“What if that happens? It could, because Florida’s complicated stand your ground law has muddled the case. MSNBC, and CNN to some extent, have a vested interest in seeing Zimmerman punished because they have already found him guilty on the air. So they are not going to respect any verdict but guilty.

“Therefore, those entities tell the American public that racial injustice has been done if there is not a conviction, and that could very well lead to violence as we saw in the Rodney King case.”

Oh and then he went on to exclaim excitedly from behind his safe news anchor wannabe desk how he covered those riots and it was awesomebonersauce. see more…

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