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Homeland Security Theater goes full Paultard

Bill Forster is a former TSA agent turned libertarian evangelist whose comic strip Homeland Security Theater is one I’ve been subscribed to on RSS for a while (click his sponsors or something, he’s awesome).

Forster made me spew coffee all over my keyboard with this gem:

But his commentary really just hits the nail on the head as far as how failtastic television oligarchy’s political coverage has been so far:

I get a lot of Ron Paul supporters to this site. In fact, I get a lot of Ron Paul supporters on Facebook too. It seems everywhere on the internet I see folks supporting Ron Paul. Then I turn on the TV and it’s all about Romney.

I never used to be very political. To quote one of my heroes Alice Cooper, “I don’t care. When my parents would start talking politics, I would go in my room and put on The Rolling Stones or The Who on as long as I could to avoid politics”. But running this website has put me in touch with a lot of people, from conservatives to liberals, Republicans to Democrats, from the super smart to the super crazy. And I’ve learn one thing from them… the government scares the living hell out of me! So now I am starting to pay attention.

Agreed. I’d actually rather listen to bad techno glitch pop remixes of global tribal throat songs in foreign languages — than hear and see or see more political pandering, posturing and preening by Romney and Obama. And they aren’t our only options, no matter how often a few blathering idiots blather it.

Update: I meant to say I agreed on everything, except the being scared of government part. It’s part of my medical condition.

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2012 presidential primary: Huffing gasoline edition

The presidential political season is picking up steam with the next round of GOP elections coming up rather quickly. The fact that anyone can campaign in seventeen separate primaries and caucuses (fifteen if you are an inconsiderate ass who thinks Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands aren’t worth campaigning in, even though they aren’t) is a sheer marvel of the information age and the phenomenon of paid political advertising (and transportation, lest we forget Rand Paul’s TSA travesty).

Here’s the rundown of the next two weeks of primary pollshocks waiting to unfold: see more…

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Nashville airport video doesn’t show ‘irate’ Sen. Rand Paul…
Ron Paul campaign raises over $260K in “End the TSA” pitch…

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Questions for the Presidential Candidates



With the major party Presidential nomination process coming full swing and the number of contenders dwindling, the more those who remain need to answer the tough questions. However, we must recognize that the tough questions will not be asked by the mainstream media. With that in mind, I present the following questions in hopes that one or more candidates (from a major or minor party) supply answers to the public.

  1. Congress routinely passes bills that are hundreds of pages long and contain multiple unrelated sections. Some examples being the “indefinite detention provision” of the National Defense Authorization Act; a provision to ban online gambling added into the 2006 SAFE Port Act and REAL ID (which failed to pass on it’s own merit) added to a military spending bill. If elected President, would you urge Congress to stop this practice? Why or why not? If yes, would you urge Congress to pass the One Subject at a Time Act?
  2. Many bills – especially the “major legislation” – are hundreds of pages long and many are not finalized until hours before being brought up for a vote, thus giving Congressmen little time to read the bill. Do you believe that Congress should read the bills that they vote on? Why or why not? If yes; would you urge Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act, which would require bills to be read in full on the floor of both houses of Congress and posted online at least seven days before being brought up for a vote?
  3. The U.S. military currently has troops in 158 nations (not counting military personnel at Embassies) with undeclared “wars” in at least a half-dozen countries. Do you support the continued presence of military around the world? Why or why not? If yes; please explain how this ensures “freedom” (even though the Congress has passed laws that have destroyed the Bill of Rights) and does not create enemies?
  4. The Congress has been passing legislation to infringe on the individual rights of people for decades. Do you support a repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act & FISA? Do you support abolishing the NSA, TSA, CIA and any other federal agency that infringes on individual rights? Why or why not?
  5. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, inflation was virtually non-existent in the United States; since it was created and given a monopoly on creation of currency, the value of the U.S. Dollar has declined 97%. Do you support abolishing legal tender laws that force people to use the Federal Reserve Note instead of a commodity backed currency of their choice? Do you support auditing and/or abolishing the Federal Reserve? Why or why not?
  6. Do you have a plan to balance the federal budget and reduce the size, scope & power of the federal government? If so, what is your plan? If not; why not? What is your opinion of repealing the 16th Amendment and thus repealing the federal income tax? If in favor, how do you propose funding the federal government?
  7. Do you support allowing citizens of the several territories of these United States of America to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to become a State or an independent country? Why or why not?
    Do you support extending the rights of self-determination to members of Native American Indian tribes? Why or why not?
  8. Since Congress is authorized by Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of these United States to create federal election law, would you urge Congress to pass a federal ballot access law which eases the requirements for placing a minor party and/or independent candidate on the ballot for Congress and President? Why or why not? If yes, what is your ideal ballot access requirement?

Publisher’s note: We are looking to you, everyone in the public sphere, to aid us in continually pressuring these politicians to address the questions we believe are of of critical importance. Be persistent and respectful, especially if you believe they are trying to dodge and weasel and change the subject. Repeat the question again if this happens.

Thanks/Congratulations in advance to the growing ranks of independent reporters and video bloggers who truly are making a visible impact on the 2012 elections. The future of this country is more in your hands than your corporate competitors will ever admit. Don’t be shy, and good luck on the 2012 campaign trail of fear and loathing!


FUCK the Associated Press for this headline

Flotsam From Japanese Tsunami Reaches West Coast:

Tons of debris from Japan will likely begin washing ashore in about a year, from California to southern Alaska, they said. Items that wash up may include portions of houses, boats, ships, furniture, portions of cars and just about anything else that floats, he said.

That could include parts of human bodies, Ebbesmeyer said. Athletic shoes act as floats.

[…] “All debris should be treated with a great reverence and respect,” Ebbesmeyer said.

If the debris has any kind of identifiable marking, such as numbers or Japanese writing, it may be traceable, Ebbesmeyer said. Families in Japan are waiting to hear of any items that may have been associated with their loved ones.

Seriously, a little more reverence for the dead than to call them and their belongings “flotsam” is definitely in order — especially from a story telling agency that should know their impact with editors who don’t actually read.


Warren Redlich: If Ron Paul Wins Iowa…

One of Ron Paul’s longer term problems in this campaign is that his outlook tends to be gloomy. He frequently talks about how our country is bankrupt. While this is true, and it connects with what people are feeling now, what they really want is hope for the future.

Ron Paul can, and sometimes does, deliver this kind of optimistic view. When confronted on Meet the Press with the Keynesian attitude that cutting government spending damages the economy, Paul pointed out what happened at the end of World War II: “draconian cuts … stimulated the economy.”

COLD, STALE TEA: Only 27% of people who still call themselves “Tea Party” support Paul…
NPR: Ron Paul’s ‘Big Dog’ Ad One Of GOP Race’s Coolest Commercials…

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Ventura should either run or get off the campaign trail

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is once again talking about a possible run for President this time after his lawsuit of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was dismissed.

While I cannot disagree with Ventura on the basis of his lawsuit against the TSA, applying for Mexican citizenship and saying you won’t stand for the national anthem again isn’t probably going to win you support if you want to run for President. Additionally, talking conspiracy theories isn’t going to help your chances. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look like a hypocrite and attack Ventura too much for questioning the official government story of the attacks of September 11th. Likewise, several years ago, as a young man I questioned the official story until common sense and science prevailed and Popular Mechanics, the History Channel, independent groups of scientists and investigators all confirmed Al Qaeda responsibility for the attacks and that is when I stopped questioning. When a candidate for public office makes such claims they will quickly lose support from most Americans and be viewed as crazy.

Mr. Ventura, if you want to run for President please start running and if not please quit talking about running. I know that I for one am tired of people like Jesse Ventura and Donald Trump getting people excited time and time again acting like they are running for President only to disappoint them each and every time.

Jesse Ventura hasn’t ruled out 2012 run – Iowa Independent
Former Minnesota Gov. Ventura Miffed by Courts, Says He’s Off to Mexico – Fox News
Jesse Ventura’s 9/11 theory: Dick Cheney “allowed it to happen to further their agenda” – CNN’s Piers Morgan
Montel Williams: “He has a right to be angry, but… Don’t turn your back.” – ABC 15, Arizona


Ralph Nader: still way left, but right

Being a libertarian, I’m sure someone will engage in wiseassery and suggest that it must be the drugs. Or perhaps it is braggadocios to assume anyone actually cares enough about my ramblings to comment either way. But there are times I question reality. And no, not just because I still see fresh Obama stickers on high end, late model vehicles indicative of the driver’s financial success. People, as a group, no longer surprise me.

But certain individuals still possess the power to gobsmack; to make me wonder if I’m really awake. I know I’m a day late on this, but I had to fall asleep and wake up again to make sure I was truly conscious. And I’m only reasonably sure of the fact, still.

Ralph Nader’s hopeless devotion to unbridled socialism usually has the effect of me tuning out his gravelly inane sputterings. But yesterday—in an apparent attempt to fill some minuscule yet requisite quota of logic—Nader, appearing on Andew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, heaped praise on the early Tea Party movement. And he nailed it, from inception to co-opting.

Asked whether he saw similarities between the Tea Party movement and the “Occupy Wall Street” folk, Nader told Napolitano:

“Well, before the Tea Party movement was hijacked by the corporatist Republicans, yes. They were very much worried about the Wall Street bailout, they were worried about the restrictions on civil liberties in the PATRIOT Act, they were worried about bloated military budgets, and criminal, unconstitutional wars of aggression. You remember those early days. But, you know, they were taken over by groups in Wall Street—Dick Armey’s group and others. And, uh, the Tea Party now is basically the corporatist wing of the Republican Party.”

Huh? That could have been something awaiting me in my inbox from Lew Rockwell this morning. If it were a mere quote, I would dismiss it as an error of ascription. I included the video link as a remedy to the disbelief of the reader.

He continued, as did my astonishment:

“Here’s what I think is going on with Occupy Wall Street: it’s basically a kind of visceral justice movement, dealing with unfairness of the bosses in Wall Street who have violated, when they crashed, the bosses of Wall Street crashed on the workers, on the investors, and on the taxpayers, starting in 2008, as everybody knows. This Occupy Wall Street effort is basically saying, it’s really saying, ‘Look you guys, you guys are running the show, Wall Street and Washington, running the show, you’re violating basic principles of fairness between human beings that are religious principles—the Golden Rule; ethical principles, legal principles, and Constitutional principles.”

While Mr. Nader has called countless times for government to use force to alter or eliminate things he himself opposes, and would likely, in possession of his druthers, add obscenely burdensome taxation to the profits of people and companies irrespective of any receipt of bailout money, simply for the crime of success. And it is likely that he would have injected some Leninist solution to the economic mess we’re in, given the chance. Toward the end of the above quote, I was squirming with feelings of pending doom, waiting for Nader to chop the head off any respect he had earned, with a demand for some sort of state-based “justice.”

And though he sneaked in a questionable reference to “fairness,” he didn’t lose me. And the seeming lack of reality continued.

As The Judge shifted gears to the President, Nader continued to get it exactly right. And I found myself in a continuing and confusingly bizarre political alliance with the man responsible for the creation of the leviathan NHTSA.

Asked about the executive branch’s unilateral decision to assassinate Anwar al Awloki, Nader nailed that, too:

“That’s not a President, that’s a dictator. That’s a complete violation of due process, separation of powers. You don’t put in the White House—and our framers, as you know so well with your books, the founders of our Republic refused I say refused, article one, section eight, to begin with—to put the power to exercise violence abroad, and plunge the nation into war, in the hands of the President. He has done that now. He has outdone Bush in his unconstitutional behavior. Not just with what you described, but he also attacked Libya without any War Resolution, never mind Declaraton of War from Congress, without any authorization or appropriation of money. That’s the way of a dictator. He tok a billion dollars, himself, and put it on the war.”

Angrily agreeing, Napolitano interjected, “And Ralph, like a potted plant, the Congress did nothing!”

Nader replied, and here’s where I bruised myself with a final pinch, “You wait and see what someone does in the Congress, pretty soon — Ron Paul.”

I harbor no illusions about the state of the Republic. It feels a lot like what I imagine did Rome’s final days: corruption reigning supreme, despotism growing, rights trampled, and the experiment failing from the legion of enemies within the walls.

How bad must things be for Ralph Nader to champion the Constitution, to praise what the Tea Party was supposed to be about, to damn the state for interceding in the economy, and to look to Ron Paul to stride into the House on a white steed and save us from the tyranny of government?

I must be dreaming.

But is my dream a pleasant one in which even those thought far too wrong to ever “get it” are awakening to the ideas of freedom? Or is it a nightmare in which the state has grown so despotic that even life-long liberals are frightened enough of a nearly omnipotent government that they are flirting with with the idea that the state is truly the evil gang it has become?

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Here’s the video by Nader where he makes more than a few spot on observations: see more…


Theater Security Actors put on another show… “When I told him that the treatment was unacceptable and bullshit, and asked how he was going to rectify it, he pouted”

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Rumsfeld gets groped by the TSA..


ECONOMIST MAG: Bitcoin is Milton Friedman dream come true…

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Boehner tries to bluff Obama on Libya

The US House of Representatives failed to pass a resolution, Robert Robb of The Arizona Republic called “remarkably pacifist,” requiring US military involvement in Libya to cease. The House however passed what Robb called “an irresponsible alternative to the Kucinich resolution.” This “irresponsible alternative” requests “the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General, respectively, to transmit to the House of Representatives, not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution, copies of any official document, record, memo, correspondence, or other communication in the possession of each officer that was created on or after February 15, 2011” relating to US military involvement in Libya.

The resolution also says that President Obama is to hand over records since March 19 detailing 21 specific issues, including; “The President’s justification for not seeking authorization by Congress for the use of military force in Libya… The anticipated scope and duration of continued United States military involvement in support of NATO activities regarding Libya… and The costs of United States military, political, and humanitarian efforts concerning Libya as of June 3, 2011.” Nothing in the resolution “requires” compliance from President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Robert Gates and/or Eric Holder. Though they resolution does state, “Congress has the constitutional prerogative to withhold funding for any unauthorized use of the United States Armed Forces, including for unauthorized activities regarding Libya.” 1

President Obama could theoretically ignore this resolution, just as he ignored the War Powers Act, and call John Boehner’s bluff. I do not believe for one second that John Boehner would vote to de-fund ANY military action. Doing so would make him and the GOP appear “weak” and would be used in the 2012 elections by a more “pro-war” candidate.

Instead of focusing solely on the presence of troops in Libya – Congress doesn’t even talk about the covert operations in Yemen or Mexico; the Congress should instruct Secretary Gates to withdraw troops from all foreign nations, excepting the 6 Marines stationed at US embassies.

The countries with the largest troop deployment (aside from Iraq and Afghanistan) are Germany (54,4314), Japan (35,329), Korea, Italy (9,779) and the United Kingdom (9,318). In all there are nearly 300,000 US military personnel around the world. 2

Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com writes, “the War Party lives in mortal fear of Ron Paul’s message of a peaceful, non-interventionist foreign policy.” Though, I prefer to think of Dr. Paul as the messenger, not the author of the message. The Republicans will not vote to bring troops home, because they fear they will be seen as weak and/or called “pacifists;” and the Democrats won’t vote to bring troops home for the same reasons.

Even more disturbing is the lack of respect for the rule of law by the federal government. Presidents and Congress routinely violate the Constitution and federal law, they even encourage federal agencies, such as the DEA, CIA and TSA to do the same. Passing more resolutions and/or laws will not change anything in DC. After all, when the elected officials have no respect for the rule of law, why should anyone else?

[1] – http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112hres292eh/pdf/BILLS-112hres292eh.pdf
[2] – http://siadapp.dmdc.osd.mil/personnel/MILITARY/history/hst1012.pdf


Negative stories online? Obama’s people do this to themselves

The White House has added a new government position tasked with dealing with unfavorable online media. I’m sure this is a wonderful job, as 90% of it would be spent trolling websites critical of the president and posting positive spin. Actually that sounds like a horrible job because, as TSA’s Blogger Bob has grown to learn: people will ultimately hate you personally for shilling online for those bad policies. And oh yeah, enjoy that spit in your coffee/food if they ever serve you in a restaurant.

Well Jesse Lee (photo) has gloriously attained this new position which supposedly transfers the responsibility of online apologist from the DNC headquarters to an even more insular place in the Obama administration, just a few feet from the oval office. Which is totally not a blatant violation of FEC campaign laws or anything, no way they’d do that (eye roll). I’m looking forward to prospect of this lackey having to recap all the online criticisms and then explain the strategy to respond to them “Sir, we should aggressively downvote karmanaut on reddit before people think maybe you really are naked and have a small penis.”

Anyways, the first volley has been fired, on twitter… and it’s dripping with creepy vibes:

Way to side with SkyNet there, Obama.

UPDATE: The news is getting thick with stories that the situation will quickly get complicated for the White House as many are suspecting that the Troll Czar (an affectionate pet name we think will stick) will smack into legal walls erected by the Hatch Act. Be vigilant. If you are reading this, you are the resistance.


Oops. Bomb panic at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was only a drill…
Blogger Bob–TSA’s Internet mouthpiece (Q&A)…

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Libertarian Party celebrates end of bin Laden era… “bin Laden leaves behind an evil legacy in the United States: the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretaps, the ‘state secrets’ doctrine …Just like Osama bin Laden, these programs must be terminated”

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SHIT WE’RE DIGGIN: Homeland Security Theater comic…

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RASMUSSEN POLL: In a head to head, Obama 42%, Paul 41%, undecided 17%…

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The Audacity of Grope (signed copy for sale)…
Zappos Sponsors TSA, Customers Outraged…

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Because the feeble 6-year-old child might have been a terrorist

That’s what the TSA is honestly trying to say with their ridiculous groped by dopes policies, erecting a dichotomy of the illusion of security with the reality of a tyrannical security state. We’re starting to lose the plot in America of who’s protecting whom from what anymore… and it’s damn sickening.

I’ll fucking roundhouse kick a bitch in the face that gropes a kid. This is America you morons, start acting like it.

UPDATE: Even Canadians know what’s what, eh? NSFW language/rage in this video, so put on your headphones or something.

LATER UPDATE: On a morning television interview with ABC, the Drexels say they were threatened by the TSA before the groping, and is actually questioned on why oh why they would post the video (maybe are they trying to cash in and become famous? Innuendo, innuendo, innuendo). Hey genius, it’s called evidence… ABC’s journalists should know better than to ask such a pointless question.


Operation Grabass has a mission worthy of HoT: “Message I sent to all 3 of my Representatives: If porno-scanners and molestation pat-downs are in place next election – you won’t be!”
QUESTION: Fly With Dignity or Operaton Grab Ass? ANSWER: Both!

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FOX EDITS NEWS: Can cable news sink any lower than editing the president’s speech for a cheap laugh?
“Don’t say no one laughed because as lame as that salmon joke was, they ate that shit up”
Obama’s TSA pat-downs joke infuriates ACLU…

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Albuquerque: Phillip Mocek wins jury trial… charges that evolved from his refusal to show an ID while passing through the TSA checkpoint
DA twitter…
Papers, Please! reports from the courtroom…


CRACKED: If awesome lunatics ran airlines…

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