Liberals killed Eric Garner…

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It doesn’t really matter if Congress declares war against TIS

Senate Swearing InLast week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a declaration of war against The Islamic State. US News reports, “Paul’s legislation would repeal the 2002 Iraq War authorization, an action the Obama administration supports, and would set a one-year timer on the 2001 anti-al-Qaida authorization, which the administration currently cites as allowing the war against the Islamic State group.” see more…


FBI crime report lacks some useful data

holderEvery year the FBI releases what it calls the Uniform Crime Report, which details numbers of arrests – which counts one arrest for each separate instance in which a person is arrested, cited, or summoned for an offense – and various other data on crime, criminals, and law enforcement officers.

One of the numbers that jumped out to me was that arrests for cannabis possession makes up a smaller percentage of drug related arrests out west (18%) compared to the rest of the country (~50%). see more…

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Are the Ferguson riots justified?

54744b9f61e5b.imageRemember this headline? Cop involved in Ferguson shooting has fractured eye socket: report

Yeah, that’s right. The authority submissives reported Darren Wilson’s eye socket was damaged when this whole thing started, and the adherents to police authority on the right plastered this false claim and this photo was circulated:
see more…

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Confronting Convention

Pirates at work?

Pirates at work?

Right now, thanks to Mark Levin, it is rather regular to hear the call of the new States Convention, or more accurately called an Article V Convention. You can read it and the whole Constitution here.

While you are at it you can read the list of proposed amendments here.

see more…

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COLORADO: Open letter to GOP establishment from liberty movement…

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Bill Maher: “I Am Available To The Rand Paul Campaign”

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Against discrimination at the barrel of a gun

no gun in roomThe Advocates for Self Government have produced a 10 question survey designed to challenge “the dominant ‘Left versus Right’ political model” which tries to categorize “virtually all political opinion into either left and right. This model — still widely used today — is misleading and fatally flawed.”

However, this quiz still allows people to be classified as supporters of liberty, who still believe in using government force. A better, shorter quiz asks the one question: Should any good or service be provided at the barrel of a gun? This allows all people to be placed into one of two categories: people who believe in freedom, and those who don’t.

This single question can be applied to every situation: immigration, education, welfare, marriage and even discrimination. In each case, the support of liberty would say, “no good or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun.” see more…

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Jonathan Gruber Rap Ballad: Don’t Tell ‘Em has come out with a very important music video illustrating the latest Obamacare scandal starring Jonathan “the stupidity of the American voter” Gruber:

Don’t let me catch you snoring
Making government bigger is never boring
Our CBO strategy’s named “Bill Cosby”
we’re looking for an improper scoring

When folks ask what’s in you lie through the tooth
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Our ideas are so good we can’t tell the truth
That’s right right right right right

But won’t people read it in three years or so?
My, my, my, my, my, my
Who’d look inside something that many years old?

I don’t know what’s worse: Some bipartisan elitist prick feels that it’s officially open season on sheep, or some libertarian elitists pricks are making music videos to bring it bubbling into the pop culture of sheep.

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NYC subway fare software designed to screw riders

Gizmodo has a simple fare table to show people how to do math:

If you click the button on the left, they just got you. Your card will have $9.45 on it, meaning you will get 3 rides and end up with $1.95. That is a great deal for the MTA. They get all the money from every rider who does that, and they get the interest on that until you refill again and repeat the cycle.

Let’s say you don’t take the bait. You click MetroCard. Then you get this screen with three new short cuts:


Three quick options. But wait a minute. One button leaves you with the same $9.45 card, and gives a remainder of $1.95 after just three uses. The next one is even more frustrating: you end up with a $19.95 card, leaving a remainder after 7 uses of $2.45! That’s right, the nickel we were talking about earlier. The last option does not leave you much better off. You’ll get a $40.95 card, which leads to $0.95 on your card after you use 16 rides. So all three buttons presented leave quite a bit of “insufficient fare” on the card.


and remember these three magic numbers: $9.55, $19.05 and $38.10. That’s right. Never use the shortcuts. Just type in one of those numbers.

Once you do, you’ll see your excess balances nearly vanish once you apply the 5% bonuses:


Congratulations to the author for decoding how New York’s government run transportation system systematically screws riders. They’ll definitely be changing the algorithm soon.

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Tyrese Gibson on why you’re unhappy

He’s been doing a great web series of inspirational videos for a while, but this one is simply fantastic in helping anyone who refuses to wake up to their own self-destruction. Tyrese is more than just a great actor, he advocates blunt truth and genuine compassion.

“Enough is enough,” is that libertarian or what?

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MEDIA: VanDyke hangs out with Beer and Bullshit Show

I did it once and can now officially scrub it from my bucket list: being on an internet streaming show with more than three episodes.

I was the featured guest of a “decentralized” anarchist and troublemaker conversation AKA episode #38 of Chris Bennett’s Beer and Bullshit Show. An episode that eventually went completely off the rails — “that’s bullshit,” they exclaimed — I presume because no one involved has a legit Wikipedia entry and probably never will (wait, what?).

But before it went completely sideways with salty jokes, crosstalk and the part where the sunglasses happened, I joked around with James Babb (We Won’t Fly) and Kirsten Tynan (Fully Informed Jury Association or FIJA) on Google Hangouts (whose video editor is fired) to talk about beer and a wide range of libertarian/anarchist topics. Pretty much the ADHD libertarian Internet show you expect: slightly less dead air than secret service radios during a White House fence jumping. see more…

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Hoax video urges real debate

hoax video real debateIn the 1997 hit movie, Wag the Dog, a filmmaker is hired to create a fake war in Albania to distract the public from a Presidential sex scandal in the days leading up to the election, and it was never discovered that the “war” wasn’t real. In a real life twist that seems to in some ways mirror the film, reports Norwegian director Lars Klevberg created a 1 minute video purporting to shows a young Syrian boy “weave his way down a dusty street, dodging bullets to reach a terrified girl cowering behind a car. The boy even plays dead at one point to deceive the sharpshooters, who miss hitting both children as they appear to safely run off.” see more…

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Does civil disobedience work?

arnold-abbottDoes civil disobedience work? There isn’t a clear “yes” or “no” answer to this question, rather the correct answer is “sometimes.” There is no denying that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a great deal of success with civil disobedience, the same can be said of Gandhi. However, there are people who will discount any act of civil disobedience, regardless of the issue or the goal. see more…

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Obama’s failed Colorado firewall

Remember this guy?

The early returns in 2013 were what actually spelled early trouble for Democrats in Colorado.

That was the year of our first recall. On the chopping block was Colorado state senate majority leader John Morse (Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (Pueblo). As the leadership of onerous new gun legislation laughed at town halls — a gleeful nod to Obama’s vigorous gun hatred combined with populism and ambivalence to limited government control — petitioners got to work.

The recall passed, Giron and Morse lost their seats in safe Democrat districts.

Exit polls showed that pro-gun democrats had been the ones to break ranks. Republicans smelled blood in the air. see more…

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Should people rethink the concept of time?

It’s again that time of year when the clocks change, and many people are (rightly or wrongly) complaining about the system of Daylight Saving Time. While I find the concept annoying, and believe it to be a system that should be abolished, I’d like to discuss the concept of time and the importance of punctuality.

The structuring of time into hours and minutes is a relatively old concept with the earliest sundials dating back to around 3500BC, however there are people who regard time as an abstract, and are always late. This in turn creates a conflict with the people who are punctual. see more…

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Does Hillary Clinton understand economics?

hillaryLast week, Hillary Clinton made a stop in Boston to campaign for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley. During her 25 minute speech, Clinton said, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.” She then made a statement that her husband “brought arithmetic” to Washington. see more…

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Arrested While White, How The Other 77% lives.

We hear a lot about how brutal the police are to black people. But how do they treat white people? I used to get arrested a lot, so I can tell the tale.

see more…

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US justice system is what’s racist

Everybody knows that the US criminal justice system is racist. But people don’t know just how racist. Today we are kicking off three weeks of videos on this topic. Please do check them out.

see more…

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FBI on encryption: nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

9074740413_bd2d118133_c-thumb-570x378-125862Ever since the revelations from Edward Snowden became public last year, there has been an increased interest in encryption and online privacy. This has led companies like Apple and Google to encrypt or protect their new operating systems with coding by default. The FBI isn’t happy with the news. see more…

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The War On Terror Is a Joke…

It is something we all know, but it is worth repeating. Saudia Arabia’s position as the main funder of Islamic radicalism worldwide makes the US wars against that radicalism a sad sad joke. It seems like the folks in Washington, DC are the only people who don’t know this. This video outlines one of the central realities of the world we live in.

see more…

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Twitter, free speech and warrant canaries

warrant canaryOn October 7, Twitter, which is called by some the champion of free speech among social networks, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI. Reuters reports, “In the lawsuit… Twitter said that current rules prevent it from even stating that it has not received any national security requests for user information.”

A blog post from Twitter stated, “It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns and to the statements of U.S. government officials by providing information about the scope of U.S. government surveillance – including what types of legal process have not been received. We should be free to do this in a meaningful way, rather than in broad, inexact ranges.”

The “broad, inexact ranges” mention by Twitter is a reference to an “agreement between Internet companies like Google and Microsoft with the government about court orders they receive related to surveillance,” according to Reuters. For example, a tech company that received 456 FISA orders and/or national security letters, would be able to say it received between zero and 999 orders. see more…

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Mid-term elections trends

battle for controlWith about one month left before the mid-term elections, a lot of people are just now beginning to pay attention to the candidates, and the prognosticators are finalizing their predictions for which party will gain or retain control of which House of Congress. I’m not necessarily going to make predictions about which faction of the ruling coalition will control which House, though I will point out some polling trends. see more…

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