War Crimes in Iraq

By now you’ve probably seen the photos of American soldiers doing some pretty heinous stuff to Iraqi prisoners. I saw it last week and my initial thought was: “what the fuck is wrong with those people?”

So again, the Memory Hole launches a media frenzy, and with good cause. And the issue resurfaced again today as I’m listening to Glenn Beck on the way to work (no permalink, audio date is 5/3/04, hour 2). He had some good insight, saying that we “shouldn’t fight evil with evil” and he wishes “280 million people could line up at the airport to spit on those soldiers” who are responsible for these actions. I agree with the sentiment, but the reality is that there is a perfectly reliable recourse for these actions, it’s called a war crimes tribunal.

If we are going to hold Saddam’s old regime responsible for their war crimes, we sure as hell better hold our own people to the same fire. It sends a powerful and lasting message when you purge a few bad apples while the world community watches.

For a similar opinion, check out American Dynamics: Iraq Torture, Beyond the Images. I’ve been following his site for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I’ve been impressed with the reason he displays. It’s good to see another New Yorker magazine fan, he’ll be a welcome addition to my blogroll.

UPDATE: woops, I screwed up the date on the Glenn Beck audio date (I timewarped to 5/5/04 for some reason)… You can now listen to the archive online… Hour 2 is all I heard, but I’m including links to all 3 hours: Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3.


Why Freeways in America Suck

I found this little tool where you can screw around with road signs, so here’s what I came up with. [via Blogdex]

My beef with the current system is twofold: a) everyone already breaks the ludicrous 65mph limit (at least here in Atlanta); b) the people who aren’t breaking the speed limit are always blocking the “fast lane”.

Now, this isn’t the Autobahn, because if it was, flashing my lights at the dumbass in his SUV who is pacing the car in the lane to his right would cause him to speed up a little and get out of the way. Common courtesy. No, while that moron drives oblivious of the traffic around him, five other cars and myself are passing on the right, two lanes away. Obviously it’s not as safe if drivers would be more alert.

Consider the fact that there are 5-6 freaking lanes (including HOV, which I would abolish), and this system would work pretty well. Hell, the average speed here is already around 80mph, and most people aren’t going to abuse this anymore than they already abuse the speed laws. Consider that traffic would just flow so much better if people got pulled over more often for going too damn slow!

Consider that… and realize that this makes so much freaking sense that this will never happen in our litigious happy America.

UPDATE: Bob sent me some links to his site where he wrote about this… I liked this one, where a cop actually pulls over the speed-lane hog. Score one for rational justice.

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O’Reilly is a Little Bitch

This little op-ed piece by Bill O’Relly in the NY Daily News made me laugh: High-level dodge ball (Pols shop around for shows that ask only easy questions).

It’s funny because he’s shocked… SHOCKED! that Rumsfeld won’t come on his show and answer his questions:

Why didn’t your Defense Department warn the country that the aftermath of the war in Iraq could be very bloody? Was it another intelligence failure?

Suddenly, it looks like O’Reilly is coming out swinging for the Bush administration. What happened? Did Bill get kidnapped by feminists who fed him the Liberal Kool-Aid?

No, this is easily explained, you see, O’Reilly is an opportunist Republican, and he can see that their ship is sinking as the flow of truth is coming over the stern faster than they can haul it out with buckets full of lies. An apt anology, considering Bill is merely a rat deserting early.

He likes to abuse his moniker as head of the “No Spin Zone”, but in fact he’s spinning himself, lauding the invasion a year ago, then coming to terms with the absense of WMDs. It’s no suprise many reasonable people find him to be little more than a big blubbering vagina (humorous and completely safe for work).

Oh well, he’ll probably become another born-again Libertarian like Niel Boortz. Another slobbering sycophant who sucks up to the current leaders when the shift is in their favor, then slithers off when it becomes obvious that the shit has hit the fan. Selah!

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China to Kim Jong-il: Boom

By now you have heard about the giant explosion near the North Korea/China border that may have killed upwards of 3,000 people and created a catastrophe in and around Ryongchon, North Korea.

Well now, let’s revisit my prediction from earlier this week: The Imminent Assassination of Kim Jong-il [Stephen VanDyke]

Doesn’t sound so far-fetched now does it?

Was this explosion a message to Jong-il, or was it merely coincidence? It’s unclear:

Almost immediately following the crash of the two trains, one carrying oil and the other liquefied petroleum, rumors spread that it could have been a deliberate attempt on Kim’s life.

But senior U.S. Defense Department officials told Fox News there wasn’t any information to substantiate such theories and the collision was more likely a tragic accident.


Analysts differed on whether the incident was planned.

“If it was an assassination attempt, it was a poor one,” John Wolfsthal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (search) told Fox News. He said it was doubtful because of the nine-hour difference between when Kim passed through and when the collision and explosion occurred.

Mass Casualties Feared in N. Korea Train Blast [FoxNews]

Basically, the media doesn’t know jack squat. North Korea is keeping hush and has even gone so far as to cut phone lines out of Ryongchon. This may indeed have been a botched attempt on Jong-il’s life, or it could have been successful and no one knows it yet (there have been no public appearances since the explosion).

So far, the only word from North Korea has been a plea for aid and what could be a downplaying of the death toll:

Britain’s Foreign Office quoted North Korean officials putting the death toll at several hundred in the blast that razed part of the town of Ryongchon, near the Chinese border.

“North Korean officials are saying there are several hundred dead and several thousand injured,” the Foreign Office spokeswoman told Reuters in London.

N.Korea Says Hundreds Killed in Blast, Wants Help [Reuters]

If this turns out to be an actual assassination attempt, it came from China with a nod from the U.S.

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Cause and Effect

“Bring ’em on.” George W. Bush on July 3, 2003
Bush warns militants who attack U.S. troops in Iraq [CNN]


Due to a Freedom of Information Act request from The Memory Hole, the Air Force has released 361 photographs showing soldiers’ remains arriving home. These are the images that the Pentagon prevented the public from seeing.
Photos of Military Coffins (Casualties From Iraq) at Dover Air Force Base [The Memory Hole] (via Metafilter)

UPDATE (4/23): It looks like Dover mistakenly included photos of coffins of the Columbia space shuttle crew in it’s response to the FIOA request:

An initial review of the images featured on the Internet site www.thememoryhole.org shows that more than 18 rows of images from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware are actually photographs of honors rendered to Columbia’s seven astronauts.


UPDATE (4/23): The Memory Hole has gone offline (probably due to the crazy amount of traffic they got). So here’s a MIRROR of the gallery.

UPDATE (4/24): A bit of a tempest is brewing, The Memory Hole is still ofline due to excessive traffic, and some people are misinterpreting NASA’s statement as meaning that all the photos are of Columbia shuttle crew. Well, the fact is, it’s a confluence of misunderstandings: The FOIA request yielded “[…] all photographs showing caskets (or other devices) containing the remains of US military personnel at Dover AFB. This would include, but not be limited to, caskets arriving, caskets departing, and any funerary rites/rituals being performed”. Dover complied, and the first 73 of the 361 images is of NASA astronauts’ coffins (NASA is technically Air Force). Presumably, Russ Kick received a CD full of unlabeled images and he assumed they were all casualties from the Iraq war, forgetting that the Columbia disaster occured during the umbrella period of his request. But then SpaceRef gets it all wrong and thinks Dover is full of dumbasses who don’t know the difference between astronauts or the army. OY! Fact is, there’s a lot of confusion because there is no communication between Internet outlets that are flexing their muscles, and the media which is dumbfounded.

That wasn’t so hard to understand, now was it? But smart money says the right-wing pundits will use that leverage to bash the credibility of the other pictures, instead of questioning why there was a media blackout in the first place.

DOD Misidentifies Photos of Columbia Crew Remains Arriving at Dover AFB as Being Iraq War Dead [SpaceRef]

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Going Sideways (This is not Political)

I think I finally hit the mini-audience blogging wall (I mean that in the nicest possible way). You know which one it is… you can post daily, perhaps even multiple times a day (though I think that’s overkill). But you’re in the twilight zone. You have between 25 and 40 people who read what you have to say on a regular basis, but you’re still kind of an afterthought (good God, did I actually just say that? I meant thousands, THOUSANDS of people read this, and I have the intelligence briefings to prove it).

You need a breakthrough, because after all, this shit is purely egotistical.

So you think about how to sucker… I mean draw people into coming to the site. Maybe you post comments to other people’s sites and hope people click your name which is conveniently href-ed. Maybe if you pick up on a meme and trackback it, hoping people will come in droves. Maybe you eat your own soul and blatantly sell out in a bad way.

Or you get lucky and make a stupid infographic that everyone and their friend links to. Maybe you post that to Fark and Boing Boing and they totally give you 15 minutes (not me, I’d never do any of that).

Or maybe you get all self-referential, and everyone proclaims you a genius for being introspective. I can imagine the comments now: “Nah, that one is total bullshit”.

Don’t believe for a minute that bloggers don’t post fake comments. If they can’t get feedback, the next best thing is the illusion of feedback and agreement. Or they don’t have comments at all, in which case it’s a total crapshoot at figuring out popularity.

Know this, popularity feeds on itself.

But that’s not enough is it? Tolstoy only had to write two long ass books in order to secure his fame, but this is the 21st century and you are expected to perform daily in a never-ending encore of greater skill.

Even if you shotgun blast your way into different memes and shoot up in popularity for a few days, sooner or later things will get back to normal. Except that’s not enough and you want massive, consistent, traffic because you have to FEED THE EGO.

So you pool your strength and try and create that one thing that will make you matter. And you try and do it in a way that’s not selling out or eating your own soul, or completely fucking up everything you stand for. And you pray that everyone will look at you after that and say “hey, this guy’s pretty interesting, perhaps I should read this on a regular basis…”

Well, I created that thing.

Only you’ll have to come back next week in order to find out what it is.

Am I interesting yet?


Doublespeaker in Chief

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever.” George Orwell, 1984

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The Imminent Assassination of Kim Jong-il

I got this as an email attachment from my good friend Jayson Blair. By good friend, I of course mean I intend to kick him in the gut the next time I see him. He still thinks he is important in the world of journalism, yet he writes this wretched pap:

cheney in seoulVice President Dick Cheney is back from his recent visit to China where he has been discussing Sino-American relations and the question of how to “effectively penetrate the North Korean border to help the people [die faster].” Cheney cleared the air when he met with China, demanding that they either “resume diplomatic relations with [intent to remove] Kim Jong-il [and take over North Korea], or America will step in [and do the dirty deed ourselves…]. [W]e’re […] willing to accept brutal dictators and murderous tyrants [but only if they’re on our team and in good standing with Fortune 500],” Cheney indubiously shared fresh intelligence with China, and to put the ball in motion (and admitted it was a faux pas to fax intelligence directly from the Whitehouse). Cheney then flew to Seoul, where he has been keeping a close eye (on Halliburton activity) on the border. Should China fail at diplomacy, Cheney has hinted that he will (assume control of the border and order tactical nukes to be fired at Pyongyang after which he will maybe) pressure Japan and South Korea to step in (and launch more nukes). Close aids have said that “[h]e gets a kick out of a seeing the border [being nuked] through a pair of binoculars.”
see more…

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T4dW V – Rumors of My Slacking are True

t4dw logoWoops, sorry I haven’t done a t4dw (tunes for the weekend) in a few weeks now. I know a lot of people probably don’t give a damn one way or the other, but here’s a cd-length taste of what is fresh in the bootleg world.

This week we have (almost) a full CD by the notorious James Hyman. I say notorious, because along with the 29 mash-ups that he compiled, he also managed to fit in the a menagerie of shout-outs and accolades from industry stalwarts. This is essentially a mix CD, and to sum it up best, I’m slacking and letting JAMES HYMAN (woo woo, yo peace!) pick out the tunes. Big love to Boomselection, who is hosting these files.

But wait, I do have two other songs that I think will fit on this CD. It’s your choice, but they caught my eye on the GYBO board and I thought they were class… we’ll start there, then move on the the Hyman track listing:

  • DJ Shiddy has a jazz/hip-hop bootleg envisioning a scene where a drunken Wu Tang Clan crashed a debutante party and bum-rushed the orchestra. The result was Raw Jazz (3.0MB – 3:12)
  • Vector Warrior continued the saga of debutantes, because out of nowhere, Adina Howard marched up to the stage in her bouffant teal dress, shooed the rappers away and chatted with the pianist for a second or two. A moment later, this beautiful song emits from the stage: Freak LLL-ike me (3.5MB – 2:30)

Right, so the ball was crashed, but the day was saved. Everyone rejoiced and made way for the new visitors who had just shown up: James Hyman, and his band of groupies who did nothing more than say ‘James Hyman’ and pat him on the back. Some murmers were heard about the conspicuous Boomselection banner that they put up on the stage. Nonetheless, James pulled out a CD of some music that he had downloaded off the Internet, then walked off to the bar for a drink while his compatriots in turn took to the mic.

  • James Hyman/Audio Srapnel – Intro (1.9M)
  • Fatman Scoop – Be Faithful (1.3M)
  • Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface Killa & Nate Dogg – Oooh Wee (1.6M)
  • Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch (628k)
  • Timbaland & Magoo – Cop That Shit (826k)
  • Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (450k)
  • Ludacris – Stand Up (2.4M)
  • UNKLE Mix Up: DMX vs Tears for Fears – Shout Who We Be (3.3M)
  • Wreck-x-n-Effect – Rumpshaker (1.3M)
  • Audio Shrapnel – Rock Your Baddy (6.8M)
  • Bollywood Freaks – Don’t Stop `till You Get to Bollywood (2.3M)
  • DJ Payroll – Pink Satisfaction (3.8M)
  • The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction (1.4M)
  • Peaches feat. Iggy Pop – Kick It (3.0M)
  • Franz Ferninand – Take Me Out (4.7M)
  • The Allendean Project – Rapture Riders (4.4M)
  • Max Sedgley – Happy (2.7M)
  • The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil [Neptunes Remix] (2.7M)
  • A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (1.7M)
  • Junior Jack – Da Hype (2.2M)
  • Mousse T – Horny (2.9M)
  • DJ Z-trip & DJ P – Sweet Dreams [live mix] (3.7M)
  • The Beatles – Yesterday [bootleg remix] (2.6M)
  • Steinski – Lets Get It On (1.3M)
  • Soundhog – Double Freak (4.1M)
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit of the Summer (2.2M)
  • Soundhog – Dirty Way (5.4M)
  • Ricky V. Valentine – Ghetto Classics (1.7M)
  • G Form – From the Block (4.1M)

And the party went on into the night, until the cops came and broke it up because of a complaint of noise and nudity (a couple was dancing in the fountain while simultaneously snorting large amounts of absinthe).

The End.

Update: fixed some mp3 linking, if it breaks again, it’s your own damn fault for not downloading.

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No Really… We’re Going to Leave Iraq One Day

I didn’t even have to write this one, thanks to Gary Nolan. I have been impressed with his staunch Libertarian views for awhile now, and I’m officially endorsing him for President. I would also like to ask anyone who links to him to use the words “viable alternative” when linking to him. Through this google-bomb, you can help put him to the top of the google ranking for that search.

Indefinite Occupation [Gary Nolan Blog]
Viable Alternative [Gary Nolan for President]

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Random Gesticulations: Press Conference Lush

Brian Flemming points out a screenshot—from a Google News search on the Bush press conference—that asks “Was He Drunk?”. Obviously he hasn’t heard that all the cool Republicans are into the pill scene. [via Wonkette]

Sources tell me that Bill O’Reilly watched the press conference, and showed special interest in the hypno-tie Bush was wearing. He may or may not have said “woah maaaaan” during the viewing.

It looks like the press conference may have been part of a larger strategy of the Bush administration.

UPDATE: deconstructor took some of the bite off the google search for: bullshittosatisfypeople. How long until more people (like me, now) are showing up in that search (which I will, since I now used the term, and it will be indexed). How long until someone in the big media picks this up as an op-ed piece?
Google Discovers Secret White House Motto? [deconstructor]

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But… All the Other Republicans are Doing It

First of all, he did look like he’d been popping some pills. The flushed cheeks, the bleary eyes never focusing for more than a moment, the transitions between visibly agitated and tired desperation. I mean hell, I don’t blame the guy for popping pills before a news conference with the press, after all, you gotta take the edge off of the coke somehow.

Wait scratch that, I must have been watching Dennis Miller again.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one annoyed at the super-psychedelic tie. Whoever the hell is picking out Bush’s wardrobe these days needs to lay off the sugar cubes. [Wonkette]

It was funny that the reporters are fond of asking truly up-to-date questions about foreign policy. I mean, the words Iraq, Vietnam and quagmire in the same sentence… zing, someone pass that man a napkin. And for the home viewers, 3 shots of tequila is the par for that one.

Of course, it’s not very useful to ask questions that are sidestepped with one-liners and rhetoric. My favorite was the response to this line of questioning:

QUESTION: I was asking why [you and Cheney are] appearing together, rather than separately, which was [the 9/11 Commission’s] request.

BUSH: Because it’s a good chance for both of us to answer questions that the 9-11 commission is looking forward to asking us. And I’m looking forward to answering them.

A good follow-up question at this point would be to ask if Bush holds hands with the Secret Service when he crosses the street… or does Laura leave the night-light on for him when he goes to bed… or do they have to chop up his food in to really small pieces until his adult teeth come in?

Transcript of President Bush’s press conference [SFGate]

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Bring ‘Em On!


Banned in the U.S.


Gashcroft: Lots of Little Boobs Make a Big One

I find this image by Hublog to be absolutely fitting.

Of course, Ashcroft is probably going to have him sent to Gitmo as a porn terrorist now.


The Original Iraqi Kid Message

Apparently there has been some controversy over a little cardboard sign that an Iraqi kid was holding, and it is obviously a fake. I submit to you the original image pre-Photoshop, with the original message intact. Obviously this is nothing more than liberal campaign to smear our brave soldiers. God Bless!

UPDATE (4/15): OK serously, this is a joke and a parody (for you numbskulls who couldn’t figure that out and posted comments in that vein). I don’t know if the other is original or not, but I was trying to show how easy it is to manipulate a photo. BTW, all I did was write this on a piece of paper, take a digital photo, and overlay it properly (those of you who know photoshop will understand the techniques). In retrospect, I should have edited it to say the exact same thing but with different handwriting, but I was trying for a laugh. Selah.

UPDATE (4/22): Making ripples in the news, I should do this more often…

Pool said at least two other versions of the photo were on the Internet, each with a different sign.

One says: “My country got invaded and all I got was this lousy sign.”

Another says: “Lcpl Boudreaux saved my Dad, th(en) he rescued my sister.”

It was not known if the photos were altered in any way.

No, none of them were altered, each of them exists in a parallel universe where they are original, dumbass.


The Party Comes Crashing Down

Apparently, Nader is spinning his wheels in the mud, as far as his campaign goes. His appearance in Portland, Oregon to get petitions signed for ballot access only netted a few hundred attendees. Many of whom were protesting against his campaign. The quote that I used is from his website.

Though I am not ruling out third party candidates this year (I am still holding out for Libertarian Gary Nolan, if he can gain the momentum in time), I am certain than Nader’s candidacy is essentially doomed. And I think it is more from leftover anger at the 2000 election spoiler than anything else.

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New Design… in Progress

I’m switching to a new design, mostly because the old one never worked right in IE and I’m not smart enough to figure out how to make CSS work right in the first place. The left menu is still pretty nasty looking and I’m not a huge fan of how WordPress just has a long-ass garble of links, but again it’s a work in progress. For anyone who wants to know what the final design will look like, here’s a screenshot of my mockup design that I want to use (click for bigger image):

I’m pretty much stealing the best ideas from a bunch of other sites here. The design template was ganked from jonimueller.com, while the post layout and side menu (to come) is from the genius at 1976 design. Well, this is my “coming clean” or whatever, I don’t think my borrowing layout ideas is going to dilute anyone’s brand or cause too much havoc. Then again, I could be in for a shitstorm from the highbrow design community.

UPDATE: You can see an example of the cool tabs (with gradient yumminess), which were of course happily stolen from “Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II” at A List Apart. Now I just have to make it so they are javascript enabled, add the rest of the side page, and bada-bing, it will be added.
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Rubber Booties of Malevolance

A total ripoff of Red Meat, but hey, ripping off styles is the new black.

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Bush Bored Kid

First there was the Star Wars kid, now there is this kid about 13 or 14-years-old who was obviously not interested in whatever Bush had to say at this fundraiser. I call him the “Bush Bored Kid”. David Letterman did a segment on Monday called “George W. Bush: Invigorating America’s Youth”, which showed this kid in all his bored glory. Hilarious.

Video 1 (RealVideo 2.0MB), where he yawns, stretches, and checks his watch.

Video 2 (RealVideo 5.7MB), where David Letterman makes fun of CNN for believing the Whitehouse statement that it was digitally altered.

His father had this to say:

“I accept full responsibility for that,” the forlorn father said. “His mother was out of town, and I let him stay up too late. I should have prepped him better.”

I’d say that no amount of prepping can prepare anyone for the natural sedative effects of a Bush speech.

The David Letterman videos are rehosted here, but were originally found on Over/Spun.

Please link to this post and not directly to the videos, thanks.

UPDATE: Here’s a story about the comedy of errors made by CNN. Apparently you are allowed to make up Whitehouse quotes if you work at CNN, at least that’s what I was told that by their head of public relations. Thanks to Bob for pointing this article.

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How News Travels… In Other Languages

This is a follow-up to “How News Travels on the Internet”. Every couple of days, another site will link to it and there will be a few more hits. Presumably this cycle repeats itself in a wave pattern, with the largest waves at the front. Or so I’ve seen.

Anyways, a lot of the sites aren’t in English, and while I can half-ass read Norwegian (or whatever it was), German, Spanish, and a little French, I make no attempts to quantify my level of Chinese. Apparently the readers of this zhouqiang.com article aren’t versed in English, or they are lazy like me. Anyways, someone posted a link to the infographic, except they changed it all to Chinese. I thought it looked pretty cool, except they didn’t do the legend or the notes, so a bunch of Chinese people probably think I am stupid and it is a horrible graphic.

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Get Your Predecessor Blame On

War Rationale 10.0 (via Blogdex)

And there’s more Richard Clarke than Bush wants on TV. But hey, he’s made his bed, now it’s time to lie in it.

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Gary Nolan on Fox News

First, of all, I don’t watch TV, I don’t even own one (though I do see HBO and 60 Minutes when I have dinner every Sunday at my sister’s house). Even if I did, I most certainly would not be watching Fox News. However, the David Asman interview with Gary Nolan yesterday would have been an exception. I’m fed up with Democrats and Republicans trying to “out-pork” each other and screw up this country with stupid laws and regulations. They have both failed, and Nolan certainly has the gusto to say so and has a plan to reverse their malfeasance.

News; Domestic
Interview with Presidential Candidate Gary Nolan (L)
David Asman
667 words
24 March 2004
Fox News: The Big Story With John Gibson
(c) 2004 FDCH / eMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Third-party presidents have happened in this country before. Abraham Lincoln was a third party. There were the Wigs, the Democrats and the Republicans. So it can happen.

SV: Good point on Lincoln, what would have helped would have been a contrast to the current incumbent parties. But hey, it’s a video clip and was probably edited for length and to be a good lead in.


It can happen. That was presidential candidate Gary Nolan, another third party candidate. Nolan is with the Libertarian Party. Of course, he set his sights on the Oval Office. And he joins us now with today’s big question — why should people vote Libertarian, Gary?


David, you should only vote Libertarian if you want a really strong economy for the middle class and the poor, job opportunities, if you want a clean environment, if you want national defense and affordable health care.

SV: A little humorous rhetoric here, I’d hold it against him if this was a longer interview, but this is actually quite funny in it’s own right.


But Gary, so far, you have said nothing that the other two candidates are not saying.


That’s right. They’re all saying it, but only the Libertarian party can deliver.

SV: More rhetoric from the cuff, I hope this is not a crutch for him.


What do you deliver that the other parties don’t? Let’s put it that way.


How about really reducing the size of the federal government? I’m not talking Washington speak. I’m talking really reducing the size of the federal government. If we do that, David, and we get rid of this cumbersome and burdensome income tax, imagine what happens to the economy and to the middle class?

SV: Here we go, this is what makes Nolan (and the Libertarian party) appealing to true fiscal conservatives. Remove the social programs, remove the pork, remove the taxes that pay for them. Less government spending, and act in the true sense of government which is to help society get along, not a way to harness some to pull others along.


Let me just stop you right there. You are here to
say that the first thing you do as president is eliminate the IRS?


No. I didn’t say that, David, what I said is we have
to reduce the size of the federal government and reduce spending and get rid of the IRS

SV: Of course it’s gradual, I think he should better outline his plans for cutting government spending and what he plans on cutting. Again, this is a winner with Republicans, but I don’t see a lot of Democrats swinging to the idea of voting out social programs.


So you would eliminate the IRS?


Eventually, yes, absolutely.

SV: This is a winner with everyone, and no other party ever talks about the IRS directly. The code words are always “cutting taxes” and “budget surplus” but he wants to completely abolish taxes, I’m in awe and surpised no one else jumps on this.


You wouldn’t put the cart before the horse then? You would slowly lower the cost of government and then eventually get rid of it?


As quickly as we could, yes. If you look at what happened when we had a Democrat in the White House and a Republican legislature, David, we were in gridlock. And the rate of growth for the federal government was 2.5 percent to 3 percent. Now the Republicans have the House, the Senate and the White House. The rate of growth is 7 to 10 percent and that doesn’t include defense. If you are an advocate of small government and you vote for George Bush, you are advocating big spending. You want to send them a message you can’t vote for John Kerry. But if you vote for me, one of two things will happen, either I will get the momentum to win or I will tip us back into gridlock.

SV: This is the most simple and concise explanation of why our government spending is through the roof that I have heard to date. He nods to the fact that he’s a spoiler for Republicans, but at the same time, it’s a spoiler that would benefit our fiscal outlook. This is the statement that will have Karl Rove shivvering. Nolan is obviously the choice for fiscal conservatives who are aghast at the spending that Bush has been doing.


Well, you are absolutely right, the president’s spending has been indefensible in terms of his domestic spending, let alone from the 9/11 stuff that was thrown
in. But the big question is how you are going to do it? You have a lot of people in Congress who are going to fight you tooth and nail.


Just think of me, David, as your designated driver in a room full of drunks. It requires leadership. It is something that is sadly lacking in Washington.

SV: This is the funniest quote from the whole interview. I mean, you can’t even tell if he’s being ironic, because there is a real history of drunks getting into office.


And from whom – final question, we only have 10 seconds – from whom do you think you would draw your votes? If people do vote for you, are they going to be Democrats or Republicans?


I suspect we are going to draw from both sides, probably more from Republicans, but that’s all right because we can tip them back into gridlock. For more information, they can go to GaryNolan.com.

SV: And with that “…more from Republicans,” Nolan surely has caught the eye of Rove. But can he draw enough attention to become a viable choice, especially in a year when the stakes are higher than in recent history? If he can get more interviews like this, it may be likely.


All right, Gary Nolan, the Libertarian candidate.
Gary, good luck. Thanks for coming in. Appreciate it.

Of course I’m biased towords Nolan, I’m a Libertarian. But I think he’s done a great job of sketching his plan for sustained economic reform that America badly needs.

Next week I will be publishing an open letter to George Bush and one to John Kerry (and possibly one to Gary Nolan) regarding their stakes in the 2004 presidential election and leading America out of the abysmal state we’ve created in the past few years.

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