Police Attack London

“British police now believe a man shot and killed on a London subway car Friday had nothing to do with the investigation into Thursday’s attempted bombings.”

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Patriot Act Extended

“The House voted Thursday to extend the USA Patriot Act, the nation’s main anti-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of a new attack in London.”

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Grand Theft Porno

Murder, theft, gangs its all ok but pornography. We can’t let that happen in a video game for children now can we.

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Michael The Sky Is Falling Bloomberg

“NEW YORK – Police will begin random searches of bags and packages carried by people entering city subways, officials announced Thursday after a new series of bomb attacks in London”

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LP.org Sponsors T-Shirt Contest

So the LP is having a libertarian t-shirt design contest. They are using the over-priced, under-quality Cafe Press, but I can’t really knock them for that because it’s convenient for them to pursue that avenue.

I’m thinking this is a really good time to cross-plug the Hammer of Truth billboard design contest too, since the submission deadline is only a week away: Friday, July 29th.

How about submitting to both? Maybe we can get some kickass tees and a really good billboard in downtown DC to converge at the same time?


Dance Dance SCOTUS Nomination

Ok, so we all know conservative John Roberts is Bush’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. No big surprise that he’s an anti-abortion/pro-life nominee… frankly that doesn’t concern me as long as his street cred as a state’s rights conservative lives up to the hype.

What does make me pause, is that this guy will be on the panel of the ultimate check and balance on our government and essentially the final authority of our lives. Basically, telling us how to live our lives and handing down decrees and opinions on how we are allowed to raise our families.

And he can’t even control his own fucking kid. I mean shit… I would have flipped out if my kid was doing disco moves in a presidential press conference, and he would have been grounded for at least a year.

Which leads us to the obvious sticking point for a conservative justice… the abortion issue. I have a theory, and it’s this: misery loves company.

Seriously… I’m betting Roberts is bitter about abortion because his own rugrat turned out to be an ADD-riddled monster and wants everyone to suffer with their own hellacious accidental child. Just a theory here.

UPDATE: Knappster has similar sentiment, but more about Roberts being a waste of time to filibuster:

If Senate Democrats are smart, they’ll roll out the red carpet, put on their best smiles, effusively endorse and overwhelmingly vote to confirm Roberts. They should save their ammo for the much more meaningful fights that are probably coming their way.

Frankly, I think this is a dead-end nominee to argue over, but who knows what the Democrats are thinking strategically these days anyways.

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Amtrack Gets Handout

“Senate boosts Amtrak budget, earning veto threat.”

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Kiss My Taxes

“A presidential panel said Wednesday that the alternative minimum tax, designed to snare affluent tax dodgers but now hovering over the middle class, should be abolished.”

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Flip Flops in the White House

White House Flip Flops

Let’s discuss the notion of flip flops in the White House and what they mean to society that demands better government and responsibility.

This isn’t another story about Karl Rove outting CIA Agent Valerie Plame. We find that story so… 2004.

Nay, this is about foot attire, and why we should be snobs about just what those feet are clad in when they cross the threshold into our nation’s most prestigious home. For it is persniferous of our great and vast culture to look past this encroachment upon our civil order with the uncouth exposed toes of the common tramp and tourist.

Holy shit, I think I was channeling Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain! Someone should order His Majesty’s Royal Marines to hurl these hooligans off the property at once.

That would be an indictment of character: George Bush is a fucking snob. The cowboy with a sarcastic smile is showing his roots as a Connecticut priss and elitist schmuck. What a fucking hypocrite: Mah new cowboy boots that I shoveled sheeyit in Texas wit shore duz look good in this here Oval Office, y’all. Hey you… get dem durned flippity floppers outta mah office!

Working three jobs is cleared for take-off as the new “uniquely American,” flashing your tits on camera in the East Room is so… white trash (but thanks for voting for us, you redneck hillbillies who love NASCAR). What the fuck is there to say except… “show us your feet, and fetch me a beer, woman!”

Oops, got a little carried away there, we don’t want to encourage anything like that. Even if you did want to take tourist photos of yourself in the State Dining Room with your dick or nipple hanging out and a shit-eating grin under blanked out faces and send it to us via email, there’s no way we would be able to run it as our headline and send it over to Wonkette…

Because you’d probably forget to use your camera phone…

But hey, we were talking about flip flops in the White House for fuck’s sake, so go ahead and get angry about people who desecrate those hallowed halls in their improperly clad feet. And ignore the Dick and Bush and all the other boobs floating around, because we’re sure you understand that there’s no disconnect between being a snob and a good ole boy at the same time. We know you’d like to drink a beer and hang out with them the same time you’re getting drilled up the ass by big business, because between us… we’ve heard it’s pretty much always free beer wherever you go and sign up to get drilled up the ass.

So please… for the sake of your country, and your love of God, remember this: we attest there are no flip flops in the White House, nor have there ever been; Bush is royalty, and you like drinking beer with Bush and having him drill you up the ass, even though he doesn’t drink beer or buy any for you. And Karl Rove is a figment of your imagination, he is not the droid drudge you seek and exists on a plane of imaginary figures like unicorns and the Easter bunny.

Flip flops, people… what the hell?


Patriots Unwanted

According to a report Ron Paul’s office says the Patriot Act reauthorization is set to pass the House on Thursday or Friday.

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Cat Scratch Governor

Motor City Madman Ted Nugent may decide to run for Governor of Michigan in 2006.

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Mayor Stripped Of Job

“Acting Mayor Michael Zucchet and Councilman Ralph Inzunza were convicted Monday of trading political favors for campaign contributions from a strip-club owner.” The mayor has resigned.

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Rapping About Terrorism

“Bassam Khalaf was paid to help keep U.S. air travel safe as a baggage screener. His alter ego, the Arabic Assassin, rapped about flying a plane into a building.”

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Missouri Screws Strip Clubs

“People younger than 21 cannot go into and cannot work at strip clubs. Total nudity is banned.”

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Bush To Fix Leak

President Bush said Monday that if anyone in his administration committed a crime in connection with the public leak of the identity of an undercover CIA operative, that person will “no longer work in my administration.”

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China Flips Out

Is “prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan.”

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Be a HoT (Guest/Permanent) Blogger

join the freaksI’ve decided to open up the sideblog (HoT Line) to some guest bloggers for the next few weeks. If you think you have the stuff to blog here (good links with even better one-liners) then shoot me an email and I’ll give you an account. If you have your own blog, it could be a great way to build notice for your writings.

If you don’t have your own blog…
I, and everyone else likes you…

You could earn a permanent place on the Hammer of Truth roster, spreading the word of liberty and humor to a growing and participative audience.

You’d like that wouldn’t you? (ok, maybe not you, in the back row throwing spitballs) Of course you would, so sign up in the comments (trolls need not apply) and next week you could be our first guest blogger.

UPDATE: Our first guest blogger is Jake from Missouri Libertarian. Glad to have you aboard Jake!


Sandbox Statism

trying to define the current political atmosphere [via]

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Ohio Taxes: The Negative Effect

cigarette taxesOver the past 4th of July weekend, the State of Ohio decided to spring a $0.70 tax hike on all smokers. A pack of Camels or Marlboros will now set you back about $4.35. While a few are resigned to pay the increase and grumble a bit, others are cutting their tobacco consumption or outright quitting. The more entrepreneurial types are scheming ways to drive trailers full of cartons from North Carolina or hijack shipments and sell them a la Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop.

Now, while it’s too soon to tell if the net effect of the tax increase will be more revenue the state so badly needs to continue its wasteful path of spending and scandalous losses (“hey, let’s put $50 million into rare coins and have $10 million worth of them stolen“), my bet is that the net effect will be more pissed off voters feeming for a cigarette and taking that bitchiness to the poll. Think of New York City, where smoking has become scarce and tax revenue has shrunk to a pittance while out-of-state smuggling has become the norm.

About the only thing the Republicans could do in the next year to seal their political fate would be to hike alcohol taxes and gas taxes, or alternately less insidious: drive to every constituent’s house and do donuts on their front lawn and leave flaming bags of dog shit on their stoop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gung-ho smoking advocate in any way, I don’t think we should be able to force our smoking habits into any restaurant and bar in the same way the anti-smoking lobby tries to force us out. In fact I don’t think either side has a damn thing to say about how a business is run or what kind of customers it chooses to cater to. But I do have a problem with trying to bring in taxes with the left hand and shun with the right, that’s just old-fashioned hypocrisy.

Here’s an idea for a ballot initiative: how about we personally tax the politicians double the amount every time they fuck up? Lose $200 million in a shady hedge fund… send an invoice to the politicians who voted for that stupid move. Instant accountability from these dumb bastards.

[Disclaimer: I am an advocate and member of the campaign to elect a libertarian governor in 2006. While I am still under NDA as far as details of the campaign, it doesn’t hurt to say that this is shaping up to be a real blockbuster race for libertarians and a potential win.]


LP Billboard: Starve the Beast

Rob D. posted these two entries on his blog — That’s Ridonkulous:

Starve the Beast

Starve the Beast

Remember, you can still send in your ideas and submissions by posting it in the comments of any of these posts or sending it to me by email until July 29th after which it will go to a public vote. There are no limit to the number of entries, so keep sending them in.

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LP Billboard: Heads or Tails

Here’s a great billboard concept from Liberty Dog:

Heads or Tails

Remember, you can still send in your ideas and submissions by posting it in the comments of any of these posts or sending it to me by email until July 29th.


Shave Your Kiwis

This is just too damn funny, as seen on Boing Boing

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The Blog Dedicated to Me

Oh how I’ve dreamed of this day, my very own idiot savant desperately trying to shine doubt on this blog… by of course starting his own blog. His words are almost self-referential: If nobody reads his controversial blogs anymore, maybe the poor little bastard will crawl into a corner and weep.

I suppos spelling my name wrong is supposed to be some kind of insult I’ve never heard before (VanDick? Perhaps you haven’t heard that VanDickless was far more popular in grade school). Clever you are, mysterious blog provocateur, perhaps you can make your mamma jokes next and wow us with your riffs.

I almost have a suspicion that this is an elaborate hoax. Perhaps our mysterious guest can tell us exactly what’s wrong with what I write about instead of spewing forth stupidity at every turn. Blog on, great misdirected fool, it amuses me to no end.