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Woops, I had a busy week last week and didn’t have any time to blog. Some big news on the libertarian political front for me, but I can’t announce quite yet due to a NDA with the candidate. I will be posting more billboard submissions later today, there are quite a few. Keep sending them in and coming up with ideas… I’m really digging all the suggestions so far.

Remember the deadline is July 29th 2005, and then it goes to a popular vote-down (ranked order, like all votes should be).

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Hotel Lost Liberty

A libertarian group has drafted a proposal for land repurposing in Weare, New Hampshire — seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road. This is the present location of Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter’s home. From the press release:

Clements, CEO of Freestar Media, LLC, points out that the City of Weare will certainly gain greater tax revenue and economic benefits with a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road than allowing Mr. Souter to own the land.

The proposed development, called “The Lost Liberty Hotel” will feature the “Just Desserts Café” and include a museum, open to the public, featuring a permanent exhibit on the loss of freedom in America. Instead of a Gideon’s Bible each guest will receive a free copy of Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

Clements indicated that the hotel must be built on this particular piece of land because it is a unique site being the home of someone largely responsible for destroying property rights for all Americans.

“This is not a prank” said Clements, “The Towne of Weare has five people on the Board of Selectmen. If three of them vote to use the power of eminent domain to take this land from Mr. Souter we can begin our hotel development.”

Thus the first shot of the revolution has been fired. Over 200 years ago, our forefathers tarred and feathered officials and burned down the homes of those who represented the tyranny of the British Crown and their theft of land from colonists. Now our fighting technique has evolved into using the government’s own tyrannnical laws against them in such an extremely ironic manner that people will quickly realize how overbearing our government has finally become.

Perhaps Justice Souter should be given a lifetime supply of humble pie at the “Just Desserts Café” in exchange for his home. (thanks Joe and Gary)

» Press Release Freestar Media
» Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter?


LP Billboard: “All for the Public Good?”

Chris Monnier submitted a Homeland Tyranny Advisory System and also this gem mocking the anti-smoking vendetta:

all for the public good

LP Billboard: “Original Patriot Act”

Another from me.

Original Patriot Act

Billboard Entry: “Fire the Government, again”

Fire the government, again

This one is me again, I’m posting all the entries submitted so far which had images. Remember you can link your entry to any of these contest posts or send it in via email.


Toothpaste for Dinner

my favorite webcomic just got featured over at Slate with a largely positive review

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Libertarian Billboard Contest

libertarian billboard

I want to kick off a round of libertarian media outreach by sponsoring a billboard contest. Send your best mockups to me via email, or link to them in the comments here and in 1 months time (official day: July 29th, 2005) we’ll take them all and vote it down to the best. Donations will then be asked for (either through the LP if they want to endorse this, or public fundraising a la Spread Firefox) and we’ll stick this sucker in the middle of downtown D.C. on as many billboards and ad spaces as we can raise money for.

Let’s see the media and politicos try to ignore us when we brazenly stick it in their face during their daily commute.


Stormy Outlook on Iraq: Small Monkey Advisory

Rummy has a plan

Secretary of Defense Don “tiger claw” Rumfseld today tried to defend the lack of direction apparent in Iraq. At one point Rummy came to the defense of General Abazaid after the General pulled this quote from his ass and attributed it to a soldier:

“When my soldiers say to me and ask me the question whether or not they’ve got support from the American people or not, that worries me. And they’re starting to do that.”

Bullshit General, let me tell the soldiers who they don’t have the support of, the military fucks swinging their dicks in the Pentagon spending fuckloads of money on space lasers, strap-on nukes and anal defense shields to keep gays from translating Abdullah Whajimidafoo’s plans for the next 9/11.

Clearly, the only people who are actually supporting them are those who are asking how the fucking WAR is going, asking whether perhaps we could oh, I don’t know… win it… call it a truce… or just cowboy up and say we’re sorry, chop off Saddam’s head, clear the fuck out, and call it a day.

Except somehow, a tyrannical regime of a country has turned into an expansive muslim jihadi summer camp, and we can’t fucking leave. What’s the answer? That’s anybody’s fucking guess, but I doubt a lot of people are walking around thinking “hey, I sure know Iraq is fucked up today, I wonder if it’s the troops I should be blaming.”

Yeah, General… you might want to practice pulling a few more quotes out of your ass to loosen it up for the flying butt monkeys.

UPDATE: Tangent of the moment that I agree with — military service is essentially a contract and not an immediate bestowal of hero status and super powers.

General Says Iraq Insurgency Still Active [AP]


Soldier Dress-Up

hilarious captioning for an ad selling desert camo hats [via]

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All your Property are Belong to U.S.

5-4 SCOTUS ruling: “local government may seize private property for purposes of profit-making private development” UPDATE: justice opinions

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Dare to Burn

with only one flag desecration this year, it’s a safe bet that the amendment is meant to promote more symbolic burnings

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Medical MJ Raids

for everyone who said the DEA wasn’t going to bother enforcing this: STFU! [via]

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China Eyes Unocal

landmark bid of $18.5 billion dwarfs Chevron’s attempts, stirs protectionists to act hypocritical

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Pentagon Promo

they hired a marketing firm to create a database of teens and college students, yech

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Housing Pop

Very soon now, very very soon (to answer the end question, I’d bet on Orange Co, CA)

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Hillary in ’08?

Political insiders on both sides agree she’s the primaries contender, but may be too liberal to win the general

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Libertarian T-Shirt Idea

Would you buy this shirt? Or is it crap?

Dick and Jane libertarian


Unreceptive Woes

psst… the senator would like it to be known that he actually has friends, pass it on

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Smog Traders

a libertarian concept of selling emissions vouchers; SUV owners don’t seem to care

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These Colors Don’t Burn

Congress passed the anti flag burning amendment, because hey… it’s been a week since the last dumb law

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Real ID, Fake Funds

States are rightfully pissed that they have to foot the bill for compliance

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How Libertarians Can Be Satirized

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Liberteaser mocks the way libertarians try to gain credibility in politics with a 16-point plan of action (via Catallarchy). My favorites:

4. Establish a network of online weblogs, or “blogs” as they’re called, among those sympathetic to the freedom cause. When people are introduced to liberty through this fresh, hip medium, it’ll be so long welfare state, and hello Free State!

7. Develop a short “quiz” that non-libertarians can take that shows them that they’ve had libertarian leanings all along.

10. Identify elements of libertarianism in obviously non-libertarian pop culture, and discuss them with wholly uninterested third parties.

I was kinda hoping there would be some jabs at the national committee as well, but perhaps the cynicism level is still a few notches below what I’ve seen. Regardless, I found another witty libertarian blog (rare) that is joining my RSS aggregation and blogroll. Perhaps we could form a network, that would be extra libertarian cool.


Alternate Pledge

her 8-yo kid was suspended for making up his own pledge… to the United Federation of Planets

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