Declared Emergency Regions were Backwards

Is this becoming a game? Did I wake up to opposite day? Honestly. I can’t say anything else, I’m completely speechless. Here’s the original article, which is where the picture info-graphic came from.

No wait. I can say something. This is a perfect webpage to send to your friends that think FEMA was on top of their shit. Because they were not. They had their collective heads up their collective asses.

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Trucker Strike Imminent?

I’ve waited on this story for about a day, because I’m still not sure just how legitimate the concern is or if it will actually play out. However, fundamentally it makes sense and could have some serious consequences for the USA economy. Truckers are getting reamed by high gas prices and long waits at the pump. Of course, the question of “What do they hope to accomplish?” arises. I don’t feel I have a clear answer on it. I imagine they are having some pent up rage as it may be cutting deeply into their paychecks. There is some speculation that oil companies intentionally closed refineries in an effort to hike profits, much like De Beers clamps down on the diamond supply. This happens in any situation where there is no competition. I’m not bashing the profit motive, it’s their right to do so as long as there is no strong arming people out via illegal means. But, it’s also the right of the truckers to protest. Will it prove anything? Well, it will certainly magnify the impact that gas prices have had on the American worker.

Now why is this important? Why do I even bother to bring this up? Well, our economy is already teetering on the edge of a housing bubble bursting, the “Death of the Dollar” on the minds of many, and Katrina sending anywhere from 300,000 to 1,000,000 to the unemployment line. A truck strike could be a further blow and cause price of food to rise considerably. Even if it didn’t, even the fear of such an occurrence would cause people to jam up the lines at Costco in no time flat.

If anyone knows any truck drivers that could weigh in on this situation, please call them and post updates under the comments section. If it turns out to be bunk, we’ll update it as a false alarm (because I’m not trying to be a sensationalist. I’m skeptical right now, but feel this would be a legitimate reaction). It’s also unclear at the present time what the scope of the strike would be, and that all depends on its momentum within the unions. If it is occurring, well, brace yourself for the media storm and “blame games” that will unfold.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Snopes currently has the strike threat categorized as ‘undetermined’ so it seems there’s some legitimacy, just not enough to know if this will actually happen.


The Daily Show Gives Much Needed Katrina Humor

We all need a laugh from time to time, to help alleviate the pain of the tragedy that is unfolding right before our very eyes. Here is a clip from The Daily Show. It’s amazing that one still has to turn to a fake news show to hear people actually tell it like it is.

From correspondent Ed Helms:

Ed Helms: The Rove… many feel he can fix the gaping breech in the President’s approval raitings… Today we saw the president armed with a fresh supply of talking points.
Bush: We gotta solve problems. We’re problem solvers.
Ed Helms: He is back! We got to A-B, because we are B-A’ers. We got to each zucchini because we are zucchini eaters.

And then… the allusions to Iraq.

Ed Helms: While everyone is busy setting up commissions and finding fault. Through the presidents leadership, he’ll end up building a billion dollar dam in Arkansas.
Jon Stewart: Why would he build a damn in Arkansas?
Ed Helms: His plan would be to fight the water there, so we don’t have to fight it here.

And what about the blame game?

Jon Stewart: So no one is going to be held accountable for any of this?
Ed Helms: Um, no. In fact, if history is any indication they’ll be hard pressed finding enough medals to place on these guys. My sources tell me the head of FEMA may actually be dipped into bronze and turned into an award which will then be given to other officials.

And then, le pièce de ré·sis·tance

Jon: In your judgement, is this the worst crisis the administration has ever faced?
Ed Helms: Well Jon as you know administration fiascos are named alphabetically. As you can see, Katrina is their 11th out of what could be 26 colossal failures. I don’t know if you see the last two on the list their Jon, but by the time zero people left on earth rolls along, that Yam shortage will be long forgotten.

Daily Show, Katrina, Ed Helms

It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so horrifically true.

Update:This flash video says it all. It starts off semi funny, but quickly gets serious. Another good link to send around to folks.

Update2: This is an amazing clip from The Daily Show. Jon Stewart holds little back and let’s the administration have it, pointing out just how ridiculous their lies have become.

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Katrina Cover-up: First Locked In, Now Locked Out

That’s one of the pictures the U.S. government doesn’t want you to see. That and any pictures of the dead, the aftermath of the Superdome or Convention Center, and other things that shows how criminal our government behaved when it forcefully kept people from leaving.

Right under our very noses, this attempt to cover-up the worst U.S. government malfeasance against its own citizens is now being played out:

At that same fire scene, a police officer from out of town raised the muzzle of her weapon and aimed it at members of the media… obvious members of the media… armed only with notepads. Her actions (apparently because she thought reporters were encroaching on the scene) were over the top and she was told. There are automatic weapons and shotguns everywhere you look. It’s a stance that perhaps would have been appropriate during the open lawlessness that has long since ended on most of these streets. Someone else points out on television as I post this: the fact that the National Guard now bars entry (by journalists) to the very places where people last week were barred from LEAVING (The Convention Center and Superdome) is a kind of perverse and perfectly backward postscript to this awful chapter in American history.

What’s most amazing is the sheer brazenness with which they expect us to swallow last week’s criminal behavior and now censorship of its ever taking place. And of course they want to hold their own internal investigations on what went wrong, most likely in private, with no coverage. What people don’t realize is that it’s the U.S. government on trial here for its handling of the post-flood crisis it perpetrated, from Mayor Nagin (blasé towards evacuation) to Governor Blanco (blasé towards asking for help) to President Bush (blasé when initially asked for help, though true blame here lies with FEMA director Brown, the buck needs to stop somewhere). They shouldn’t be allowed to run their own investigation to determine who gets the fall on the government sword. Let the media back in, stop the censorship, and we’ll decide for ourselves based on the facts, not some stupid commission.

Yeeesh, who in their right mind lets a suspected murderer be his own trial judge?

Update: The new lie: there were no bodies at the convention center (and everything else was just a rumor).

New Orleans police chief Eddie Compass said last night: “We don’t have any substantiated rapes. We will investigate if the individuals come forward.”

And while many claim they happened, no witnesses, survivors or survivors’ relatives have come forward.

Nor has the source for the story of the murdered babies, or indeed their bodies, been found. And while the floor of the convention centre toilets were indeed covered in excrement, the Guardian found no corpses.

Oh, you mean these bodies?

Arkansas National Guardsman Mikel Brooks stepped through the food service entrance of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Monday, flipped on the light at the end of his machine gun, and started pointing out bodies.

“Don’t step in that blood – it’s contaminated,” he said. “That one with his arm sticking up in the air, he’s an old man.”
Then he shined the light on the smaller human figure under the white sheet next to the elderly man.

“That’s a kid,” he said. “There’s another one in the freezer, a 7-year-old with her throat cut.”

And these rapes?

They witnessed scenes of murder and looting, women were threatened with rape and racial tensions grew daily.

Jane Wheeldon, 20, a student from Carmarthen, South Wales, said: “We were the prime target. Guys would come up and stroke your back and your tummy and your bum to find any money you had on you. Everyone was staring and it was so intimidating.

Or these rapes?:

There were not only rapes, but gangrapes of children who were then killed. My female cousins were assaulted and barely escaped as some kind bystanders tried to help them only to then be beaten by the gangs. They finally left and hid around the city wherever they could and YES, they heard the gunfire and SAW gangs of mostly young boys with assault weapons who not only fired at each other, but anything that moved including aircraft.

Another Update: BuzzMachine echoes our sentiment about the cover-up, saying:

If there were ever a story that demands the bright light of public scrutiny, this is it. And that is not just so people can be fired – though I’m still waiting for Brownie to get the axe — but so we can keep watch on dangerous government incompetence on behalf of our fellow citizens and so we can learn and prevent it the next time.

This is a story in which we can play some part: The survivors will soon start telling their stories. And we should be flooding the government with FOIAs.


Government Waits Until After Storm

I know this has already been reported here but I wanted to expand on it.

“WASHINGTON – The top U.S. disaster official waited hours after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast before he proposed to his boss sending at least 1,000 Homeland Security workers into the region to support rescuers, internal documents show.”

Read more.

And one of the former members of FEMA went on television and said they needed more money. How hard is it to call up someone and say “Hey, there is a chance that New Orleans may be wiped out and more people die then did in the 9/11 attacks but again nothing may happen so to be safe could you send some supplies to New Orleans before this event occurs.”

Now I am not going around blaming the President for this but I am saying that FEMA is paid a lot of money to keep us safe and they work for us and when someone works for you and fails you cut their pay or fire them.

Update: Don’t miss this Keith Olbermann comment on the matter:

[M]ost chillingly of all, this is the Law and Order and Terror government. It promised protection — or at least amelioration — against all threats: conventional, radiological, or biological. It has just proved that it cannot save its citizens from a biological weapon called standing water.

Link to video, via dailyKos.


KATRINA: The National LP Speaks!

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party website finally issued a statement on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Their online press release described how they contacted LP leaders in the effected areas, gave condolences and provided a link to a list of charitable organizations.

The list of charities is on their blog section which allows for comments. In the comments a Kara Tyson, who claimed to be from Mobile, provided a list of her thoughts on what organizations came through in their time of need, which were a waste (FEMA & Red Cross) and finished with some suggestions to the institutions and politicians involved. Here are a few snippets from her comments:

Another organization who was in New Orleans & Biloxi the next day – again, despite the fact that the Red Cross said you couldn’t get into the area. They donated trucks filled with items and hired people on the spot who were left unemployed.

In Baton Rouge, those who had fled the hurricane in advance were kicked out of a private hotel by FEMA to make room for their own Reps (staying in non air conditioned facilities is apparently beneath them).

No Child Left Behind Act. Many of these children are coming from impoverished areas with poorly performing schools. Their standardized testing will follow them. Any school taking in these children will no longer be ‘highly qualified’. Communities will then be punished for helping.

If you want to donate, please consider donating goods vs. money. There is less chance that this type of donation will be ‘diverted’ for other uses. Some legal (going to other projects), some not so legal (such as thugs stealing the donations at gunpoint).

Anyway, I’m baffled as to why it took this long for the national LP to say ANYTHING about this disaster. Then again, maybe their actions say a lot about the national LP.

» Kara Tyson’s Comments (About 2/3’s of the way down)
» LP Press Release

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Executive Order 12148

Read this executive order regarding FEMA.

With an executive order from July 20, 1979, FEMA can basically take over the President’s job and the country. Now the problem is that FEMA can’t control this disaster why do they need more power not given to them in the Constitution.

Make your own opinions about this but with this Executive Order the Constitution would be suspended and welcome police state martial law.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Some clarification may be in order here. EO 12148, signed by then-president Carter, established FEMA as a government organization. This is part of a larger picture called Continuity of Operations Plans, which was put in place during the Cold War to ensure that if Washington D.C. was hit by a nuke or something, government would still exist. In light of the recent bumbling by FEMA, I’m sure some lawmakers are going to be turning a critical eye towards FEMA’s power and abuses in future months.

While we hope they won’t reward incompetence with more funding and power … don’t hold your breathe.

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Another Heart-Wrenching Video

Katrina EvacueeTo everyone who claims that these people should have just packed up and left. To everyone who claims that FEMA was doing their job. I demand that you watch this video, which is an interview of Charmaine Neville, an evacuee of Katrina.

And this was 5 days ago…

Update: Apparently FEMA has now hopes that since the media can’t say anything nice about their botched operation, they won’t say anything at all. From operationflashlight blog (via Boing Boing):

“We are in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans. At the National Guard checkpoint, they are under orders to turn away all media. All of the reporters are turning their TV trucks around.”

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FEMA Sends Evacuees to Right City, Wrong State

FEMA sends evacuees to wrong CharlestonAdd geography to the list of FEMA’s bumbling screw-ups:

A South Carolina health official said his colleagues scrambled Tuesday when FEMA gave only a half-hour notice to prepare for the arrival of a plane carrying as many as 180 evacuees to Charleston.

But the plane, instead, landed in Charleston, West Virginia, 400 miles away.

Oh, and can I shout a big fuck you to the talkings heads asking us to stop the “blame game.” Yeah, fuck them… this is not blaming, this is demanding responsibility and accountability and calling it like we see it. Stepping up and calling FEMA, the Louisiana Governer, and the New Orleans Mayor incompetent was the only thing that got the government’s ass in gear, and we’re only going to keep riding them now until this is over. Because we’re fed up with incompetence and now is the time to call bullshit as we see it and not be placated by talking heads asking us not to play some “blame game.”

This isn’t some “blame game,” this is demanding government that doesn’t suck.

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Fire Fighters Arrive, FEMA Says: “Hand Out Fliers”

fireman picture at KatrinaWords… cannot convey just how upsetting this is. Are we to believe that FEMA is really this stupid. Fire fighters coming from all parts of the USA to help stop the suffering are put into 8 hour training seminars, which includes topics such as “sexual harassment”? HELLLLLOOOO. There. are. people. DYING. Right now, in the streets. Everyone is bitching in moaning how there are not enough troops, not enough supplies, and basically how they need more of everything, yet it is all right there! FEMA just wont’ let it in.

FEMA. You suck. You have been given every chance to save the people in this city. You are failing.

Private charities have offered you money. You’ve turned them away.

Private citizens have showed up with food. You’ve turned them away.

Private companies, like Walmart, have offered supplies like water and fuel. You’ve turned them away.

Citizens have tried to leave the FEMA concentration camps. You’ve turned them back… sometimes at gun point.

FEMA. You have failed. You have failed your mission. You have failed the American people who actually thought you might do something. YOU HAVE FAILED AT LIFE.

And now. Fireman show up at your door to save the few people that might be left alive and trapped in their houses, and you train them as PR agents to hand out fliers?

This is intolerable. I wouldn’t care so much if FEMA was just stupid. Private companies, organizations, and citizens have been outpouring support to make up the difference. So why is FEMA sabotaging everything? I refuse to believe that all of this is just incompetence. Cutting emergency phone lines is not an “accident” folks.

I will say this again, and will not take it back. FEMA. You have not only failed, but your actions demonstrate clear criminal intent. This is not an accusation I make lightly. Every upper level manager in your organization should be tried for treason.

Please spread the word people. This needs to end.

Update: Still not convinced? How about a quote from this article.

WASHINGTON (Sept. 7) – The government’s disaster chief waited until hours after Hurricane Katrina had already struck the Gulf Coast before asking his boss to dispatch 1,000 Homeland Security workers to support rescuers in the region – and gave them two days to arrive, according to internal documents.

Michael Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, sought the approval from Homeland Security Secretary Mike Chertoff roughly five hours after Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29. Brown said that among duties of these employees was to “convey a positive image” about the government’s response for victims.

Well sir. You have a 10,000+ death toll coming your way. I’d like to see how “positive” you’ll feel after that.


Katrina Aftermath Editorial Cartoons

While I’m still waiting for the cartoon depicting FEMA as the only levee that didn’t break (against the flood of private aid they kept turning away and keeping out of New Orleans), there’s been a few stand-out cartoons that I’ve seen. Here’s a few of them (more after the jump):

Katrina aftermath editorial cartoon

see more…


Katrina: Want Rescue Help? Show us your Tits

I don’t know about all of you reading this blog, but just when I think things couldn’t possibly get more degrading and unacceptable, I read this story from World Net Daily.

From the story:

“I could not describe how bad the authorities were, taking photographs of us as we are standing on the roof waving for help, for their own personal photo albums, little snapshot photographs,” Scott told BBC News.

Scott said there was a group of girls standing on the lobby’s roof, calling out to passing rescuers for help.

“[The authorities] said to them, ‘Well, show us what you’ve got’ — doing signs for them to lift their T-shirts up. The girls said no, and [the rescuers] said ‘well fine,’ and motored off down the road in their motorboat. That’s the sort of help we had from the authorities,” he said.

What kind of sick fuck is trying to get turned on by girls wading through shit filled water while trying to get rescued? I hope this later turns out to be a complete hoax story, but based on what I’ve been reading, it’s just another “oops” moment on behalf of the rescue efforts. It’s almost impossible to get shocked anymore. This whole travesty is UNACCEPTABLE people. And people want a bigger and stronger FEMA? HELLO? They have had every opportunity to remedy this situation and have failed. Failed failed failed!

I need some air. Hopefully I won’t have to flash someone along the way for the privilege.


FEMA Response: Incompetence or Malicious?

WING TV lisa - vicLet’s not mince words. I can understand human error. I can understand that in times of crisis, things will not always go as planned. However, at what point do we stop considering mere incompetence and start questioning whether there is something more to the story? It’s not just me, but many others around the blogsphere are starting to wonder why FEMA is not only failing at their job, but why do they appear to be hampering the rescue efforts of relief organizations and private citizens? They obviously need the help and are even crying for help, yet they have turned away almost all assistance. WTF?

WING TV’s online newscast on September 5th may help shed some of the more gruesome details. Also, the last 7 minutes of this episode is an sound clip from an interview with a resident in New Orleans who is NOT allowed to leave. He offers a first hand account at the horrors that he is facing, including the death of a baby in his group and the unlivable conditions that they are faced with. It’s heartbreaking. Worse yet, I bet there are thousands of stories just like his.

Before you make any judgments, watch the show and at least consider the possibility that people are not just stupid when they do things like
cut emergency lines. To me, that’s not incompetence, that’s attempted murder.


And Now… The Coverage of the Coverage

Slate readers responded to a call for comments asking what they hated most about the Katrina disaster recovery (part 1, part 2). The qualms seem to accurately identify how the media reacts and covers almost every story, so no big surprises:

hate the fundamental dishonesty of 24/7 coverage. Because it’s in their economic interests to keep you watching as long as possible, the networks never allow the possibility that the story has zenithed and that you can stay informed if you check back in a couple of hours. Instead, every new fire and helicopter mission — anything that looks “disastery” is treated with the same urgency as the first news of the levee giving way. Today, Sunday, Sept. 4, the networks are panning the empty streets with the same intensity as they did the crowds of victims lined up outside the Convention Center a couple of days ago

Titles that announce a news story, such as “America Responds” on Fox.

In 10 minutes of watching Telemundo, three of which covered New Orleans, I really got a better depiction of being there than I did on all the major U.S. networks that I had been watching for several hours, and I don’t speak any Spanish.

Previous coverage of the coverage: Crisis News Networks: Sloganizing Katrina, Hurricane Katrina Spares Sensationalist Media

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Rehnquist Dead; Roberts Promoted to Replace

SCOTUS Roberts nomination promotionIt’s hard to really focus on something as contextually trivial as the SCOTUS right now, but we’ve had our ears to the ground none the less. In fact the jokes tying the two together are already flowing:

[Rehnquist]’s actually been dead for 4 days but FEMA just found him.

Bush moved so quickly in nominating John Roberts to replace Chief Justice William Rehniquist, but others seem bent on raising questions about Roberts’s qualifications. [No experience, too young, no leadership] may be a problem, but there’s a resume fix, an experience so profound that it magically qualifies one for any federal appointment available. The Bush administration just needs find a horse association for the guy to run for a couple weeks. . .

On a more serious note, it seems that the most pissed recipients of Roberts as Chief Justice may be… the other Justices, as some of the other experienced Justices may feel slighted for not being chosen for promotion. SCOTUSblog thinks there may need to be a new nomination and confirmation process due to the de facto and legal differences of the two position, even if Roberts is still the nominee.

Regardless, this probably will be back-burner news for a while unless there’s some really interesting twist.

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Coast Guard Launches “Request a Rescue”

Note: this article contains dead links, the url is still in the hover/alt text. Keep the web working, curate content well!

The Coast Guard now has an automated website to request a rescue of friend or relative you know who may still be trapped in NOLA floodwaters or elsewhere on the Gulf coast. You can also get online updates once you are assigned a case ID. This should come in handy for the rare spots that still have phone service, but there’s still going to be a lot of roof cutting, door-to-door knocking and evacuation spray-painting to do considering the poverty levels here. [via Boing Boing]

As a side note, would someone from the media please get into the FEMA operations center and see just how they are mapping the rescue grid and to get an idea of what progress is being made? It would be awesome if the city map was on a giant projection screen with green and red dots denoting checked or not and water depths as varying topographical shades of yellow, but uh… I’m gonna actually bet on a big paper map with pushpins.

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Broussard, Jefferson Parish President: “I’m Sick of the Press Conferences”

Broussard on Meet the PressI know Rick already posted this as an update, but this deserved its own entry for obvious reasons.

This is simply another stunning interview (video link) that trailed right after an interview with Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, on Sunday’s Meet The Press. Aaron F. Broussard, President of Jefferson Parish had scathing words for FEMA and had more disturbing news:

We have been abandoned by our own country. Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as one of the worst storms ever to hit an American coast, but the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will go down as one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history.

[…]Let me give you just three quick examples. We had Wal-Mart deliver three trucks of water, trailer trucks of water. FEMA turned them back. They said we didn´t need them. This was a week ago. FEMA–we had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish. The Coast Guard said, “Come get the fuel right away.” When we got there with our trucks, they got a word. “FEMA says d on´t give you the fuel.” Yesterday–yesterday–FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line. He posts armed guards on our line and says, “No one is getting near these lines.” Sheriff Harry Lee said that if America–American government would have responded like Wal-Mart has responded, we wouldn´t be in this crisis.

[…]I just repaired a breach on my side of the 17th Street canal that the secretary didn´t foresee, a 300-foot breach. I just completed it yesterday with convoys of National Guard and local parish workers and levee board people. It took us two and a half days working 24/7. I just closed it.

[…]Nobody´s coming to get us. Nobody´s coming to get us. The secretary has promised. Everybody´s promised. They´ve had press conferences. I´m sick of the press conferences. For God sakes, shut up and send us somebody.

For some reason though, he wants to give FEMA more power and more money, which is just ludicrous. We’ve been throwing power and money at FEMA for years (and the DHS when they swallowed FEMA after 9/11) and they finally showed that they are just a giant paper tiger that causes amazing amounts of harm by being in the way and not letting the help in. And we should give them more power and money? Give me a break.

Reader Lenny Zimmerman, resident of Jefferson Parish, gave this email account:

I’m currently in Abita Springs, which is part of the Covington/Mandeville area on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. I live in Metairie in Jefferson Parish, which is a suburb of New Orleans, directly to the West. I live maybe 5 miles from the 17th Street Canal (but on the unbreached side.)

Being in Metairie will pretty much mean being incognito for a while, so there’s little I can do. As for refugees… well I guess you can say that I AM one of those, so the comments I’ve been posting on your site and Liberty For Sale are not at all uncommon of the feelings of many of us. Although I am an evacuee, not one of those who got stuck in the city. At any rate, I’m not certain how I want to handle things right now.

I’m extremely unhappy about how things are being handled in Jefferson Parish. We will be let in starting at 6 am (and ending at 6pm, since that is when “curfew” starts) tomorrow. We will be let in Tuesday and Wednesday as well, but they are asking us to leave no later than Thursday morning. I have work commitments that I can follow (so I can finally be sure I still have my job) but I am sorely tempted to stay to report on what “martial law” is like for a law abiding citizen who must live under those conditions. I’d be without any kind of electricity, though, and certainly no way to charge my laptop and likely no phone (since I had cox digital phone, which I have heard is mostly all down). That only leaves a cell phone (well, PDA phone) with the barest of very slow web capabilities and an iffy car charger.


The FEMA/Katrina Debacle

Words cannot express how revolting this FEMA debacle has become. I wish I could update you on every aspect/tragedy, but there are literally dozens of new stories, posts, and articles going up every few hours. It is safe to say that at least 95%, if not all, of these stories have pointed out the shear failure of the government to do much of anything.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there. Protect yourselves. Don’t believe for a second that FEMA is going to save your ass in times of crisis. Trust your friends, family, and close neighbors.

In the mean time, here’s a shotgun style list of the creme de la obscene in no particular order.

Katrina cop looters

There is a huge shortage of cops everywhere to catch the looters… except the cops at walmart who are looking for a new pair of nikes. Granted, some are stealing necessities, while others are just stealing out of greed.

Now we all know that politicians like photo ops, but can you imagine setting up a food distribution only for the duration of the photos? Sorry folks, we need to take this food back.

Ahh, the irony! It burns! Did you know september is national preparedness month? It’s sponsored by the American Red Cross and the Department of Homeland Security. You haven’t heard of it? Perhaps they forgot to send out the press release.

It’s good to know that the contracts for cleanup and reconstruction include such fine organizations like Halliburton. Hey Cheney, tell Bush to back off and let some more destruction happen. That way, more contract money for you!

Even the children could be terrorists. I mean, why else would the military be frisking children that they are trying to save? Those muslim terrorist sure are sneaky, training our 4 year olds from 4000 miles away.

Hey you stinking survivors. You better not start eating that emergency food before the First Lady shows up!

But Bush is doing a fine job. I mean, he says he can still handle Iraq and Katrina. I’m glad our President can multitask so well.

You remember how this was “national preparedness month” run by red cross and the department of homeland (in)security? Well, homeland security still won’t let the red cross in.

WARNING. Some graphic pictures are finally coming in. Death is never pretty, so be forewarned. Update: more photos.

You’d think with all the support pouring in from around the country, that some of the few national guards wouldn’t be playing cards while people are dying all around.

I could go on and on, but I getting close to punching my computer monitor out of sheer anger. Basically put, the severity of this tragedy has been amplified, not diminished, by FEMA. The outrage is all around this country. Even the mainstream media is beginning to become sickened by the whitewashing and the lies.

I gotta go vent. Please spread the word. This is far more serious than I originally thought possible.

For more information (big link lists), go to:
Katrina Mistake List
What Really Happened.

Again. Get the freagin word out.

Update: While I disagree with this guys desire to “empower FEMA”, this video clip shows just how little the government actually cares for the citizens. It’s highly emotional at the end, and to the point.

Update: Apparently, the looting cops are being questioned. I hope they get the 2 shown on the video at Walmart, though it’s a small and trivial worry when compared to the rebuilding of New Orleans.


Crisis News Networks: Sloganizing Katrina

FOXNews Katrina televisionOh come on, we all knew it was just a matter of time until they started giving the evacuation and relief effort some patriotic jingoist slogans, or at least some clever phonetic alliteration. Here’s the one’s I’ve seen so far with my own comments:

FOX News – America’s Challenge
We love being reminded what country this happened in, by gosh we shore do.

MSNBC – Katrina: Crisis and Recovery
Kinda blah, gets the point across but not an official sloganizing. Maybe covering the event is their priority, who knows.

CNN – Sudden Fury: In Katrina’s Deadly Wake
Not actually sure if this is the official slogan, but you gotta hand it to CNN for realizing just how dire their slogan response was after 5 days that they came up with this mouthful.

Can anyone help us with news about how they’re sloganizing the gas price crunch? Leave it in the comments and we’ll update.

Previously: Hurricane Katrina Spares Sensationalist Media


Katrina and the Libertarian Party

Tim West was complaining earlier this week about the silence on Katrina at and offered his own, but what sums it up best is one of the comments left on an unrelated post:

Wow — when it comes to hurricane relief, it now appears that the only entity slower to respond than the federal government is… the Libertarian Party.

Websites all over the country now have links to Red Cross et al for people to donate to hurricane relief. Oh yeah – the LP certainly wouldn’t want people to donate to anyone other than the LP, would they?

I guess charitable voluntarism is a nice thing to have in the platform, but something the national LP can’t practice in real life.

Ouch. I would suggest switching the splash banner on the front page to a link to a charity list.

Update: Tim West is asking in another post. So is Third Party Watch, saying: “Nothing about Hurricane Katrina and nothing about the huge developments on the Supreme Court. Weird.”

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NOLA Exodus in Full Swing… Thanks to Iraq War?

NOLA supplies arrivingIt looks like there’s finally just enough support in place to get people the fuck out of New Orleans, secure the situation to a reasonable modicum, get food and supplies to the thousands of refugees, and finish the search and rescue operation. Six days in and we’re finally starting to see some calm restored. This was a government screw-up on a massive scale no doubt, but we’re just grateful to see that there is finally some improvement and headway being made.

But what really gets my gall is how the republican spin on this is shaping up and latching onto Iraq once again. The libertarian republicans have got to have the most bizarre praising of the Iraq War I have ever seen. Check out this press release they sent out linking Katrina and the war in Iraq:

CNN and Fox News are now showing scenes of American Military Troops storming into New Orleans and other Katrina ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast. The “Cavalary has arrived” screamed the Mayor of New Orleans and City Residents.

These Troops are War Ready. Many fresh from fighting in Baghdad.

They are used to misery and terribly demanding situations. This, in contrast to fresh, green National Guardsmen who have never seen combat and who have been widely criticized for their lackluster and late response.

What’s starting to become clear is that the War in Iraq has proved to be a positive in a way that no Americans ever imagined; Preparedness for Natural Disasters.

“This doesn’t mean we should be intervening in every Nation in the World to boost Military Prepardness, every little conflict. But it does show that in this one instance the War in Iraq has proved incredibly helpful to the Citizens of New Orleans…” Says Rick Ariazi, Michigan Neolibertarian, former Volunteer Aide to MI State Rep. Leon Drolet and former long-time Michigan Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman.

Ironically, many Anti-War Cindy Sheehan/Michael Moore types, and sadly their allies in the Anti-War Wing of the libertarian movement, have been bashing Bush and our Military Troops in Iraq.

It is now clear for anyone who has been watching the tragedy unfold on CNN and Fox that the Cavalry has finally arrived and they are War Prepared Troops offering greater assistance to those aflicted than the locals.

How do the Sheehans and the “Lew Rockwell/Justin Raimondo types in the Anti-War Wing of the libertarian movement respond to the charge that their actions in opposing the War in Iraq are now contributing to the hurt and suffering and even death in New Orleans in the Gulf Coast? [emphasis added]

Holy fuck… how can they possibly praise the Iraq war at a time like this? Please tell me this is some clever fucking satire and I just don’t get it. Because if the new metric for supporting the Iraq War (“Preparedness for Natural Disasters”), then I applaud them for being able to channel Nostradamus back in late 2002. Who should we invade to start preparing our troops for when the big one hits California?

I would reply with a well-formed response to that rhetorical bullshit at the end, but instead I’ll just thank them for having the balls to finally use the troops stationed in Iraq to save American lives from an actual looming crisis.

Update: The American Red Cross has a FAQ up that confirms FEMA still won’t let them into NOLA. Considering that the pace of removal of refugees is quickening, this may no longer be that big of an issue, but you better believe it’s more proof of FEMA’s massive failure to provide aid to the people being kept in the city for 6 days.


I need 500 buses, man…

Here is the caption for the AP photo above:

An aerial view of flooded school buses in a lot, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005, in New Orleans, LA. The flood is a result of Hurricane Katrina that passed through the area last Monday.

Here is a segment from the overplayed diatribe that the Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, gave yesterday to radio station WWL-AM. The emphasis is mine:

WWL: What do you need right now to get control of this situation?

NAGIN: I need reinforcements, I need troops, man. I need 500 buses, man. We ain’t talking about — you know, one of the briefings we had, they were talking about getting public school bus drivers to come down here and bus people out here.

I’m like, “You got to be kidding me. This is a national disaster. Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses moving to New Orleans.

That’s — they’re thinking small, man. And this is a major, major, major deal. And I can’t emphasize it enough, man. This is crazy.

I’ve got 15,000 to 20,000 people over at the convention center. It’s bursting at the seams. The poor people in Plaquemines Parish. … We don’t have anything, and we’re sharing with our brothers in Plaquemines Parish.

It’s awful down here, man.

I heard that, then found the photo above, and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I just read about this story:

The first busload of New Orleans refugees to reach the Reliant Astrodome overnight was a group of people who commandeered a school bus in the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and drove to Houston looking for shelter. []

See Mayor… the people could have used those buses themselves…

Another update:
I didn’t think I would have to say that the buses in the photo should have been used BEFORE the hurricane, but apparently I do. Obviously the buses in the photo are useless NOW. Unfortunately, lessons have been learned the hard way, and I can bet that the NEXT time (Yeah, I’m sure there will be a next time after we rebuild) you won’t see any buses in that parking lot.

This photo really pissed me off. I couldn’t believe that a plan was never created to use them for situations like this. While searching for a reason, I found an article posted in November of last year by Shirley Laska of the Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology titled “What if Hurricane Ivan had not missed New Orleans?” Here is an excerpt from this amazingly prophetic piece about what occurred when Hurricane Ivan buzzed New Orleans last year:

Residents who did not have personal transportation were unable to evacuate even if they wanted to. Approximately 120,000 residents (51,000 housing units x 2.4 persons/unit) do not have cars. A proposal made after the evacuation for Hurricane Georges to use public transit buses to assist in their evacuation out of the city was not implemented for Ivan. If Ivan had struck New Orleans directly it is estimated that 40-60,000 residents of the area would have perished. (emphasis added)

Read the whole article when you get a moment: What if Hurricane Ivan had not missed New Orleans?

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Coyote Blog calls it a missed opportunity and blames the local government for not using them, saying:

The city declared a mandatory evacuation. Why then did it stick tens of thousands in the Superdome, right in the middle of town, rather than evacuate them with the assets they already owned in quantity?

Some critics are calling it a racist plot. If we rely on Coyote’s Law, the most likely answer is incompetence and stupidity.

Yet ANOTHER update:
Drudge Report just posted the same photo I did on this post and is running the following tagline: WHY DIDN’T YOU DEPLOY THE BUSES DURING THE MANDATORY EVACUATION, MAYOR?…

And then quotes the following from the Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00:

‘The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating’…

This will come back up later if it isn’t addressed by the mass media outlets now…


New Orleans Mayor Fuming Over FEMAilure

Note: this article contains dead links, the url is still in the hover/alt text. Keep the web working, curate content well!

Katrina, NOLA rescue operationsThis is an incredibly candid and emotional interview with Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans. Boing Boing and a few other have high-traffic links to the uncensored interview, but here’s a great snippet I transcribed from the end:

This is ridiculous, I don’t want to see anybody do any more goddamn press conferences. Put a moratorium on press conferences. Don’t do another press conference until the resources are in this city. Then come down to this city, and stand with us when there are [so many] military trucks and troops that we can’t even count [them]. Don’t tell me 40,000 people are coming here. They’re not here. It’s too doggone late. Now get off your asses and let’s do something, and let’s fix the biggest goddamn crisis in the history of this country.

I’m getting sick of the posturing and bottlenecking by FEMA and the federal government. Right now they need to get the hell out of the way if they can’t handle this, and get Red Cross and the dozens of charities in there to help. And get those hundreds of private airboaters being held up by FEMA, that are loaded with food and supplies, into New Orleans to help distribute aid and finish the rescue.

Because right now, the politicians, and FEMA in particular are failing, and their incompetence is getting people killed every day.

Update [linked in the comments by Rick]: Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is saying the deployment of 40,000 troops is far too slow (he wants regular troops, which requires an act of Congress and is still slow) and gave the federal government a grade ‘F’ for its response to the disaster so far.

Which begs the question: Why is it we can invade, topple and occupy a foreign nation in under 48 hours, but it takes nearly a week just to get 40,000 troops to Louisiana to respond to a disaster?

Update [via Knappster]: Crash Landing weighs in and calls it a government disaster:

Make no mistake. When New Orleans appeared out from under Katrina, it was mostly cosmetic damage. Lines down, roof shingles scattered and the normal aftermath of a good sized hurricane. It was annoying but it wasn’t a disaster. What happened in the hours AFTER Katrina was a completely man-made catastrophe. It started years ago when people gladly accepted that the government can protect them.