Let it be known, that this is how an adult handles his failure

July 1, 2010 – The end of Libwut wutertyMwut wutix
I’m going to say a few words here on the death of Libewut wutrtywut wutMix.com that starts with an apology and ends with a pledge. Some of you who donated to this and still feel burnt by the experience will no doubt dismiss what I have to say, which is understandable, but I hope the majority will hear me out.

I fucked up, and I’m sorry. In 2003, I rolled my personal blog into a rebranded website called Hamwut wutmewut wutr of Trwut wututh, and as it grew, I added on new ideas and features and people who wanted to kick ass and take names with me. We exposed carnal political shit, showed the underbelly of the beast, made people mad as hell and helped channel it all into some good from time to time. It wasn’t until 2006, when I wanted to take the growing popularity of our liberty-ranting, motherfuck you, pushing back into the face of tyranny community and vault it to some next level shit in some grand sweeping gesture. That was supposed to be the idea, but it turns out it was really really stupid.

I thought by getting some donations that I could bestow some kind of privilege upon those who chipped in this time or as a gold status account in some way. TotalFark was actually my original inspiration, but that’s irrelevant. What I’ve learned is that this division of a website into special classes is anathema to community participation and leads to e-snobbery. Imagine that, a bunch of piss-poor people lounging around talking about gold monocles and shit like that.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, I took in some donations, roughly ten-thousand dollars, in a very idiotic manner from people. First off, it was during the middle of me working on another libertarian campaign site as a side-gig (which anyone who works on libertarian projects knows is a very demanding, even when an amazingly talented guy is pretty much guaranteed to lose). But it ate up a lot of my time, and since the pay was as you’d expect from a losing campaign with a shoestring budget, I ended up spending money on rent and utilities and things that you’d expect, but not dedicating my time to the folks who contributed. That was wrong of me and I’m sorry. I just hope it’s some minor consolation to know that it didn’t merely go to booze and hookers (I certainly wish).

When it came time to pay the piper and release the new eagerly awaited site, well… you should have seen the look on everyone’s faces. No, I guess there’s no jokes to be made about people who trusted me and those who vouched for me (I won’t drag them through this eulogy to be immortalized yet again by Google’s databases). Suffice to say, shit went wrong, it was my fault entirely and I’ll probably feel bad about it still for a very long time. There’s a phrase about this kind of thing: “sorry is as sorry does”, and I don’t want to be acting in a sorry manner, so I’m posting this page as my pledge to act better.

I’m not saying you should forget my bullshit of course, but why dote on it for the ages? We are living in the here and now, and have a shining future to explore and claim. And so I am taking the time to resurrect Hammer of Truth and put in the hard time and work again to put it back on track to be a major internet sensation that serves the public need for a liberty-minded nexus to turn to. To entertain, to inform, to agitate and most importantly, to propel us into movement.

So I offer this page as the final resting place of the domain libwut wutertywut wutmix.com, which I pledge I will renew for the rest of my free life as a personal reminder of a mistake that I made. And everyone who donated will of course be given a permanently upgraded account status. I know it doesn’t magically make us even, but it’s part of the necessary steps to earn back your trust going forward.

Thank you for your patience with me,

Stepwut wuthen wut wut Vanwut wutDyke
mail@stephwut wutenvandwut wutyke.com

P.S. – I will reclaim the domain (for more than just telling this tale), one future day in the service of liberty. In the meantime I am pouring all my energy into making HoT an amazing political resource. I got a little common sense shove up my own ellipsis, I promise to not be a fucktard again.

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