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“South Park” Takes on Obamacare Website, Paints Sympathetic Portrait of Kathleen Sebelius…

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South Park promoting Ron Paul?

Word has it the Ron Paul campaign will get a nice sized shot of publicity in the arm from South Park’s long-time libertarian creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone (check out HoT’s almost creepy love for them). Here’s an early sneak peak of Ron Paul in cartoon form that was floating around with the rumor (which looks legit):

We’ve also heard Rick Santorum makes an appearance in the episode called “Faith Hilling“. I’m guessing that has something to do with faith healing as a story told by the troupe of fourth graders, in the most tongue in butthole cheek manner possible. see more…


South Park coming back on October 6th

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Facts about South Park (other than them being awesome) [PIC]

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South Park Episode on 9/11 Conspiracies

This is the kiss of death for the “Bush was behind 9/11” bozos, and I’m happy to share these three clips of the episode posted on YouTube:

Part 2 & 3 after the jump.

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South Park, Comedy Central and the American Taliban

Speaking of the American Taliban, WTF is up with Comedy Central? From the AP:

Banned by Comedy Central from showing an image of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the creators of “South Park” skewered their own network for hypocrisy in the cartoon’s most recent episode.

The comedy – in an episode aired during Holy Week for Christians — instead featured an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag. [snip]

Parker and Stone were angered when told by Comedy Central several weeks ago that they could not run an image of Muhammad, according to a person close to the show who didn’t want to be identified because of the issue’s sensitivity.

The network’s decision was made over concerns for public safety, the person said.

Comedy Central said in a statement issued Thursday: “In light of recent world events, we feel we made the right decision.” Its executives would not comment further.

With Comedy Central bending over to fanatics and Playboy considering it, many might consider the Islamic world too radical for their tastes. Before the “U.S. is always best” crowd jumps all over them, I thought we might wish to take a quick look at how backwards we are, too.

We: see more…


Something Rotten in South Park?

Note: this article contains dead links, the url is still in the hover/alt text. Keep the web working, curate content well!

Yesterday, I ran an update on South Park, Tom Cruise and Scientology. In it I mentioned that Isaac Hayes, who provided the voice for Chef, had been reported to have left the program because creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had poked a bit too much fun at Scientology. According to reports all over the MSM and the ‘net, Hayes is alleged to have said:

“There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins”

I awakened to an article at Fox News that stated that Hayes could not have possibly made that statement. From the mysterious Fox report:

Isaac Hayes did not quit “South Park.” My sources say that someone quit it for him.

I can tell you that Hayes is in no position to have quit anything. Contrary to news reports, the great writer, singer and musician suffered a stroke on Jan. 17. At the time it was said that he was hospitalized and suffering from exhaustion.

Considering my general lack of trust of Fox News and the mystery source involved, I decided to wait a bit and see if additional confirmations of this report surfaced, but they didn’t. After seeing Nick Gillespie run the story, I decided to do likewise. Because my gut tells me that Hayes has been such a vital organ (or at least a reproductive one) of the program for years, this seems a bit out of character.

Now comes this whammy from the Boston Herald:

The 10th season of Comedy Central’s highest-rated series premieres tomorrow night with, of all things, “The Return of Chef.”

Despite the fact that Isaac Hayes quit the show last week, his character takes center stage exhibiting “strange behavior” that prompts Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny to save Chef from causing more damage to South Park.

Who replaces Hayes’ voice? And what happens to the veteran character?

“Tune in Wednesday,” said Comedy Central spokesman Steve Albani. “We’re purposely keeping this a little mysterious.”

While it’s possible that a succubus drained the life from Chef, it’s considerably more likely that Hayes did indeed suffer a stroke and then got Sarah Brady-ed by a brainwashed friend or family member. We may get some clues on the program when it airs tomorrow.

Let’s just hope they don’t turn Chef into an overweight white woman with lunch-room-lady facial hair. After all, that’s what they did to Jim Brady.

UPDATE: Another clue in da big mystery.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Boing Boing is tracking the story as well.


Libertarian Pop Media: South Park Creators Interviewed by GQ

GQ just interviewed Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park, and it’s great. To illustrate, here are the opening lines of the article:

You did an episode about Paris Hilton, in which she opens up a retail store called Stupid Spoiled Whore. Why pick on Paris?

Trey Parker: Okay, for me, she’s a whore. Whatever. She’s a dumb, ugly whore. But then I walked into a Guess store, and she was all over the place. I’m like, Wait a minute, they’re treating her like a glamorous model now? Does anyone notice how dangerous this could be to little girls?

On-screen she eventually competes with Mr. Slave in a “whore-off.” How do you come up with an idea like that?

TP: I think she came up with that idea, actually. We just made a cartoon out of it.

Normally, its pretty easy to either smackdown an article or provide a bit of snark to liven it up. As they left absolutely nothing to bitchslap, I’m relegated to merely reproducing a few quotes. On libertarianism:

see more…


Colorado GOP congressional assembly primary challengers

First and foremost — Check out these slick badges:

Well, maybe not so slick:

see more…

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HoT ranked #80 libertarian site, with a bullet

That’s according to a new system of code and API pulls from compete.com data, developed by Patrick McEwen of Capital Free Press.

All the smart kids know not to bother worrying about accuracy on compete.com’s stat’s at our level of traffic (pushing 10K a month now, which is magnificent considering the daily post rate is severely diminished from 2006’s explosive peak). But while we fill a stadium’s worth of libertarians and curious onlookers every month, it’s always good to consider the big picture of the libertarian web.

We want to congratulate Lew Rockwell at #1, kicking ass and take names on libertarian’s behalf with all their articulate goodness. Bless them for waving the keyboards at The Fed with admirable consistency. They pull an eye-popping 790K people every month, which is more than the entire population of Austin, Texas and gaining on San Francisco. see more…


Photos: Ron Paul draws huge crowds in California

On Tuesday, April 4th at CSU-Chico State, a mighty mob of people showed up to hear and meet Ron Paul. The campaign cheekily lobbed a message at their opponents, “Hey Mitt, Rick and Newt–this is what a revolution looks like” along with this photo.

Indeed, the revolution is still kicking according to reports of a capacity crowd Wednesday, April 5th at another massive rally in Los Angeles where the line to get in was rumored to be a mile long. see more…


GOP debate goes ‘westward ho’ with Las Vegas gala

From time to time, here at Hammer of Truth one of us will liveblog a debate or something. This is what it looks like.

On Tuesday October 18th, 2011 seven GOP candidates for president got on stage to once again lay into each other in the new public blood sport democratic process of of getting to know our next commander in chief. From left to right on the stage were Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann. John Huntsman boycotted and ultimately shot himself in the foot. Gary Johnson was once again not invited because if there are two libertarians on stage that might start making it seem normal and we can’t have that.

The order is chronological, which I did drunk so there’s probably mistakes in it. Onward! see more…

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SHEP SMITH: I Didn’t Cover Sarah Palin Bus Tour Because It’s Not News…

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How do we eradicate malaria? By ignoring eco-fascists

I am often conflicted when I see some Hollywood star lending their gravitas to a cause or political campaign. They after all enjoy the same First Amendment rights as the rest of us. The problem for me however is that they are also very often ignorant about the subjects on which they pontificate. Lacking the knowledge, experience, or wisdom to understand a subject does not stop a lot of folks, but the stardom gives the Hollywood crowd a megaphone to spout some of the most insane nonsense known to mankind. I’ll give some examples. Shakira, stated that she would rather her concerts were attended by pigs than Jews, because of how the Israelis treat the, “Palestinians.” I guess she is O.K. with the 50,000 Katusha rockets per year which rain down on Israeli neighborhoods targeting schools and farms. (not true, please see the comments). Andy Griffith is all over T.V. telling us that we’re going to love the improvements made to Medicare via the new Health Care Debacle. All these commercials are airing even as State Medicare funds are zeroing out due to a cut off of Federal Funding. Madonna, who I am convinced slept through or skipped every High School science class in her less than A caliber academic career, is lecturing the rest of us on Global Warming. The height of the stupidity though has to be DDT. see more…


A “Retard” Says Goodbye

In a post about the 9/11 conspiracy theories, SVD recently said that – wait up, let me just blockquote what he said:

I’ve been of the mindset for a long time that the government is far too incompetent to pull off 9/11, and it seems Matt and Trey are on my side on this one. Feels extra good to be on the common sense side of libertarianism watching this.

I still expect our resident conspiracy readers to fill the comments with links to websites and “truth.”

Haha”¦ retards.

Perhaps I am missing some inside South Park joke- I have mentioned that I am not a regular viewer- but calling people who may disagree with the government version of 9/11 retards is pretty damn rude. I do not afix a stupid label upon those believing the government story. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think some members of US government were complicit. I do not understand how a person working for a campaign that witnesses first hand the lies, manipulation, and exclusion of new ideas could even bring the word “retard” to his mind, let alone click “publish” once it is articulated.

HoT is (from the About page)

admittedly libertarian-leaning and openly advocate Libertarian Party candidates and policies, we are also introspective and take our own party to task from time to time.

It is my opinion that the Libertarian Party is the only political party that calls on the government to do what it should. The government in the USA- at least according to my recollection of Civics- is accountable to the American people. It is not the job of the public- the 30 something and growing percent anyway- to prove that a coverup happened. It is the job of our government to tell us the truth. The burden of proof lays upon the servants of the people. The burden should be on those bathing in power and controversy.

It is the responsibility of the people to demand that the burden be met. Our government is failing us, and some of the people entrusted with posting those failures have offended at the least me, at most, 30+% of our country.

Some say that we are preaching to the choir here. HoT has a freedom minded readership. When the choir fights amongst each other over which song god likes most, the hymn suffers. I am no longer part of the choir. Retards don’t usually sing in tune anyway.

It has been an interesting year here. I hope that we will all sing in tune one day but this is my last post. I hope you all live as freely as it is important to you.