GAME CHANGER: After Nevada ranch stand-off, emboldened militias ask: where next?

“The question is whether we’re going to see sustained flame-up now. We could see more of that if they actually think that the federal government is going to stand down,” she said.

“It’s not the groups, it’s not their concerns, it’s not their anger, all of that is old, but the federal government backing down? I was like, wow! Seriously?”

posted by vforvandyke
  • john galt

    Yeah, “Operation this most likely will end badly is a go”. While the police power of the government is rarely justified, this was one of the cases. Bundy was ordered by a competent court three times to pay up or quit the land in question, the third time, the court issued an order that said that the BLM had the right to confiscate the cattle to satisfy the arrears. Amusingly, Bundy paid the fees gladly until a Democrat took office in 1992. What we have seen is NOT the victory of the people against the evil government, it is a victory of thugs beating back proper use of government power. This is not the libertarian ideal, this is the goddamn brownshirts in 1939 or the Clantons in Tombstone. Had the militias wanted to solve the problem, they could have passed around the hat and paid his back rent instead of engaging in armed assaults against the cattle pens. Now the thugs are emboldened, its only a matter of time before they do something stupid enough to provide a causus belli and ruin all our chances to live a life free of government intrusion.