Rick Perry back to being big pharma sellout, requires college students to get meningitis vaccinations…
“even though all students still have the freedom to decline the vaccination as a matter of conscience or for religious reasons, many of them are not being told this by their schools, and are just going along with it”

posted by vforvandyke
  • defendurrights

    Unless you live in the seige zone, the first line of the invasion, you will never fn get it.

    Mexicans have brought diseases thr modern thought wiped out, like tb, into this country by the droves, with tb outbreaks almost commonplace in Tx schools. you wont hear it in liberal media or anuwhere elae, as illegal aliens are our new national heroes.

    • Hmm, where have I seen this “immigrants bring disease” meme before?

      Oh yes, all throughout our xenophobic history!