Rand Paul’s Romney endorsement


The Washington Examiner was the first publication to notice how badly the Romney endorsement was going, even giving credence to far-fetched conspiracies. “Others even speculated that Rand Paul was threatened or bribed into supporting Romney, by the Bilderberg group, suggesting that it wasn’t a coincidence that his endorsement came after their conference.” They wrote, before lifting these comments (which I’ll re-lift):

Eric Elledge: DISGUSTING. Right before Father’s Day too. What a piece of garbage Rand turned out to be. One & Done Senator!

Jason Sauer: you have lost my support for being a TRATOR to your father

Mario Jimenez: Something is definitely not right. I have a feeling Rand was strong-armed by someone pulling the strings. But this just ain’t right.

Mikey Indigo: Someone better have put a gun to your head, otherwise your father should disown you. Good luck sleeping at night knowing what you did to this country. I hope the price was worth it.

Richie Proffitt: I guess the 30 minute meeting with Mittens was actually a 12 hour lobotomy. Maybe the whole zombies thing is to get us to fall in line and vote status quo. Meh.

Matt Reibel: Notice that he made this announcement just a few days after the Bilderberg conference. The elite will stop at nothing to prevent liberty from reclaiming the White House and our government so I highly suspect the Bilderberg attendees did one of the following: 1) came up with an offer that Rand Paul could not refuse 2) they have some very serious dirt on Rand or someone close to him and threatened to release it if he didn’t endorse Romney and sell out

Mark Elmo Ellis: Matt!!! Excellent point!!! Comes right on the heels of that meeting, doesn’t it???

Sandi Begic: The Bilderberg group threatened Ron Pauls life, i think Rand did this to protect his father.

Richard Rogers: Romney stands for everything that Ron Paul fights to destroy. Rand”Benedict” Paul I guess this means you will be heading to the Bilderberg next year. Rand when you dance with the Devil you will get burned.

The Business Insider also got in on the fun, posting a rather comprehensive overview of comments from The Daily Paul:

At this point I feel icky contributing any more digital ink to telling this tale of the time Rand Paul dropped a hot steamer in the punch bowl, so I’ll gladly give the floor to our own Hammer of Truth readers to leave your own comments explaining to Rand Paul’s vanity search bot how epically bad this endorsement was.

UPDATE: Roger Gay over at the Libertarian Examiner also jumped on the Star Wars meme bandwagon with his article “Rand Paul Turns to the Dark Side“.

Gay writes, “The son of a great Jedi master of the Liberty Movement, The Force was strong in the young apprentice. Alas, he was thrust into the limelight of the battle between good and evil far too early, long before his training could be completed. Inexperienced, impatient, and eager to make his own way, the call to become ordinary, a simple mindless drone in the Washington gang was too strong.”

That’s a far cry from WaPo’s “a good soldier” label.

UPDATE II: Campaign blogger Jack Hunter is taking some heat for providing cover for Rand’s endorsement. Here’s the damning video montage of Hunter’s 2010 statements versus his 2012 statements. Not one of his finer moments:

Linked from the YouTube video description:

If it walks and talks like duck. Just go check out those links.

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  • Lou_Cypher

    Atta boy. I like your style. Put it front and center. Tell it like it is. Don’t be afraid to use those scary evil forbidden ‘curse words’ to drive the point home. Well done. I can’t wait to see the counter arguments from those in the ‘liberty movement’ defaulting to compromise — like golden boy Rand. Too funny. Short of some serious concessions by ‘Team Romney’ someone better start polishing their stethoscope. Too funny. It really is.

    ”Ron Paul supporters believe they rule the internet. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.”

    Rand Paul

    (Well, something like that)


    • JohnnyX

      Rand Paul will benefit from the rules of incumbency, I doubt one endorsement would be enough to throw off his chances of getting re-elected. With Ron Paul retiring from Congress he’s got that political machinery all to himself.

      The timing should have been closer to the election (post convention, duh) if he wanted this to go smoother rather than looking like a fleeing rat from his dad’s sinking campaign.

      • Lou_Cypher

        Yeah, I’d have to side with your assessment. The ‘polished stethoscope’ conjecture was basically tongue in cheek. Rand is known as a ‘Tea Party’ senator. Although Ron sometimes get the credit as father of the movement it appears to have been once again hijacked by the neocon faction of the republican party with a twist. It’s not difficult to sell the idea of middle eastern intervention and perpetual unconstitutional ‘police actions’ to indoctrinated Christians. Nuff said. Shrug…

  • Gene Berkman

    Rand Paul decided to sell out early, and avoid the rush.

    Still, Rand is one of the better Senators, but that is a low bar.

    It is clear that Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination for President, so it is time for Ron Paul activists to start moving to the campaign of Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President.

    I guess we can thank the eye doctor for helping people to see that the Ron Paul campaign is about to end.

    • Low Bar? What have done for the Constitution other than talking nonsense.

  • Reader11722

    Rand was wrong.  Mitt loves the TSA, bailouts, Obamacare and illegals. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
    9/11, US and Israel:


  • JohnnyX

    Rand Paul is a sellout. Its a strategic sellout, but its one that wont soon be forgotten.

    In other news, this overshadows Ron Paul officially calling it quits on the campaign trail. 

  • Paul Bonnett

    I will never support Rand. Ron and Gary Johnson own it to the Libertarian Movement to team up and avenge both his son and the GOP Establishment. If we get B.O. in the outcome then so be it ! as history mostly shows, we probably have to suffer much more as a nation to awaken the sheeple !