Photos: Ron Paul draws huge crowds in California

On Tuesday, April 4th at CSU-Chico State, a mighty mob of people showed up to hear and meet Ron Paul. The campaign cheekily lobbed a message at their opponents, “Hey Mitt, Rick and Newt–this is what a revolution looks like” along with this photo.

Indeed, the revolution is still kicking according to reports of a capacity crowd Wednesday, April 5th at another massive rally in Los Angeles where the line to get in was rumored to be a mile long.

That’s the Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA, a venue that can “accommodate 10,000 spectators” and clearly had overflow issues as this album shows at least five dudes climbing a tree for a better view.

The UCLA Daily Bruin posted a montage of clips that shows some highly vocal banter between Paul and the sizable crowd that I haven’t been privy to since Charlie Sheen brought his winning act to a stage in Cleveland. I’m sure there’s a connection.

The Daily Bruin states the attendance was “more than 5,000”. I’ll be diplomatic about that and say “yes, 10,000 is more than 5,000 — you get an A+ in math I can’t fucking believe.”

I expect the recently announced decision to hoard cash in a strategy to spend it largely in California and Texas will be the campaign’s last line in the sand against the narrative of “Romney inevitable, Romney crush all opponents with old people and rigged voting machines” that I figure far too many saps have already swallowed in the popularity show between rich pricks without souls.

Maybe it’s a narrative that Californians and Texans aren’t buying either as the Republican primary drags into the fourth month of state-by-state modern information warfare. I humbly suggest someone cue up America, Fuck Yeah at all future Ron Paul events since he’s LA-based South Park’s favorite candidate as well.

“Hey Mitt, Rick and Newt–this is what a revolution looks like.”

Update: I love a good V for Vendetta quote re-imagined for the Paul underdogs, The Giavelli Report does this surprisingly well:

Want to know what the power elites think of Ron Paul? Picture that scene at the end of V for Vendetta when Mr. Creedy exclaims “Why Wont you DIE!” We’ve Cheated. We’ve Stuffed the Polls. We’ve told you you’re losing. We’ve Controlled the Media. It’s Hopeless. You can’t possibly win! We’ve told you you can’t win why are you still coming? Why are you still going to the rallys? We’ve stolen the Delegates. We’ve stolen the pundits. Everyone says its over. Its been over for months. “Why won’t you die?!!”

Update II: Brian Doherty over at Reason’s Hit and Run blog went down and spent some face time interviewing the rabble, only to find out most of them are obviously leery of the 2012 election results so far.

Doherty writes, “Well-dressed youngsters wearing volunteer badges were everywhere you turned; one student told me he wasn’t even able to volunteer, so overpacked with willing volunteers was the event already. The registration efforts Vaughn was involved with wasn’t the only one; in the grand decentralized tradition of the Paul movement, independent fans from Antelope Valley had their own uncoordinated registration booth. Almost everyone I talked to after Paul’s speech says they try to make themselves walking ads for Paul in their day to day life and work (and many suspect that the apparent disconnect between Paul’s visible fans and his vote totals might have to do with deliberate fraud).”

If these size crowds continue to hold for Paul while Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and even Obama can barely pull in few couple hundred, I can easily see the legitimacy of the 2012 election being called into question.

Now that the winter weather is finally getting nice as Spring arrives (and let’s be honest, Southern California is typically sunnier than the rest of the U.S.), I expect we’ll see even larger supporter turnouts in Paul’s future in the Golden State.

Update III: The Ron Paul campaign has posted the same photo on their blog with a quip, “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

Update IV: UC Berkley on Thursday April 5th has another impressive turnout, somehow they estimated this be the largest yet with 8,500 showing up according to the campaign.

I am pretty confident their numbers are ridiculously high here, but it’s an impressive crowd nonetheless.

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  • satta

    “Ron Paul speaks to several hundred students in California …”

  • Ynotvistar

    Awesome night, great blog! Folks, it was electric and packed—FOX and ABC were there—lets see what they do. Do you mind if I borrow one photo from the crowd shot for the RonPaul 2012 Los Angeles Election group?  Tony