Obama administration responds to 150K petitions on marijuana legalization with petulant: NO!
I don’t think you heard us… us… us… us… us…
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) disapproves:

Late Friday night the White House issued a typical evasive rejection of the several marijuana legalization petitions that collected more signatures than any other issue on its “We the People” website.

[…] “If the president and his advisers think they’re being politically savvy by shying away from much-needed change to our drug policies, they’re wrong. The recent Gallup poll shows that more Americans support legalizing marijuana than support continuing prohibition, so the administration is clearly out of step with the people it claims to represent. President Obama needs to remember his campaign pledge not to waste scarce resources interfering with state marijuana laws and his earlier statement about the ‘utter failure’ of the drug war.”

NORML fisks White House response point-by-point… “Thank you for wasting America’s time ignoring her wishes.”

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