Lady Gaga blasts Arizona immigration laws

How dare you hassle Alejandro?Outspoken pop singer Lady Gaga has spoken out over Arizona’s immigration laws. The laws allow the police to stop anyone who is suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

In a recent interview, she said, “I don’t stand by many of those unjust immigration laws in my country.”

Last year, Lady Gaga was condemned in the media after the law became public, for forging ahead with her Monster Ball Tour in Arizona. She was being pressured to cancel her concert there to send a message to lawmakers.

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  • Stephen VanDyke

    When she fights the good fight, I like her. When she wears dresses made out meat, not so much.

  • du hoc

    I do not like Lady Gaga too much, sometimes i feel she is crazy with her style, and I do not want my children follow her !!!