Zu Papiren, Bitte

Idaho, in its finite wisdumb, decided to require a photo ID in order to vote. In other news, apparently, disenfranchising people is okay now. Seig heil, America! (yes, I know this is a bit old, they just sent out Voter Guides recently, which helpfully reminded you to be a nice little sheeple and comply with this directive, which reminded ME how stupid it was)

posted by g4lt
  • Stephen VanDyke

    Here in Ohio, if you wanna vote with just your voter registration card (the only thing you need IMO) we have this fucked up thing called a provisional ballot. It’s not a REAL ballot, and it’s not a FAKE ballot, it’s somewhere in between where you remain completely clueless as to whether your vote is going to be counted or not.

    It’s Schrödinger’s ballot box.

    • Provisional are in a lot of states, possibly all.

  • g4lt

    To whoever edited my title: formal, really? When did statists treat subjects as more than inferiors?

    • Stephen VanDyke

      My apologies, I changed it back since I don’t speak a lick of German and I guess if it’s right or wrong it should be on you.

      Won’t happen again.

    • It was a famous line from a movie, although now I can’t remember which movie.