New TEA Party: Terrorized Enough Already?

A lot of people may have forgotten but the TEA parties (before becoming cheer squads for the usual conservative mixing of church and state and the military/industrial/domestic espionage complex) stood for Taxed Enough Already. We need a new TEA party: Terrorized Enough Already. Enough already with the terrorizing us with terror of terrible terrorists. Enough already with terrorizing us with the terroristic TSA. and can be the start of a new TEA party which will say “enough already” to the terrorizing, terror-obsessed Homeland Security State, much as the TEA parties were meant to say Enough Already to overtaxation. Can we get the Terrorized Enough meme out there, and if we do, can we keep it from, being co-opted by big government “butter vs. guns” false choices? (Yes to both, and no to either one being provided by the government, btw, kthx).

posted by paulie
  • Stephen VanDyke

    We need to gum up the works, the TEA party has the numbers to show up to airports in flash mobs and stand in the screening line for a while. No law against standing in a line.

  • What do you think, can this take off as a slogan?

    • Stephen VanDyke

      Maybe with some image/photoshop love.

      • Not my talent, but anything you can come up with would be appreciated…

        • Stephen VanDyke

          I’ve been contributing to the freedom of travel image pile.