White House Sees Shadow — Six Weeks of Impeachment Predicted

Apparently 1600 Pennsylvania is getting ready for the second impeachment hearings in ten years. We suspected that an impeachment was in the winds, but there’s really no better confirmation of this than President Bush himself getting antsy and preparing for it.

Like I’ve said before, I hope this goes through. But I also wonder what this portends for American politics. There have been three impeachment hearings in American history-the first one was for Andrew Johnson in the late 1860s, and it was a time when the nation was still deeply polarized after the Civil War. The second one was for Richard Nixon, when we were polarized by Vietnam. The third one was for Bill Clinton, when we were, um, polarized by a cigar. Or something.

My point is that impeachments have become more common in the modern era, and that is because of the increasing number of independent voters, I suspect. Less and less fealty is granted to the main two parties, meaning that the net amount of hostility to any given President is much greater than in previous years.

Is this a watershed? Is this permanent? The only solutions to this “problem” we’ve cooked up in times previous are some major decades-long struggle with a foreign power (Cold War), the emergence of a single powerful party for a few decades (1820s-1850s dominance of the Democrats). “Terrorism” just won’t work as the next Big Bad Threat, and both parties are currently equally despised. I think that, in America’s new political system, we’ll find impeachments a regular feature, as well as at least one more regular party (the Libertarians, I hope). But, when Hell freezes over, the Devil gives free sleigh rides and a Libertarian is sitting in the White House, expect him/her to get impeached over something or another. It’s just the new political reality.

posted by Stuart Richards
  • Artus Register

    There have been three impeachment hearings in American history-the first one was for Andrew Jackson in the late 1860s, and it was a time when the nation was still deeply polarized after the Civil War.

    Andrew Johnson, not Jackson.

  • Stuart Richards

    Always always ALWAYS get something wrong. *hand*staple*forehead*

    Thanks for catching it.

  • And Nixon wasn’t ever actually impeached, if I recall. The appropriate SEnate committee passed articles of impeachment against him, and he resigned. No impeachment hearing.

  • this smacks of wishful thinking. what the heck is “insight on the news?”

  • Stephen Gordon

    Perhaps I’m seeing the glass as half empty, but I just don’t see it happening. The Bush machine is out doing the necessary PR work now.

  • I wish I had saved the link, but it’s probably not hard to find: there’s a blog out there that details a process by which any one of the 50 state legislatures could initiate impeachment proceedings using an obscure House rule that the repugs could do nothing to stop.

  • Artus Register

    Who was the last President who didn’t beg impeachment?

  • here’s the link:


    I also noticed other blogs referencing the same process.

    Maybe not just wishful thinking & like Stuart says, the administration’s recent behavior speaks volumes.

  • the only thing i can say is… i hope the hearings don’t happen till after the mid-term elections. otherwise, it’s an excercise in futility.

  • Devious David

    So, would this leave Dick Cheney in charge?

  • Yes, it would Devious…

    *cues Imperial March Theme Music*

  • Veronica

    The magazine “Insight” which is own by the conservative paper Washing Times broke the story. In its web issue its lead article is about a white house offical saying bush is bracing for impeachment proccedings. The clamoring for Impeachment was a none issue with a Rep congress till Arlen Spector said if bush broke the law then he would suffer the punishment by law. Then Gores speech and a none partisan Law Think tank came out and said bush was braking the law. These three things , the article says, are the reason Bush is getting ready for Impeachment proccedings

  • Lena David

    Please sign Congressman Conyers’ letter as citizen co-sponsoer of his bill to begin the IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY in the House of Representatives:

    Conyer’s Action Items