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My good friend and fellow libertarian chic, Elle, asked me to attend the Dallas premier of Alex Jones’ movie, “TerrorStorm” this past Saturday. I accepted. I am not a listener of Alex Jones, but had visited his Infowars site after my father told me of it. (I should mention that my father is not the man described in my bio, but he and I are quite close now that I am an adult.)

Elle and I arrived early and went to The Balcony for a drink. We had barely finished our drinks when we decided to go downstairs to enter the theater. I was blown away by the line waiting to enter. It was a very long line of people that fit into no certain camp. There were young professionals next to hippie types. There were old people talking to younger people. Republicans, Independents, Democrats and, of course, Libertarians. Most of us were Americans; all of us were hoping to glean some sort of truth from the chaos which seemed to have started on September 11, 2001.

Conspiracy theories are in fashion today, so please pardon me as I put on my Prada tin foil hat and officially jump on board. I am a “nut job” who believes that 9/11 was an inside job. I believe that the media barrage of unsubstantiated bullshit is purposeful in design. From the Miami 7 to the Michigan 3 to the Heathrow, what was it? Um, 17, 21? To the many recently diverted flights and biometric scanners at Knoxville- there is purposeful intent to intimidate people to disregard freedom in favor of state control. But, I knew and said that before Saturday.

Even with the slams I am sure to take for it, I am happy to proclaim “TerrorStorm” a well delivered message for our time. I encourage all of you to see it, buy it, and share it. I found it mostly historically factual. (Mostly only because I have not checked every single detail.) And, I am sorry to say, I have always mostly agreed with Rick Rajter on this issue, and did not speak up. Oh, I spouted off to friends, but it took me a while to get used to the “crazy” description. It took me some time, some books, and the review of hours worth of 9/11 footage to make this public. It took report after report of bullshit to remove the last of my blinders.

Orwell’s “1984” is here- though 22 years late. Everyone is a potential terrorist. We were always at war. Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.

Thank God for revolutions. May a revolution of thought rain/reign (you pick the usage) on us now.

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  • Torfinn

    It’s all a matter of perception really.

    There are honorable people in the military, a much higher concentration than in the civilian world.

    There are also low life pieces of shit. I’d venture to say also a much higher concentration than in the civilian world.

    Really, I think it depends how you define honor, or the situation where the fighting is taking place.

  • paulie

    Certainly true. The same is true in the IDF, Hezbollah, and was equally true in the Wehrmacht and the Red Army. What makes it less honorable than the mob and psycho spree killers is the cause; the mass scale of sheer evil that is the regimes which those militaries serve, including this one. To serve that – to fight and kill or die for that – is worse than to do so for anything else in the world. But it does not say anything about all the individuals involved, and I share your assessment as to the preponderence of both types.

  • Julian


    The suicides of your friends was because of personal defects they had. They were not strong people practicing survival of the fittest. Suicide is a coward’s way out.


    Better be glad there are enough people willing to be brutal in war or you would not even be commenting here. That is the problem today, trying to hold every action of every soldier to some standard that is impossible. I say turn them loose and allow them to do whatever. When it is over, the losers will be so terrified of the conquerers and there will be lasting peace.

  • paulie


  • Torfinn

    Well, in the cases I’m noting I’m fairly certain it was their involvement in the war and the things that they had done which they couldn’t live with which caused this to happen.

    One had a 3 year old son, and did some pretty irrational things before he died. He was a Ranger and served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Before he killed himself he told his wife that he’d been ordered to kill women and children, and this caused him more moral greif than he was willing to live with.

    Regardless if there was something wrong with them, there’s also something wrong with you Julian. You no longer exhibit the qualities or traits of a human being that make you fit to be a member of our race that’s good as anything but a tool.

    I suggest Julian you read Lt Col Dave Grossman’s book “On Killing”. It’s about the psychological cost of learning to kill. It may help you come to terms with your issues, possibly unless you truly were a sociopath from the start.


    Good luck

  • paulie

    I guess I was a sociopath from the start, kind of. Doing evil feels good. It’s easy. And I’m good at it. But then there’s another side to me which sees it in a broader light, so I guess I’m not a complete sociopath, just able to compartmentalize. To be more specific about my last comment, “bullshit” was regarding my freedom to comment here and “lasting peace”. perpetual war for perpetual peace – fuck that.

  • Julian

    Torfinn and Paulie (the anarchist crackpot)

    You are an outsider looking through the glass when it comes to the psychology of killing in combat. I know there are many that cannot deal with doing what has to be done. I do not regret or fret.

    I am alive because I did what I did. Neither of my children would be here today if it were not true. You have no right or standing to be my judge and jury.

    Again, celebrate that there are those willing to do the unspeakable when necessary.

  • Torfinn

    Julian, understanding what it feels like to kill someone in combat, and the psychological tools used in the military to enable you to do it/the after effects are two wholly different understandings.

    The patient doesn’t treat his own illness, and I’d say in this case what’s wrong with you isn’t something you are capable of understanding.

    If you read the book you’d see that the concept of Me vs them, I’m allowed to live because I make them die is one of the simplest enablers. More effective than this is keeping your friends alive. This is the entire psychological study I’m suggesting to you, it was written in response to the Vietnam war and is wholly accepted by the military and many Veterans advocacy groups.

    I’m not judging you, you’re handing me proud stories of your murders that make you sound like a child crying inside, I’m trying to offer you a helping hand.

    I’ve yet to hear a single reason describing why I should celebrate your murders. They’ve done nothing for me.

  • paulie

    Julian (the statist crackpot)

    You are an outsider looking through the glass when it comes to the psychology of killing in combat.

    What on earth makes you think that? Certainly nothing I’ve said.

    Again, celebrate that there are those willing to do the unspeakable when necessary.

    There’s nothing unspeakable about it. And it’s not necessary.

  • Andy

    The war in Iraq is a war of aggression that is based on lies. Nothing about it defends or expands my friend, in fact it has the opposite effect.

    The only war that I’d support would be a revolution against our own corrupt government. I’d rather win this battle through peaceful means but if it comes down to it I’m willing to fight.

  • Michael H. Wilson

    In #49 Ryan B. ask: “how long after the … gulf of Tonkin incident did the truth actually come out?”
    About six months to a year. I was stationed in Hawaii at the time and I began to hear rumors circulating among those I worked with that it was a hoax.

  • Michael H. Wilson

    Some of you may want to check out some of the NY Times articles on the collapse of the buildings and fire. It seems that the fire retardent was poorly applied in much of the structures.

  • my last words on the subject.

    I still do not know if I believe the conspiracy or not but to me there is at least enough evidence to ask for a truely independent investigation of the events.

    There seems to be enough of an arguement to demand truth and accountability on the government. The defenses main arguement was not to talk about it because people think that you are nutjobs.

    As Bush says do not pay attention these outrageous conspiracy theories.

    An accused man says he is innocent.

    Remember for them to raid our homes all they need on us is fertilizer and a high electric bill.

  • OK one last thank you Michael.
    I did not realize it was such a short time. I take it you where in the miltary was the news of it in the mainstream or just military circles? Was the political climate at the time such as it is today with many people actually being worried to talk about this subject in public circles?

  • paulie

    Move along, comrades, and contrbute to the new world disorder because the 19 Arabs from Iraq bombed New York. What a joke, there are really people so blind they are willing to swallow such obvious horseswill just because they can not bear to look at reality in the face. There are none so blind as those who will themselves not to see. And because of this the world is caught in a vicious cycle of destruction.

    Art that reflects the times we live in


  • Julian


    Have another joint. Smoke some more crack. Do some more speed. shoot some more horse. You are truly out there somewhere. What the hell has the link have to do with anything? Been back to prison lately? I thought maybe because you disappeared for awhile but came back too soon for that. Maybe you served a little time in some local lockup in your travels and that explains it.

  • Andy

    Ryan B. said “I still do not know if I believe the conspiracy or not but to me there is at least enough evidence to ask for a truely independent investigation of the events.”

    Which conspiracy are you talking about, the one put out by the government where 19 Arabs acting independently hijacked 4 airplanes, penetrated NORAD air defense and crashed 2 of the planes into the WTC and one into the Pentagon, or the one put out by independent researchers in the 9/11 Truth Movement where factions within the US government who had something to gain either assisted or carried out the attack?

    The official government story IS a conspiracy theory, yet because the government put it out a lot of people automatically buy it (afterall, government would NEVER lie to us, would they?). Anyone who researches 9/11 and comes out with a story that is different than what the government wants us to believe is written off as a “conspiracy theorist” kook. Maybe the REAL kooks are the ones who

  • Andy

    believe the official government story (as in the government’s conspiracy theory).

  • Timothy West


    Take a break and give Smither some money.

  • paulie


    I’ve never been to prison, and I’ve never disappeared. Sometimes I have more time to post here than at other times. Internet access is not always convenient, or I may be busy.

    The link is about the society that is emerging.

  • Arthur Deller

    Terrorstorm, a good movie. I too went to go see it with my father and one of his friends. I have listened to Alex Jones for many years. I felt that this movie made the most sense out of all of them. Both me and my father found it quite inspirational. I would be pleased to ellaborate on this more if anyone has any questions.

  • Does Smither call for a new 9/11 investigation?

    Father Of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack As Media Hit Pieces Continue
    Emotional shell game accusation of ‘disgracing victim’s memories’ doesn’t jive anymore

  • It’s time for the most cynical and paranoid among us to stop trusting big corporations and the government over “people”. Yes, dedicated “people” spending considerable time and taking considerable risks to expose the truth for no reason except that we need to know it. We have to stop using the language of our slave-masters to destroy our faith in each other, as those conspiring to poison our souls are constantly telling us that we’re smart if we ignore their existence. We have to respect “people” working hard to find the roots of various problems, and not settle for the safe repetitive rhythm of our actions. The Right protects power; the Left ignores it. Good settles into happy predictable patterns; Evil evolves to dominate. It’s time we finally respected “whistleblowers” again, real compassionate “people” like Indira Singh and Sibel Edmonds who’s grace, courage and stories would absolutely glow on mainstream television – and yet THEY ARE FORCED TO confess to “conspiracy theorists”!

  • For those who don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job, I commend the following video. If the video’s premise is correct, and the Twin Towers and Tower 7 did come down via a controlled demolition, then I would ask those who are cynical of the inside job theory to explain how Al Qaedda managed to pull it off.


    Oh, and by the way, here’s one more item to ponder. Remember on 9/11 when George Bush was reading to the schoolchildren in Florida? Bush defenders claim various defenses of his decision to stay. But I’m not interested in why Bush stayed. Instead, I want to know why the Secret Service didn’t remove him immediately to a more secure location? That’s their job! If they thought the country was under attack, that was their first priority…immediately! The only reasonable explanation I can imagine is that they already knew how 9/11 would play out, that Florida wasn’t a target. That requires highly detailed intel!

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