So Much For Freedom

Speaking of race and freedom, Rob D. just brought my attention to a Free Talk Live video I’d never seen before. Great work on the YouTube job, IMO!

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • Michael Hampton

    Don’t Panic just yet!

  • Timothy West

    That’s a damn good vid, both technically and message wise.

  • Cato Craft

    Excellent! Congrats.

  • Ian Bernard

    Most talented listeners in the world!

  • It Popoola

    hey thanks alot… wow.. hammer of truth cool beans. hopefully it will help out and i’ll try and do another one. with more video in it as well.

  • Nigel Watt

    Freedoom? I think I’m missing something.

  • Dave Miller

    Does anyone have any information on the song? That was a great video!

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