Phillies 2008 Has Another Campaign Video

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • It seems like the video was made to match the song, not the other way around – there’s a lot of empty, contentless stuff at the end.

    Regardless, I like it – a deserving recipient of my first presidential vote.

  • JMW

    Somebody offer that guy a better web site template!

  • Alas, that is the oldest video. The new one is at

    which, by the way, is also the new web site, still in alpha while forms are being developed.

  • undercover_anarchist

    Okay, let’s say that the first video was a 1 on a scale of 1-10.

    This new one, by comparison, would be 1 * the national debt.

    Much, much, MUCH better.

  • undercover_anarchist

    I just saw the new video too, the anti-Stalin one. That one was great as well.

    Too bad Mr. Phillies insists on having Pat Buchanan’s positions on trade and immigration.

  • Chris

    My God that website is bad. It actually causes me physical pain in my eyes to look at it. Please please change the look (to a template if you have to).

  • Stephen Gordon

    Video link fixed. Not sure how the cut and paste error happened, but sorry none-the-less.

  • Regardless of what he does with that video…his campign picture MUST change. He looks like a real gumby…..

  • Once I get back Thursday there are some minor changes to the Protect Your Privacy video I want to make. Any suggestions?

    While I think that video was an improvement over the previous concept videos the following one on the war in Iraq is my favorite.

  • Rob

    Wow, I hope we have some competition for this nomination. I’d even go with Badnarik again over this guy…

  • Stuart Richards

    The Iraq video is the best.

    This Soviet Union/Wiretapping video is all right, but it uses the same stock photo of Bush as is used in the Iraq video, and the music doesn’t come to a logical end at the end of the video, it just stops abruptly.

  • undercover_anarchist

    I do want to credit Mr. Phillies for waging this campaign; especially for the videos. It is a good concept that I think will be repeated by future candidates.

    However… I really feel he does the party a disservice with his positions on immigration and trade. They are so incongruous with what I think it means to be a libertarian–and most would agree, I think. Clearly, Mr. Phillies is a more “liberal” libertarian, as am I, but these positions are more akin to the far-right (i.e. the CP) than the libertarian left.