Now, Where’s the USPS Plane Radar?

“FedEx vs. Thunderstorm” as found at Dvorak.

The desire for profit does amazing things! Now if we could only see the USPS planes…

posted by ianbernard
  • Devious David

    Very cool and very fun! The USPS planes probably didn’t fly that day for _______ (insert reason).

  • john

    Where are the USPS planes? probably actually going to where the packages are ADRESSED TO instead of a hub

  • FedEx has a contract to do lots of the USPS fast shipping.

  • Sandra Kallander

    The USPS seems to be doing really well. They’re acting like they have competition. They’ve got deals going with eBay, etc.

    Maybe it’s time to cut them lose and privatize them.

  • LOUISVILLE, Ky. – UPS Inc. announced a $1 billion expansion at its main air hub Wednesday that will add more than 5,000 jobs as the world’s largest shipping carrier anticipates strong growth in global commerce.