New Technology: Smellevision

Speaking of holding your nose, the AP reports that a new service from NTT Communications Corp will allow movie goers to experience films with their sense of smell, in addition to their usual faculties.

This olfactory technology was made available for home use last year, for limited applications.

Imagine if one were able to “enjoy” the State-of-the-Union State address. The predominant scent for such a broadcast is obvious. Beyond that, I can only guess at a burnt parchment stench to further the notion that everything our esteemed Emperor suggests “to protect us” will further torch the Constitution.

posted by artusregister
  • George O

    Another recycled idea that they will market as hot and new.
    And american sheeple will believe.

  • mikehorn

    I’m still waiting for “Truthivision” where a 100% accurate lie-detector is hooked up to guests during commentary and political debates! :)

  • Stephen Gordon

    I’m just feeling a bit queasy about the smells which would come with a porno flick.

  • IanC

    Stephen! What’s wrong with breath-mints and the smell of rubber in the morning?

    Oh– wait… what kinda porn are *you* watching?


  • Stephen Gordon

    LMAO, Ian.