New Katherine Harris Campaign Ad

HarrisPicture-1.jpgOK, it’s a spoof from The Huffington Post, but it’s funny as hell. H/T to Rolf.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Sometimes fiction can’t beat reality, as this Daily Show segment featuring many very real clips of Harris shows her greatest campaign “assets” so far:

Jason Jones: With a paltry legislative record and receiving campaign contributions from a contractor embroiled in the Duke Cunningham scandal, Harris is clearly banking her Senate campaign on two things … [overlay several onscreen images of Harris in tight shirts] … her spectacular breasts.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • nameless


    I kept waiting for her to say, “well, isn’t that special?”

  • nameless, glad you liked it. :-)

  • Devious David

    The GOP isn’t the only party with a “Booby” candidate.

  • vforvandyke

    Devious David: I wanted to point that out myself, but I think the distinction here is that Loretta Nall doesn’t go on camera and stand in profile during an entire interview.

  • Don

    Loretta doesn’t flaunt ’em, she just happens to have ’em…plus, she has a message.