Libertarians Beating Republicans at MySpace

During an interview, a reporter just brought something to my attention. The Libertarian Party group over at has twice as many members as the Republican Party group. The Democrats hold a significant lead at the moment, but you can sign up here to change that.

Here’s how the current numbers break down:

Republican: 3895 members
Libertarian: 7769 members
Democrat: 49450 members

I’m not very surprised at leading the GOP, though. The top-down approach used by many Republicans can’t work very well within the social networking framework of sites like MySpace.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • Mark

    I don’t use MySpace, but maybe I can get something going for The Facebook.

  • I just went to take a look at this page and the first member’s profile I happen to click on (Emilie), shows a montage of Che Guevara in her Heroes section! WTF? Is it possible this person has any clue what libertarianism is about?

  • We should draft Tom to be our VP. He should pulls some of his 85 million friend’s votes.

  • So either there are more Libertarians than Republicans chasing teenage girls or Republicans are better at pretending?

  • Mitchell Port

    I just discovered the large Libertarian population on Myspace and I have joined the group. I suggest everyone do the same. There are lots of good political forums on there where we can debate the issues. We also have something going where everybody puts (L-State) next to their name to signify that they are a Libertarian from that state. I think Myspace is a very good tool to help spread the Libertarian message.

  • There is also another group with around 5000 friends called Myspace libertarians:

    Also, a Badnarik supporter set up this page that has over 1000 friends:

  • DAP

    Hardy – is Tom a member of the LP group also?

  • ianbernard

    Free Talk Live has over 10,000 friends, so jump on the bandwagon:

  • I don’t think Tom is in the group. At this point in MySpace’s life Tom is probably not a real person, and several people work as Tom.

    Ian, gratz on 10k plus friends :)

  • I heard a radio newscaster mentioning MySopace as one of the new avenues for reaching out to young voters. I mentioned this at our LP MeetUp in Atlanta last Saturday night. There were more young people there than we had seen in awhile. They all told me to get on MySpace.


    Like, I’m there, dude…

    David Chastain
    LP Candidate for
    Georgia State School Superintendent

  • Well, the Myspace Democrats (that you linked for us)have 49520 friends.

    And the Myspace Republicans have 15114 (way more then the offical Republican or the Libertarian groups you posted)

    Also, the biggest Republican group has 20814, the Hawkish Republicans,

    And yeah, like it was already said, Free Talk Live is huge on myspace with 11667 friends. But, FTL’s myspace profile has all those members, not the FTL group.

    Also of note, 420 has 42,667 and THE HAPPY STONERS! has 39,533 !

  • Freeman

    That’s great, another avenue to get Libertarians to do nothing but talk to each other on the Internet :-)