I Wish I was a Lesbian

This one’s OK until you get to the song, then it gets pretty funny. Louden Wainwright III outlines almost all of the reasons why it’s preferable to be a lesbian. Props.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • Rhampton

    Very Funny, especially if you catch the anime references.

  • Stuart Richards

    Yeah… Furikuri and Cowboy Bebop rule.

  • undercover_anarchist

    Good stuff.

  • Timothy West

    coolest thing in that video was the left handed Rickenbacker
    4003 bass the dude is wanking on before the real song starts.

  • Ian C

    Timothy: that was a girl.

    As to this post itself — I’ve been sharing it around my office. That and a few select other posts from time to time.

    Who knows? Might get a few people hooked to it. >:)

  • Brenda

    oooooooooooo i love every women out there i just want to have sex everytime i pass one

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