Historical Tubes: Early News Footage ’bout this Strange Phenomanon Called the Internet

I don’t know when this was originally broadcast, but it’s pretty cool.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • ianbernard

    “A worldwide computer switchboard”!

    “The electronic scream” – To describe the analog modem’s connection noise. :)

  • Christopher Jagge

    Sometime after 1992.

    alt.politics.clinton was one of the newsgroups that flashed across the screen.

    … and notice that the feds were considering “regulation” from the beginning.

  • http://www.libertyforsale.com Timothy West

    the most distressing thing I saw was that even back then there was a usenet channel for Rush Limbaugh. :p

    First net adventure here: 1990 with Netscape 1.0.

    I think this is probably from 1989. No graphical browser do I see. EGA and Mono screens.

  • http://www.libertyforsale.com Timothy West

    eh, my memory sux. Yeah, I guess a bit later than 90. I dont know how much. Netscape beta was out not far after that, so it can’t be too advanced.

  • http://deepthinking.ca Stephen Chanasyk

    From the CBC Prime Times News broadcast on Oct. 8, 1993

    more info at the CBC archives:

  • Daniel

    Al Gore worked so hard to bring us the Internet and yet no mention of him in the broadcast?! Those Canadian journalists ought to be ashamed, they ought to.

  • http://warcriminal.freeservers.com Sol

    “Al Gore worked so hard to bring us the Internet and yet no mention of him in the broadcast?!”

    That’s right, Daniel. Al Gore was so pissed that he didn’t get credit for inventing the Internet that he invented global warming.

  • Will Novak

    “not a lot of cursing or swearing or personal cuts”…..what internet was he using?

  • http://libspot.org/member/mlaursen/blog1/ Mike Laursen

    He was using the pre-AOL Internet.

  • http://iliketocomplain.blogspot.com Christopher Monnier

    I bet the reporter in that story is from the same part of Canada that Peter Jennings is from…they sound the same.

  • http://chriswolske.com/blog wolske

    >> “not a lot of cursing or swearing or personal cuts””¦..what internet was he using?

    He was using the Canadian Internet (they’re all so polite, dont ya know)… and this footage was from Feb 2006. That newsgroup was actually for Rush’s obscure B-side “Limbaugh”, but that’s another post…