George Bush Impersonation

posted by disinter
  • ianbernard

    You should probably credit that guy, who is he?

  • Wes P
  • PeterBB

    Holy nucular potatoes that was funny. He looks nothing like Bush, but his facial expressions were uncanny. Best George Bush impersonator ever.

  • Gobble gobble!

    I’m with Peter–best George W. Bush impersonator ever. The facial expressions, the voice, even the personality!

  • Chris Hickman

    Frank Caliendo is hiliarious. Wow, he looks different, haven’t seen him in a while. His impressions are amazing, especially his Chris Farley and John Madden.

  • Chris Hickman
  • undercover_anarchist

    Wow, hilarious. Ditto to what everyone else said. Good stuff.

  • Awesome and dead on! But, his Madden stuff is even funnier!