Free Talk Live Defeats Bush!

Sad BushThanks to your votes, Free Talk Live has defeated President Bush’s Weekly Address Podcast as well as Barak Obama’s Podcast and “Democracy Now!”. We’ve now won Podcast Awards two years in a row!

We still need your monthly vote at Podcast Alley and would love for you to call your local talk stations and request Free Talk Live, sign up for our Updates, and help us Advertise, Market, and Promote the show.

Thanks for your help!

posted by ianbernard
  • ChristianCB

    Gratz to all at FTL!

  • Wow I am surprised that the voting was not rigged. I think we all know how much Bush likes to win.

  • Way to go, Ian! You guys are doing an awesome job with FTL.

  • Great Work! FTL is much better than any other podcast on the internet.

  • Orvanic

    Nice job, fellas…and Melissa. Now hurry up and get to New Hampster!

  • disinter
  • Stuart Richards

    Good job, Ian!

  • Michael H. Wilson

    I understand there is a new bumper sticker out that reads:
    “I never thought I’d miss Nixon”.

  • Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment. I look forward to Ian bragging about this several times per podcast until next year :p

  • ianbernard

    Actually, we never bragged about the last one until it came time to push for votes for this one.