Vote like a butterfly; sting like a bee

I’ve been rather verbose pertaining to political commentary for years, but I’ve absolutely no freaking clue what to say about DC mayoral candidate Vincent Orange‘s rather unique video spot. Perhaps he should use this advertisement for a “Special” Election, as opposed to a Primary.

posted by Stephen Gordon
  • Um….hey, if it works…

  • vforvandyke

    If you want to win,
    You gots to rhyme that spin.

  • Nicholas Sarwark

    Why Orange is still campaigning is beyond me entirely.

  • paulie

    So, what’s the latest w/ Marion Barry?

  • Rather Kipling-esque.

  • “The Last Shall Be First”… uh, whatever that means.

  • paulie

    As far as I am concerned, Marion Barry is DC mayor for life!

  • paulie
  • paulie

    And let’s not forget Anthony Williams.

    In 2002, Williams ran for reelection. Because D.C. is dominated by Democrats, the Democratic primary election is widely considered to be the actual deciding contest. In the 2002 primary, the mayor needed to collect signatures from voters to get his name on the ballot. The firm that he hired to do this had some irregularities with the names on petitions. Examples of faulty signatures on his petitions included Tony Blair, Billy Joel, and Robin Hood. As a result of the dodgy petitions, Williams was fined $277,700 by the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics and was kicked off the ballot, forcing him to run as a write-in candidate. His chief opponent, minister Willie Wilson, also ran as a write-in. Despite this handicap, Williams won both the Democratic and Republican primaries as a write-in candidate and went on to be reelected in the general election.

  • Timothy West

    he lost, BTW.

  • That’s what’s missing in electoral politics these days: poetry.

  • paulie, those Marion Barry quotes were hysterical!

    It never ceases to amaze me how fucked up our nation’s capital is.

  • “paulie, those Marion Barry quotes were hysterical!” Robert Mayer

    Come on Robert, don’t make fun of a deeply educated man!