Bush to Hold White House Talks on Borat

Borat Not talks on Iran or Lebanon or domestic spying or terrorism.

No. Our President is going to hold White House talks on Borat. Because, you know, nothing important is going on in the world.

US President George Bush is to host White House talks on British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen, 35, creator of Ali G, has infuriated the Kazakhstan government with his portrayal of Borat, a bumbling Kazakh TV presenter.

And now a movie of Borat’s adventures in the US has caused a diplomatic incident.

The opening scene, which shows Borat lustily kissing his sister goodbye and setting off for America in a car pulled by a horse, had audiences in stitches when it was first shown last week.

But the film, which has just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, has prompted a swift reaction from the Kazakhstan government, which is launching a PR blitz in the States.

Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is to fly to the US to meet President Bush in the coming weeks and on the agenda will be his country’s image.

With his grasp of government priorities, maybe Bush has a future as a Chicago alderman after he leaves office. The only bright side to this is that time spent soothing ruffled Kazakh feathers will be time out from curtailing civil liberties and planning expanded military operations abroad.

posted by nsarwark
  • undercover_anarchist

    Unless, of course, the film is effectively banned.

  • Devious David

    Wanna bet WE get to pay for the commercials?

  • ianbernard

    Borat is great. :)

  • Wes P

    “Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is to fly to the US to meet President Bush in the coming weeks and on the agenda will be his country’s image.”

    What image?

  • Nicholas Sarwark

    Its image as home to a bunch of humorless ex-Soviet rubes who think that suing a comedian is a good PR move.

    Maybe Nazarbayev and Bush can join in a rousing chorus of “Throw the Jew Down the Well” for the press. That’d help a bunch.

  • Isn’t Nazarbayev a pseudo-Soviet?

  • sugonaut

    It’s hard to have a Third Awakening in America and, at the same time, enjoy Borat kissing his whore sister on the lips. It just won’t work.

  • That music at the borat web site is really cool!

  • jeffrey smith

    From what I recall, Nigel’s term for Nazarbayev isn’t quite accurate–Khazakstan is run as a true Soviet-style strongman republic, nothing pseudo about it. Perhaps Bush sees a kindred spirit and wants to learn more from him about how to be a dictator.

    Do we still have troops in Khazakstan? I believe we plopped some there in the run up to invading Afghanistan.

  • “What image?”

    Kazakhstan ranks right below Rwanda and Nepal at #132 out of 159 countries on my State of World Liberty Index. But hey, there’s, like, 27 countries below them.

    So maybe they are trying to attract tourists. I bet their comedy clubs are hilarious…