All The President’s Words

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posted by disinter
  • The Constitution is just a damn piece of paper…

    Did he say those words? I think so.

  • Timothy West

    There’s going to be a Deep Throat II coming out of all of this. The secrets are simply too juicy. When it does, the Republican Party will eat shit and die. Watergate will look like a paragon of virtue.

  • Michael H. Wilson

    Bush needs to be impeached, then arrested and charged with the crimes he has committed. Upon being found guilty he needs to be sentenced to cleaning the bedpans and soiled laundry of those who have been injured as a result of his crimes for the remainder of his life. Seven days a week, twelve hours a day.

  • Devious David

    There’s not going to be a Deep Throat II. The owned and managed media would then covertly reveal the source and DTII would be assassinated.

    Ken Lay and others associated with Enron were murdered, or at least is appears that they may have been. Why? To protect the guilty and maintain the coverup. Enron and the Bush administration were very close for one.

    Nothing is going to happen. Move along.

  • HippyChimp

    Seth, I believe his words were “…just a goddamn piece of paper.”

    Mike, Cleaning bedpans is too merciful for a tratorous piece of scum like him. Bush and every other corrupt politician deserves death for not living up to the oaths they took. I’m anti-death penalty, for the simple fact that I believe our courts cannot GUARANTEE fair trials. Corrupt politicians, people who misuse the public trust for personal gain, are the only exception I would make.

    The thing that’s bothering me is that people seem to think that if we get rid of him America will be “fixed”, like Bush is the only thing wrong in America today. Not! It’s a systematic problem, replacing one (or a couple) of players isn’t going to fix that game.

    The most unfortunate and saddening part is that most Americans are TOO STUPID to realize that America’s broken. The only problem in their minds is this war. The Big Picture just isn’t being seen, and that will be the downfall of this country.

  • Timothy West

    It’s possible the system is too compomised, but I’d rather believe not…. if only for the simple reason that if that’s true, then the LP and the entire libertarian movement is a waste of all our times, “reformed” or not.

  • George W. Bush loves each and everyone of you and as your ruler only wants to protect you from dangerous things like mustard gas turkey farms.

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  • Our rulers love us and they’re just trying to protect us from evil. I think this story proves it.