How Drugs Travel in the Hood

Let’s see… take popular infographic, turn it into a racial parody, repost. Is it fair for me to make fun of my own graphic? Meh, F$&k it, laugh.

how drugs travel in the hood infographic

On another tangent: I came across BugIn today (via Freshmeat). This screenshot is hilarious. *Note to self, do not outsource UI design to local 3rd grade class* Other than that, the software looks pretty decent and I must have had it on my watch list for a reason.

posted by vforvandyke
  • No_won

    Wow. Amazingly unfunny. It doesn’t even seem like you were *trying* to be funny.

  • vforvandyke

    Ooh a heckler. I wonder what would Al Franken do?

  • that’s as close to actual pragmatic drugs-related research based on real life as any i’ve seen so far. can’t say i laughed with it, but it surely made me tick for a moment. excellent post! keep it up:-)

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  • Yeah, those icons are extremely professional. :)

    I made them poersonally… if you want to amke some better ones, please let me know. :P

    Thanks for the link, tho. :)